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One Time at Church

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Last summer, I went on a church mission trip to Tampa. I roomed with two of my close friends, 'Charlie' and 'Dave'. We also ended up with a chaperone in our room. Lets call him Mr.D.

So we got down there, and every night all of us (even the chaperone) would talk into the very early morning, and most of the time the topic was about sex, our bodies, who was bigger, hairier, etc. The normal guy stuff. But on the second night, Mr.D asked us if any of us masturbated. Obviously we all did, so I piped us saying, 'I do it all the time'. That made the other guys say that they did to. Mr.D told us that he still masturbates a ton, since he is only 23 and still single.

We all ended up discussing our own techniques that we use, how we do it, how long it takes us, and what makes us hard. When Mr.D got up to get something from his bag, I got a good view of his package in his white boxer breifs, which were slightly see through because they were wet with pre cum. So then I said to him, 'That also turns me on. seeing a big package like that.' He looked down, and turned a little bit red, but then laughed it off. 'Do you want to see the rest of it? I laughed but then realized he was serious. So I said, 'Sure! I'd love to. I think the other guys would to.' By now, we all had tents in our boxers, but Mr.D's was the most obvious, in his briefs.

He pulled them down, exposing his thick, meaty rod, and I guessed it was about eight inches long. He was very hairy, which I like in a guy. There was hair all up his penis and on his balls. Then he suggested that we all undress, so we agreed and stripped down. So here we were, four naked, hard guys, staring at each other. Charles spoke up, and said 'I don't know about yall, but I gotta jack off.' He sat down, and wrapped his hand around his cock, jerking slowly, lubing it up with spit every now and then. The rest of us sat down, and began to jerk. I looked over at Mr.D, and he was very slowly, rubbing his cock, and enjoying every second of watching us jerk. So I got up, went over to him and took hold of his penis. He moaned a little bit, but let me keep on going. After a few minutes, he said he was about to blow his load, so I stopped. Then after about 15 seconds, I started again. This went on for about ten minutes, when he finally shot seven ropes of cum all over my chest.

I turned around, and saw Charles rubbing his penis up and down through Daves fist, moving very fast now. We saw Charles shoot a huge load, which Mr.D went over to get. He wiped it up with his hand, then moved over to me. He got on his knees, and started massaging my cock with the cum from Charles. I stopped him, then laid down on my back, and he kept on going. I said I was going to shoot my cum soon, so he took one hand and started massaging the area right below my sac lightly. When I started to cum, this increased the pleasure GREATLY, to the point that I started moaning very loudly.

I came all over his chest with one of the biggest loads I have ever seen.

That's all for now, but I will write about the rest of the week another time. I need to go and masturbate now, my briefs are soaked in pre-cum.



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