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On the Coach

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When I was 14 my school class went on a coach trip to Derbyshire. We had a great day out but the best moments of the outing came on the way home. A group of seven boys sat at the back of the bus - six squashed in along the back seat made for five and one sat on a picnic box in the aisle hiding what was gong on from the rest of the bus.
Inevitably for horny 14 year olds the conversation got round to sex and shagging and wanking. We were comparing notes on our method of masturbation, how often we did it, where we did it, what we thought about, how much we spunked up, how quickly we spunked up, how we cleaned up the mess, when we first did it, how we learned about it, if we ever did it with anyone else, how big our dicks were and more besides. I reckon we were totally obsessed with wanking and every last bit of information that we could get was tremendously exciting to us. There was much shuffling around and it was pretty clear that we were all sporting erections in our jeans although everyone tried to hide them. One boy - Henry (I won't embarrass any possible readers by giving surnames) - admitted that, as he put it, 'his flag was flying'. David accused Graham of having a hard on. 'How do you know,' Graham asked. 'Because I could see the bulge.' I admitted that mine was hard as did Richard. I asked Jeremy if he was on the bone and he said only half way but I am pretty sure this was only half right! That left the seventh boy, whose name I can't remember. He pretended not to be interested in masturbating and claimed he didn't do it. He had listened pretty intentively to what was going on though and he said something like 'perhaps I will try it.' Graham, who knew him better than any of us because they lived close by, said later that he definitely did do it and his claim of abstinence was a sham.
Of course I am sure many lies and half truths were being told by many of us. David and Graham, who were very close friends and who as we got a little older were assumed to be gay, admitted that they sometimes did it together. Some months later I was talking to them about a boy that I masturbated with and they told me they did it together all the time and often did it three or four times in one session - something I had never been able to do with my wanking partner as, once we came, we lost interest. But back on the bus, no one else admitted that they had wanked with another boy and no one claimed that they had done anything with a girl (which I am sure was true). At that time I hadn't found a wanking partner. That came only a few weeks after this trip but that was with a local friend who did not even go to my school. I have written about that elsewhere on this site but I will leave readers to try to guess which story that was. As for this particular group we all admitted that our right hand (or the left in Graham's case) was their sexual master.
For two pins, and given a bit more privacy, I am sure we would have taken the opportunity to have a wank there and then. Instead we stained our underwear with pre-cum, gave ourselves the odd surreptitious squeeze and contented ourselves with the knowledge that it was pretty unlikely we would get to sleep that night without a damn good wank. Indeed we all talked about when we were going to do it next and we made a sort of pact that we would all do it in bed that night. We even agreed to all do it at the same time starting at 10.30 p.m. The idea of thinking about the rest of us doing it that night was a huge turn on and we left the coach to wend our way home with semi hard-ons and thinking about a lovely wank to come.
I kept the pact and at 10.30 exactly, as I lay in bed, I grabbed my already engorged penis and began to slowly wank myself off whilst thinking about my friends enjoying exactly the same wonderful sensations. I made it last and varied my technique - doing a bit against the bed and a bit with my hand. Finally, after about ten minutes, which I reckon was about the right time to be simultaneously orgasming with at least some of the group of seven, I knew that I was getting close to the point of no return. Concentrating hard I held my dick tighter and rubbed it with a little more vigour and I came spurting my way to a fabulous climax. As eventually the incredible sensations faded away I was left tired and spent.
'Wow what a wank that was,' I said aloud to myself as I mopped up and smelled the spunky odour under my sheets. I fell asleep contented. The next school day I found out everyone did do it as agreed and we reckon we all must have climaxed at around the same time - give or take a few seconds.



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