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One Guy, Three Girls and a Bedroom

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First of all, I want to say that this is one of my favourite sites and it's the best! Keep up the good work Solo Touch!!

I have a girlfriend, let's call her Jessie. We've been together since we were 18. She has long straight blonde hair, very nice body! and has really nice, not too big or not to small but just nice boobs. Overall, she's really really HOT!!!

This happened about six months ago. I used to go to her house frequently during the weekends. We would watch TV, chat, surf the net and so on. We had sex twice only when her parents were out. There was once we were almost caught.

Then one day, she and her two best friends, Penny and Rachel were over at Jessie's house. Penny has a boyfriend, but Rachel just broke up with her's recently. Jessie's parents were out of town and they decided to sleep over at Jessie's. Then, they called me and asked me to join them in watching movies, I agreed.

When we started to watch the first movie, it was afternoon. Then after the second, it was five pm. Jessie, Penny, Rachel and I in her room, just chatting. Then we started talking about sex. Penny admitted that she had sex before. Then Jessie and I also admitted that we had sex before. Since Rachel hadn't had sex before she kept asking us what it felt like. We were chatting on this topic for more than half an hour.

Then they asked Jessie whether Jessie and I frenched. Of course we did, and we showed them. We continued frenching for more than three minutes we just couldn't stop it. When Jessie and I stopped we found Penny and Rachel lying on the bed. Penny was on top of Rachel and they were frenching so hard. This really turned me on.

I asked Jessie if it was ok if we made out right here. She said no problem. So I took off her pink t-shirt and bra. Exposing her beautiful pair of boobs. I started licking and sucking her nipples that were getting harder and harder. She kept moaning and it really turned me on. Soon, I noticed Penny and Rachel were naked, and to my surprise Penny had a much more beautiful pair of boobs compared to Jessie's. Rachel was sucking Penny's tits.

Then I slid my hands into her soaking wet panties and started rubbing furiously. Her moaning got louder and louder. Suddenly, I heard someone else moaning, it was Penny and Rachel. They were fingering each other and looked so hot especially Penny. Then I pulled down Jessie's pants and panties. Her pussy was dripping wet with her juices. She asked me to finger her again so I did. She moaned very loud this time. She kept saying 'More, more, harder Mark!'. Also her hands were pushing my hand against her pussy. I felt so good. Then suddenly, her hips bucked and she let out a squeal, she came all over my fingers, it felt so good.

By the time we had finished doing that, Penny and Rachel were still rubbing each others pussies. Then Jessie took off my t-shirt and jeans, leaving my boxers on. Jessie kept rubbing me through my boxers, then I asked her to jack my dick and she did. I was in heaven. I kept looking at Penny, she looked so hot when she was fingering Rachel's pussy. Then I shot my load on Jessie's hand. Jessie said it looked cool.

Once Jessie and I had calmed down, I kept looking over at Penny's boobs. Suddenly she said that my dick was getting big. Looking down, I saw my dick was erect to full size again. I kept staring at her boobs while she stared at my dick. Then I asked her if I could suck her tits and she said yes. I was sucking her left nipple and rubbing the right one and then she said that I'm so good. She grabbed my hand and led it to her pussy, it was so wet and warm. I kept sliding my fingers in and out of her until she came. We then all drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up, it was about 7:00pm. Jessie and Penny were awake. Then we called Rachel and showered together. Nothing much happened in the shower, only me slapping all the girl's asses. Then we played a bit. I remember Penny kept trying to touch my dick.

After that, I put on my clothes and left for home. It was 7:30pm and I was late for dinner. Before I left, Penny whispered to me 'thanks for your help.' I kissed Jessie and went off.

After this Penny and I got together for some fun but I'll leave that for next time.



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