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One Hot September Day

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This has been a site of interest for me for a while. After taking and taking I'm finally going to give.


This just happened to me earlier.

I'll give you the setting. It's a record-breakingly hot day, and everyone is gathered in the huge football field of a local highschool (not mine), for a speech.

I was with my friend and his dad, and naturally, we're all burning up. My friend's dad found a nice shady spot behind some trailer that was parked on the field; there were already a few people gathered back there. One of them being the most mind-blowingly attractive girl I've ever seen. She's somewhere between 17 and 19. She had long brown hair, average sized breasts (not large, not small), a nice ass, and a great face that complimented all of her other features. She's wearing a red shirt with the top few buttons unbuttoned displaying a playful amount of cleavage, and a small blue jean skirt.

I'm normally a very shy guy but I honestly couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. So I scoot over beside her. She looks at me sort of indifferently, playing hard to get, I assume. So I try to start a conversation, you know, generate some kind of mutual interest in anything at all (at this point it's fair to say I was expecting what happened later). She doesn't seem to want to give me the time of day, giving simple responses like 'yes' or 'no'. Eventually I give up on conversation and just sit there beside her watching people pass by sweating to death, while I'm here in the shade with a beautiful girl.

After a while, I realize she's looking at me. I return the curious look she's giving me. After some more staring she says, 'Do I know you?' I respond, 'No,' (thinking: 'I'd like to.') So she goes back to ignoring me for a while. Finally she asks, 'Do you want to walk with me?' It's way too hot but I figure a chance like this only comes along once in a lifetime (twice maybe, if you're lucky) so I agree.

I tell the other guys that I'm going to go get a drink, so as not to arouse any suspicion so I can avoid any embarrassment. She leads me, urgently, towards the school building. At this point, I'm getting afraid that she's turning me in to a higher authority for bugging her. We get to the school building and I follow her in. She sits down on the steps in the hallway and I sit down beside her.

We sit down and she (suprisingly) intitiates a conversation. Asking me simple questions like, 'What school do you go to?,' 'What grade are you in?,' etc. I answer and she seems satisfied with what she hears. Soon, she leans over and kisses me softly on the cheek. I'm a little suprised so I ask her what that was for. She says she is really bored and asks me if I want to do something with her. 'Like what?' I say, growing more and more excited.

She hesitates for a few seconds and then say's something like, 'Do you ever,' more hesitation, 'Masturbate?' I am in awe, nothing like this has ever happened to me before, and I haven't even gotten to the good part. Before I get a chance to pick my jaw up off the floor and say something, anything at all she cuts me off. She says, 'If you do me, I might do you.'

Her face is turning a little red at this point, but probably not nearly as red as mine. Still no response from me, just noises, this is so amazing to me. She sort of pulls me up off the steps and takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom. No one is there but us, because there isn't any school on Sunday and most of the people are outside or in the gym. She locks the door and sort of leans on the sink. After giggling at me she says, 'You do me first and then I'll do you.' She slowly, warily takes off her skirt and panties. I'm standing there gawking. It doesn't take long before she guides my hand to her wet pussy. I try and keep a hold of myself and start rubbing her a little bit. She lets out a small moan. I stick a finger inside of her, it's an amazing feeling, it's all happening so fast that I can barely believe it. She moans louder this time. I start to move my finger in and out, I'm not experienced at all but she seems to enjoy it. Then I stick in another finger, she let's out an amazing moan that almost causes me to lose it all right there. I continue my in and out motion until she starts to buck her hips a little and moans and moans and moans. Then she stops and she sighs. She's relaxing a little on the sink and she moves my hand up to her mouth and licks each of my fingers individually.

'Your turn,' she says.

I get a little shy and just sort of stand there. She leans over and unzips my pants and pulls them down, she waits a minute and then pulls off my underwear. She looks at my now fully erect cock and makes an audible 'hmmm' noise as if she's sizing me up or something. After looking at me for a while, she grabs my cock and starts stroking it. I've been doing this myself for a while but she does it far better than I ever could. I groan. She strokes faster, and faster, and faster. I pull up her shirt, revealing her erect nipples. I squeeze her breasts and she moans, and I moan. She continues stroking slowing now, letting me enjoy it more. I put my hand back down near her pussy and start rubbing her. I can't stand it anymore, I cum and it shoots across her hand and onto her tight little belly. My knees buckle and she takes her hand off my cock. She quickly throws on her skirt and panties again and washes up. I stand in awe and then put my clothes back on and wash up.

She takes my hand and leads me out of the bathroom, walking more casually and relaxed now. She smiles at me and says, 'Did you like that?' I nod and she says she did too. We reach the door and she casually says 'See you later,' and winks at me and walks away. By the time I get back to the guys the speech is over. They ask where I was and I tell them I had to make a stop at the bathroom.

I hope I do see her later, though I doubt I will. I also hope you liked this because it's taken me a while to describe it all. That, friends, was the best day of my life.



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