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One Hot Night

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This is my first submission on Solo Touch. I just recently discovered this site, and I love it, finally a place where it's okay to talk about masturbation!


One night as I went for my nightly walk around town, I decided to stop in to see my ex-boyfriend. When I entered, the hallway was lit and the house was quiet. I quietly made my way up the stairs and down the hallway to his bedroom. Upon finding the door locked, I began to knock, quietly at first to avoid waking up his brother across the hall, then louder. Soon I heard his sleep-roughened voice call out: 'What?' I knocked one more time before quietly calling out, 'Roger?' After a moment, I heard shifting around before the door swung open partway. He peered out at me, and I asked him if I could come inside. He said yes, so I entered.

I sat on the bed as I explained why I was there, which rather surprised him. Jokingly he said, 'I should take advantage of you.' However, long minutes passed as we talked and he made no move to do so. Eventually we started talking about it again, and he said 'here' and took my hand and placed it on his stiffening penis. I said, 'Oh, you're not that hard yet.' But I left my hand where it was, and it got harder. I began to rub it with two fingers. As I rubbed, he became fully erect and stiff. I said, 'Oh do you like that?' He said, 'Of course.' 'Well then, try this.' He took hold of my hand and pushed it under his pants.

Feeling aroused, I wrapped my hand around his naked, and erect, penis, and began rubbing it up and down, massaging and squeezing. After a while he must have felt frustrated because he asked me if I'd like him to remove his pants. I said yes, and once his pants were out of the way, I began to alternate rubbing the head of his penis and pumping my hand on his hard cock. He began to shift around as I spent long minutes, first rubbing slowly, teasingly, before speeding up and rubbing harder, and faster. After a while, he leaned down and whispered in my ear, 'Would you like some hand lotion?' 'That would help.' I replied huskily. He reached over and squirted out some lotion in his hand. I continued to massage his cock, then he reached down and covered my hand with his. 'Sensitize the head.' He said. I squeezed his penis before saying, 'Show me.' I let go, and he began to rub his penis, jerking himself off with sensual efficiency.

As I watched, I realized that I was becoming incredibly horny. He laid his leg across my crotch, and I had my hand on his leg. I began to massage his leg and move my hips in response to the growing sexual tension inside me, pressing his leg into my crotch. As I continued to watch him jack off, I realized that the sucking sounds his hand was making was also making me incredibly horny. I rolled over onto my side next to him, capturing his leg between mine. I began to grind my pussy on his leg, squeezing his chest with my hand and pulling myself against him. He began to moan quietly. As I continued to hump his leg, I began to breathe hard and to moan, I was still watching him jack off and I felt more horny than I'd ever been in my life. My pussy was throbbing, tender. He shifted his leg in response to my motion, and he whispered in my ear, 'Grind that pussy, grind it!' I was totally lost in my own motion at that point, lost in the frantic desire to see him cum and to cum myself. He continued to whisper in my ear, telling me how much he wanted to be in me, how hard he wanted to fuck me. Each word increased my desire until I was oblivious to almost everything else.

He ran his free hand over my side and my ass as I moved, pulling and occasionally scratching with his nails in his own frantic desire to cum. I continued to grind my pussy on his leg as he pushed his leg up into my pussy sending waves of pleasure through me. I gripped his chest and arm, pulling and squeezing. All the while he was jerking himself off, fast and hard. I panted and moaned with anticipation. Just as I thought the desire would drive me insane, his frantic motions slowed. I began to relax as he whispered, 'I came on my belly' and I reached over and ran three fingers over the wet cum on his belly before licking my fingers clean, and smiling at him. He sat up to clean himself, and I rolled over and began fingering myself. He lay back down beside me as I continued to finger myself, and he rolled onto his side, facing me and laid his hand on my chest, rubbing my breasts as I massaged myself. I didn't cum but I was still thoroughly satisfied by the time I stopped, and I fell asleep almost immediately. That was one hot night!



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