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One Week in Summer

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One part of a trio of episodes which happened several years ago.


I suppose at the time I was exploiting the situation but being young I didn't really see it that way. At 15 I was just a horny teenager whose dick would stiffen at the sight of a nice pair of legs, pert ass or nice breasts. That summer my friend Jeff and I had a 'den' in his dad's old lock-up garage. We both had a key so we knew we wouldn't be disturbed, and made it a home from home. An old sofa, some bean bags on the floor and an old battery radio. We had other stuff there to keep us occupied including some old soft porn mags which weren't much more than a woman's clothing catalogue, bikinis and underwear, some nudes, that sort of thing. It was one particular Monday which started a chapter in my life.

I was in the den when there was a knock on the door. It couldn't be Jeff as he had a key, so I tentatively opened the door. It was Kaley, Jeff's younger sister. She had come to tell me Jeff had caught chickenpox and wouldn't be allowed out for a week or so. I was a little pissed at having to spend a week on my own, but thought at least I have somewehere to hang out instead of being at home. Kaley sat on a bean bag opposite me and noticed one of the mags which I had slid under the sofa. She jumped up and grabbed it quick, plonking herself down on the beanbag again. 'So, is this what you and Jeff jerk off to when you're here?' she asked, much to my astonishment. We actually flicked through them but did our jerking in private when back in our homes. 'No' I replied, 'We just read through them'. She looked at me curiously and said 'Oh ok, you probably wait until you get home then?'. I looked at her sheepishly, she knew she was right. 'Well go on then, do it now' she remarked looking at the semi tent I had in my shorts having just put the mag down. 'No' I replied, 'I'm not getting my cock out in front of my mate's sister'. She said 'I won't tell anyone, honest'. 'I've never seen a cock before, let alone a stiff one'. 'I do know what happens when boys see girls in underwear'. At which point she opened her legs and I was able to see the pink panties she was wearing.

My cock was visibly stiffening at the sight of her slender legs and panty clad pussy. 'Go on' she said, 'Let's have a look at your hard cock'. Hearing her crude words were making me even stiffer and I made her promise again not to tell anyone. I pulled my shorts down and freed my very stiff cock. 'Oh wow' Kaley said, 'It's so hard, does it hurt'? 'No', I replied, 'but now I need to jerk off to get it soft again'. I started to stroke my cock up and down as Kaley sat there with her legs open and panties on show. 'Will this help' she said, and stood up and lifted her summer dress right off over her head. Her pink panties were pulled tight against her pussy and her budding breasts were pushing against her little bra. I sped up my stroking as she moved slowly in front of me like some slutty stripper. She faced away from me and bent over porn-style. 'Do you like my ass'? she asked. I breathlessly replied I did and could feel that sensation in my balls that meant I would cum soon. 'Cum for me' she said, 'Cum for Kaley, let me see you shoot your load'. At that point I stood up jerking furiously and let several ropes of cum fly. Some landed on Kaley's legs as she was still bent over several feet away from me, looking over her shoulder. 'OMG' she said, 'Did you see that'?

I slumped back down on the sofa absolutley spent whilst she cleaned the back of her legs. 'We'll have to do that again sometime' she said, and left me in the den cleaning myself up. We had a couple more 'episodes' that week!



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