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On the Road

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I discovered a new favorite activity of mine quite by accident last year.

I had just left a long day at work and was commuting home alone when I ran into a major traffic jam. I turned on the local radio report and learned that the delay was probably going to be at least 20 minutes and perhaps longer. I thought oh well, so I turned on my ipod and started listening to my favorite tunes.

Just a couple of minutes later, however, I began to feel an urge to pee. I had drunk a bottle of water right before leaving work, and in my hurry to get home had forgotten to use the restroom before leaving. I figured I would be able to hold it, but as more minutes passed with no signs of traffic speeding up, the urge go go began to get stronger. I was on a long stretch, and it would be at least a mile or two before I'd be able to turn off.

Then I remembered reading somewhere that sometimes an erection can stave off the urge for a while. I looked around, and all the commuters seemed to have their eyes on the road. So then, with what I hoped was discretion, I repositioned my hand discreetly so that I was able to rub my cock gently through my jeans. I mostly used my thumb in small movements, so that if someone did happen to glance my way, it would simply look like I was resting my hand on my lap.

Horn-dog that I am, it wasn't long before I felt my cock start to grow under my touch. The double-layer of cotton underwear and jeans actually gave me a very pleasing sensation that I'd never felt before.

Just then, traffic started to move a little bit, and we got closer to the exit ramp. My tactic of staving off my urge to pee seemed to have worked, for the moment, so I elected to pass the exit and continue, as taking the side streets from there would have taken me considerably longer to make it home anyway, even considering the traffic jam.

As the commute continued slowly on, I kept giving myself gentle rubs from time to time, keeping myself hard so I wouldn't have to be. I also kept looking around just in case anyone was trying to sneak a glance, but nobody seemed to know what I was up to, or if anyone did, they didn't care.

Then something happened that I didn't anticipate...I began to leak pre-cum into my shorts. I was a bit concerned at first, and stopped rubbing so it wouldn't happen any more, but then the urge to pee returned, so I went back to rubbing myself again, and again the urge left me. I then quickly realized that the added slight slipperiness on the inside cotton of my shorts, if anything, just added to the nice sensations I was already having. I then figured well, I have a choice, either deal with the pre-cum link or the worse embarrassment of having to pee my pants.

So I kept going, both driving and rubbing. A few minutes later I passed the traffic incident, by which time I had leaked quite a bit of pre-cum and was feeling really good. I then decided what the heck, to go for it all. I had, at this point, only about 15 minutes more to go to get home, so I kept teasing myself, enjoying the hardness I was tenting through the clothes and the ever-increasing slippery wetness...so much that I figured by this point it probably wouldn't have made all that much difference if I'd just let the pee go instead!

Finally, I approached the small cul-de-sac that would take me home, and I began rubbing the outside of my jeans in earnest (fortunately, no other cars were around and the street was empty). And as I made the final turn in to the driveway, I shivered mightily and six whopping spurts of cum erupted into my shorts. Wow, did that feel awesome!!

I sat there a few moments, savoring the after-gasm as I felt the new wetness spread, and a little leaked down my leg. I looked down and had cum so much that some had soaked through the underwear and made a small spot on my jeans.

It wasn't long, though, before the urge to pee returned and I had to get up and rush into the bathroom to clean myself up.

But I enjoyed the sensations so much, wet shorts and all, that now I often wear them during my own masturbation sessions.

As for doing it in traffic, I try not to, as I realize there is a certain amount of risk involved masturbating while driving a vehicle.

But every once in a while, if stuck in a jam where I know I won't be going anywhere for a while, I may quietly indulge.

Last year coming home the Friday before Independence Day weekend, for instance, I did not mind at all the hourlong delay going home!



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