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One Night With My Sister

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My story begins when I was 21 and sharing a house with my older sister. She was 28 at the time. We had lived together for about a year and had a good relationship now that we were older. When we were younger growing up in our parents house I was more like the bratty younger brother, but we had since become a lot closer now that we were both adults.

Our experience began one night when I came home from a night out with some friends. I unlocked the front door and came inside, when I threw my keys on the hallway table and closed the door, I went down the hall toward my room and noticed my sisters bedroom door was open. When I looked into her room she passed in front of the doorway and she was completely naked! She noticed me right away and looked a little startled, My first instinct was to drop my head and hurry to my room. But rather than doing that I just stood there and admired her for a few seconds, she was beautiful!

She watched me as I looked her up and down and when our eyes met she just smiled and said, 'oops!' I smiled back, told her I was sorry and just went on to my own room to get ready for bed. After that awkward but wierdly pleasant run in, I just went through my usual routine. Brushed my teeth, stripped down to my boxers, popped in a DVD I had just rented and got into bed. About ten minutes into my movie there was a knock at my bedroom door and my sister walked in and sat on the edge of my bed. She said she was sorry and that she wasn't expecting me home until later, so she didn't close her door. I just told her I was sorry too, and it was no big deal.

She then surprised me a little when she asked me if I liked what I saw! I just laughed nervously not even knowing how to respond. I was a little more surprised when she asked me if she could lay with me and watch the movie, not only had she never asked that before, but she was only wearing a white teashirt and some cotton panties. She often walked around the house in the same clothes and I never thought much of it, but now she was asking to get into my bed with me in only my boxers. I was however strangely excited by the idea af laying with her in such little clothes, especially after just seeing her naked, so I quickly agreed.

When she got into bed with me she layed on her back very close to me but not quite touching. We watched the movie for a while and every minute that went by I found myself becoming extremely horny. She had taken a shower just before I had gotten home and smelled amazing, and with each breath I took I inhailed her scent, driving me more and more crazy! I had somehow become totally oblivious to the fact that she was still my sister and all I wanted to do was touch her. Without even really thinking I raised my hand and put it on her stomach. Her teeshirt was hiked up to just below her breasts so I found bare skin when I touched her. I was both excited but nervous with that first touch, scared she would protest or knock my hand away but she never did either.

For several minutes I massaged her stomach from just below her breasts to just above her panty line. At this point I was as hard as a rock and wanted to touch her over her entire body, but just kept my hand on her stomach not sure how she would react if I ventured to other areas. As I caressed her I glanced up to look at her face, her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open, but I knew she was not asleep. Her breathing would quicken everytime my hand moved close to her breasts or down to her panty line. It was then she picked her leg up and threw it over mine totally opening her legs up for me. I then moved my hand down to her thigh, at first just stroking the top, but with each pass getting farther and farther inside her thigh. Her breathing deepening as I got closer and closer to her crotch.

At this point I understood that she was going along with what I was doing so I decided to go all the way. She took a deep breath and moaned slightly as I ran my fingers all the way inside her thigh and touched her pussy over her panties. My dick almost exploded when I touched her and realized her panties were completely soaked through. As I rubbed her through her panties she began to thrust her hips and arch her back. I was begginning to get a steady pace going when my sister reached down and grabbed my hand. I thought she was going to stop me at first, but then she lifted her ass off the bed and asked me to pull off her panties. I slipped them off and she then pulled off her shirt and layed back down with her legs spread basically telling me to get back to work.

I couldn't resist touching her breasts now that she was completely naked. I ran my fingers over her nipples and back down the front of her body to her waiting clit. I found her pussy was completely bald which turned me on even more and I began masterbating her again even more vigorously than before. I rubbed her clit fast and steady for only a few minutes before she started thrusting her hips and moaning loudly. I could see all the muscles in her body tense up as she cried out, I knew instanly that she was coming! She then collapsed comletely relaxed when it was over. We layed there for a few minutes in silence, I wasn't sure what to do then when she rolled over so we were face to face. She kissed me on the lips and whispered, asking me what I wanted her to do to return the favor...

To be continued...



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