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One Night on the Phone

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Let me begin by saying I have been a long time fan of Solo Touch, so I have decided to submit a story that happened about six months ago. This is by far one of the hottest experiences I have ever had.

It was on a weekend in the middle of September. I was about to return to college about 200 miles away from home for the beginning of the new year. I was out with friends having a good time. Now, most people would think this would include alcohol and such, but for me it doesn't I am a caffeine junky and this night consumes far more than I should have. As I returned home I looked at the clock and it was 11:30. I was wired and so started to check my email, and just browse the internet. And as with most guys just browsing the internet I eventually turned to porn. One of the sites I was looking at was ST of course. The combo of Solo and a caffeine buzz soon had me hard and rearing to go.

I was just starting to enjoy a story and getting my groove on when I saw a friend of mine message me on Facebook. I just switched to see who it was and was surprised to see it was a friend of mine I had not talked to in a while. She and I have had a difficult relationship, one where some sort of feelings have been held by both of us but the circumstances have never been right.

Anyway, I decided to chat with here and jack off at the same time. It's called multitasking and if women can do it why not men I thought to myself. Well, our conversation was just smalltalk which was fine. Then out of nowhere I said that I was horny. I don't know why but it was probably because I had been jacking off for 15 minutes and really was horny. At first I think she just kind of took it as a joke but we continued to talk for a while. Now our conversation turned to more sexual topics. We discussed how we both liked porn and how we find it stupid that today's society makes sex out to be such a horrible thing.

All the while I was still rubbing my cock. Not really to get off anymore but just because it felt good and the conversation was exciting. The conversation then hit a lull and a few minutes later I asked what she was up to. She said she was horny too and I jokingly suggested she should masturbate. She said the same thing back to me and I told her I had been while talking to her. Instead of grossing her out she said that it was cool. Then she said she would be right back. After she came back I asked her why she had left she told be it was to get her vibrator. I was dumbfounded at this and realized I was starting to really go for a good cum. I told her I was thinking of her getting herself off and that it was making me hard. She said that thinking of me jacking off made her wet and want to get it on. We continued to describe what we were doing and how good it felt. I came once and was just giving her inspiration to get off. Once she finished she said good bye.

Only, in a few minutes she gave me a call and said that she wanted to do it over the phone. To me this was heaven. I quickly said yes we should. This is where my experience really starts. Sorry for the long lead up.

As we started I heard the buzz of her vibrator. I heard how it changed sound as she went from stimulating her clit to being slowly pushed up inside her. This quickly got be very hard and I started to rub my cock once again. I just had to let out a moan over the phone and she did too in response. I could not bear the sound of her moaning, the sounds of her vibrator and her wetness all mingling over the phone. I just needed to cum again. I picked up the pace and soon I just exploded cum over my stomach and chest, even though I had just cum 20 minutes earlier. As I came I heard her moan as she reached her orgasm as well. I will always remember the sounds she made as the pleasure hit her.

Even now, six months later I still think about this one time when I jack off. I think of the sounds she made and the excitement I felt when I was allowed to listen to her. I wish we could have done this more often but as of yet we have not done so.

So Clara, if you ever feel like you need to get off again with me on the other end of the line, give me a call, you know my number.



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