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On the Phone

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This was so much fun!


The other day, one of my best guy friends called me out of nowhere. He called me just to ask me if I masturbated (we had a pretty open relationship so I didn't mind telling him the truth, HELL YES I DO). He told me that he and I should have a mutual session, which was a good idea to me because I'm not ready to go all the way yet. We ended up just chatting about sex and me getting off.

He kept asking detailed questions like 'when do you?', 'where do you?', 'what do you do?', and 'how do you do it'. I told him all those things and I think the reason he wanted to hear all that is because I think he was stroking his penis, getting off to me. But for some reason, (and I've never done this before, or been caught by anyone, basically no one knows besides this guy that I even ever masturbated) I started to get kinda wet. Actually, I was dripping, my panties and gym shorts were so wet you probably could have wrung them out and had a cup of me!

Well, he asks me to do it on the phone, my first reaction was no way pervert!, but then I thought about it again and my pussy was screaming for attention. So I told him I would think about it, and he just started telling me what to do. He told me to take off my shirt and it was like I had to obey. Next it was the bra, and he told me to pinch my nipples and bring them up to my mouth and suck on one. Then it was my shorts, but he said not to take off my panties until I was so wet that the fabric stuck down to my slit. Which it had been for a while so I just took them off. He told me to start rubbing my clit, so I did, and soon he had me going in with four fingers, he kept trying to get me to put more in, but four was more than I could handle so I dropped it down to three.

After that went on for a while he had me lay on the side of the bed with one leg on the ground and ride and hump the bed corner, and only after like six humps my back was arching. My pussy was sending shocks through my body like one of those things they use to bring people back to life with when they shout 'CLEAR', you know, the things in hospitals. I just kept on humping through my orgasm, I was starting to scream but it felt so good, I had one, two, three, four orgasms right in a row. When I got done, all I could do was say thanks for the amazing session. We talked a little bit more, said our goodbyes, and hung up.

About 30 minutes later, I heard a knock on the door, quickly I put my panties back on and my shorts, because I had jsut been laying there replaying the nights events in my brain. It was my sister who is 16, she said 'you ready for some more?', I was like what are you talking about? and she said she heard me earlier, and she had picked up the phone to call someone and heard me on the phone screaming. So I confessed everything that had happened, and then she started asking me the same questions the guy had asked me about how and how often and where, so on, the next thing I know she's on top of me and were making out.

I couldn't believe what I was doing, but it just felt so right! She re-undressed me and I undressed her, and pretty soon we were humping our pussies together and I must have come like 10 more times. When we were done she just walked back to her room naked, and I've never really noticed, but she has a really nice ass. She brought back a vibe and we had MORE fun. That night we fell asleep in each others arms and I woke up and we had one quick orgasm before we had to get ready for school. Hope you liked my story, I sure liked living it, and I hope it happens again some time!



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