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Only a Massage, but Got so Much More

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I am from Scotland, and am a serial masturbator.

Let me know if my wanking is transanlantic, and I have some masturbating buddies?


I have written a few of these stories now, as I am a compulsive masturbator and feel quite happy to share. Let me tell first all you about me, I have been single for a few years and find that masturbating is a better option for me than sex. I do really enjoy any experience that involves me geting a climax by solo experiences or having someone know that my orgasm is self inflicted.

I have had some nearly shared expriences and that is okay by me as I am not bothered about anyone knowing that I play with myself. I masturbate every day and if anyones asks will tell them so.

I have had a gorgeous experience that I imagine will not happen again. I do not feel that I get turned on by girls. But had a massage booked as a gift. I was told to strip and to put the towel over me. I did this and the beautician started to rub me up and down over the leg area. She was very robust and was quite heavy handed when pushing. She did so very near my fanny, which at this point was uncovered as I was naked. She touched the side of legs, and I shivered. This was way closer than I expected her to venture, and I do not shave or try to keep my bush in control as no one except me touches it. So I knew by this point she would have had had a handful of my bush. This did not seem to bother her, and she continued to touch close to my throbbing pussy. I was trying to stay calm as I did not know if this was her usual routine and that I was getting aroused as I did not have regular sex and this was my realise. I was trying to act as if I was not bothered by this, but had raised my ass as I was so aroused. She commented and said not to worry that this was normal and she would carry on if I was okay. I said yeah, and was embarressed this had happened. My legs were now slightly more open than before and she clearly realised that I needed more than the routine massage. She did not compromise the massage client, but kept touching so close to my hairy fanny that I could not help but groan. By this point I needed a wank, and wanted her to finish. I was so hot and horny and was already naked that I just wanted her to finish the exploration of my my fanny, which was by now so inflamed and throbbing that it would have exploded at a single touch. I was thrusting every time she touched near my fanny and she was saying this sometimes happened not to worry. I did not care by this point and wanted her to know that, and if she wanted to get me off to an orgasm then fine. If not then leave me alone to get my own fingers up myself quickly. She was clearly unsure what to do as I was naked on the couch with my fanny arched in the air ready for whatever was to enter to it.

I was touching myself by now, although not fingering my clit. I did not want to do this in front of her, but was clearly ready to masturbate whether she watched or not. I just touched myself whilst feeling my boobs. This was more than obvious what I was needing and where the fingering was going. I continued to slowly insert my fingers inside myself, but not giving off any noises. My wanking was obvious as I continued to get myself to orgasm. With help or without I was going for it, who cared?

She said that she would leave me to get my self together in my own time all the time watching my hairy fanny be poked by my fingers. So I knew it was up to me, as she would watch but not particaipate.

As she left I opened my legs and thrust my fingers up my clit. It was so wet by now that I had no trouble, I got myself off within minutes. It would have been so much better with my rabbit vibrator, but I had no option in public at this stage. So I had to get myself off by fingering my soaking wet clit. This happened really easily and quickly as you can imagine.

The beautician never came back in to the room. I think she knew that I had cum and was embarressed. I would never normally make it so obvious that I needed a wank, but she had got me to the point that I just had to cum. I don't know why I was ashamed as surely everyone masturbates, don't they? I know that I do every day at least once, and have no shame as I enjoy it. So celebrate as you masturbate. And if someone enjoys the view, then lucky them.



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