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One Night Only

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Although I have had numerous mutual masturbation experiences with my girlfriends, there was one night that I had with another man, and that's the story I'd like to share this time.
I was 17 at the time, and I was staying over at the house of a friend of mine named Rob. We had known each other forever, and I would often sleep over at his house, since he had moved a long distance away, and visiting him usually meant just going to hang out for a while was a long trip for little time.
Rob was gay, and I knew this, and it had never affected our friendship. I knew that he didn't really have romantic feelings for me, but that he was physically attracted to me. He had never really 'put the moves' on me, he had mentioned (in somewhat graphic, if teasing, detail) some dreams he had involving me. He had never, interestingly, told me about any experience with another guy.
Well this night I was staying over to try to forget about having broken up with my girlfriend of a year. We had been watching TV all night, sitting on his bed and chatting. At about midnight, I looked over, and suddenly found Rob very attractive. I knew I had always been a little curious about other guys, and I hadn't gotten any in a couple weeks, so I was feeling a little frisky.
After a little while, I put my arms around his shoulder, and sloiwly began rubbing his neck. I knew this drove him wild, he had told me, and so I decided this was a good way to start. I heard his breathing hitch, and he looked over at me after a few minutes, and we looked at each other until he leaned in and kissed me. The kiss lasted for a few minutes and soon we were frenching each other. I was enjoying it, but I wanted more, I slid my hand down from his neck, and it slowly reached his crotch.
He jumped a little as I first touched his penis through his boxers, and he stopped kissing me and looked at me again.
'Jeff, can I tell you soemthing?'
'I've never really done this stuff before. I've made out with some guys, but never really groped.'
'You! But you've known you were gay for like forever.'
'Yeah, but that doesn't mean I've found the right guy. You still want to?'
I knodded, and now he was rubbing my cock through my boxers too. We sat and slowly rubbed each other like that for a while, and then he asked me, 'Do you want me to unleash the beast?' I knodded, and he slid my cock out of my boxers. 'Shit, you're huge!' I'm 8' long and 5' around. He slowly began stroking me, and I reached in and pulled his out. It was much more slender then mine, but nearly as long. We continued strking each other for a bit, and then he asked if I'd finger his asshole. I agreed and he left the room to get some lubricant.
He came back with a bottle of baby oil, and I covered one figer with it, and began sliding it his hole. He moaned and asked for more. I gave him a second, then a third, and then a fourth. I pounded his asshole with four fingers, and after a short while he came, shooting his load all over the bed.
He lay there for a few minutes, dazed, and then he moved over to my still hard cock and began sucking on it. He didn't warn me, he just dropped his mouth on it. I layed back, and he sucked hard. I had never felt a blowjob like this before, and just let him suck.
After a few minutes, he stopped and sat up, his dick once again rock hard. He moved over to me and rubbed the head of his against mine. We rubbed our penises together, and the feeling was amazing. I was moaning, and very near cumming, when he moved back and asked me to suck him.
I was uncertain, but I slid down and took his cock in my mouth. I slid it all the way in and began pumping it with my mouth. I really enjoyed the feeling, and couldn't stop as he moaned he was going to cum. After only a minute, he shot his second load in my mouth, and to both our shocks, I think, I kept sucking and swallowed it all down.
He was exhausted after that, but not to exhausted to finish me off. He layed me down, reached down and began to stroke me with quick hard strokes. It took me a while, but I came, the largest load I could ever remember shooting. I came all over, and he scooped some of it off my chest and licked it off his fingers. We lay there for a few minutes, too tired to move, but the I got off the bed and lay on the inflatable mattress on the floor.
The next morning, Rob thanked me for the amazing night. I said it was my pleasure. We said we'd do it again, but that was the end of high school, and we went to schools on opposite sides of the country, so it never happened. It was one amazing night that I'll never forget.



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