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On the Bank of the River

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Jason (I'll call him) and I have been fishing buddies since we were kids. We are now both 16. This past summer, sort of by accident, we became another kind of buddy. (!)

My grandparents own property on the edge of a large river. My dad and I, and Jason and his dad, would go up to fish the river from their property several times a year. It's a lot of fun and is always good 'guy time' away from city.

At the end of this summer, Jason and I had both gotten our drivers licenses and we asked our parents if it would be okay if we could drive up to my grandparents, alone and by ourselves this time, for a two-day fishing campout. I guess we figured that this would be our 'entrance into manhood' - a time to do something together without parents. It was fine with all our parents and my grandparents. Dad let me borrow the minivan.

We got up to my grandparents home and set up camp in our usual spot near the edge of the river and we gathered up wood for a late-night campfire. My grandparents insisted that we have supper with them and they fed us well. They've always loved Jason like he was one of the family and that was fine with him because his dad's parents were dead and he had never met them. He never said it, but I think he loved visiting my grandparents as much as I did. After supper, we headed over to the campsite. Grandma gave us enough food and snacks for a week so we knew we weren't going to starve on an overnight!

We weren't going to do any fishing until the morning, so after we started the campfire, we just sat there and talked about everything imaginable. We were used to doing that all the time, yet we never ran out of things to talk about. We listed to quiet music on his iPod and really enjoyed the peace. It was a beautiful warm summer night. To be honest, I like those kind of nights down by the river more than any other I've ever had. I look forward to those trips because, to me, it's more about that than even the fishing.

Anyway, it was getting time to head into the tent and call it a night. Jason said, 'I'm going to wash up a little in the river.' (The water in that river is pretty clean.) He took off his shirt and just had his shorts on as he walked towards the river's edge. He stopped at the edge for a minute and then came back to where I was sitting by the campfire. He said to me, 'I forgot to pack another pair of shorts and I really don't want to get these wet. Would it bother you if I just went skinny-dipping?' We'd seen each other naked plenty of times but we'd never gone skinny-dipping there. I just looked up at him and said, 'I don't care. Go for it.' And, though I'm not sure why these words popped out my mouth, I said, 'Heck, if I had a gorgeous body like yours, I'd show it off too.'

Jason is really well built - tall and buff. He works out a lot. I'm shorter than him and pretty much of a rail, to be honest.

He laughed at what I said, took off his shorts and boxers, and stood there for a moment. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I don't think I had seen him fully naked since last summer and, man!, he had really grown into the body of a greek god. His cock had become quite a centerpiece too! I felt a little jealous. Seeing him stand there in the light of the fire gave him an almost shiny golden glow. He was hot!

He walked toward the river again and I kept admiring his great body with envy. Then he suddenly turned and walked back to me and said, 'Do you really think I have a gorgeous body?' I stood up and said, 'Hell yeah! I mean look at you!' Then I said, 'Here, turn around for a second.' So he turned his back towards me. I put my hands on his shoulders and said, 'Your shoulders are broad,' and then I moved my hands down his sides (and he moved slightly like that tickled) and I said, 'your body is trim and fit. You have no body fat at all.' I moved my hands further down to his hips and said, 'your hips are strong and,' (moving my hands to his butt - first time I ever touched that!) 'your butt is nice and firm.' Moving my hands down over his legs I said, 'and your legs are just right.'

I stood up and said, 'Turn around this way.' He did. I put my hand on his chest and said, 'You've got great pecs, and,' (moving my hand to his abdomen) 'you've got like six-pack abs, and,' (taking my hand away now and not daring to move down any further) I stood up and looked down at his cock and said, 'and you're very nicely built 'down there'.'

'Thanks!' he said, and then turned and walked away towards the water. But he stopped again, turned towards me again and came back. 'Would you come skinny-dipping with me?' he asked. I said I didn't want to. 'Please,' he said, 'and ... I really would like to see you naked too.' I was a little surprised by his boldness but he was just standing there smiling at me with the biggest grin, and he won me over. So I took off my clothes and stood in front of him. He put his hands on my shoulders and said, 'You're not very tall, but you have a nice shape too.' He told me to turn around. He ran his fingers down my back and said it was fine. He put them on the sides of my hips and said they were fine. He ran his hands down my butt and then my legs and said they were strong and firm. He asked me to turn around and he was already standing. Then he put his hand on my chest and said it was 'a little boney but okay.' I laughed. And then he crouched down and put his hand on my abdomen and said, 'Maybe just a two-pack,' and then we both laughed. He kept his hand there for a second and I was feeling just a little surge of excitement, but neither of us was getting hard. He stood up and looked down at my cock and said, 'and that certainly isn't anything to be worried about. It's mighty fine!'

Then, with a gentleness that I later would remember as very touching, he took my hand in his and he walked with me down to the water.

We waded in the water for awhile and then came out and dried off. Jason laid the towel down next to the fire and laid down on top of it, naked and facing down. I was a little surprised that he hadn't put his shorts back on. So I laid my towel down next to his and laid on top of it. His face was turned towards mine, resting on his arms, and he was smiling at me. I said, 'What?' He just smiled and said, 'Oh, nothing, just thinking.' 'About what?' I asked. He said, 'Well, I want to tell you something but I don't want to embarrass either of us.' I said, 'Go on.' He added, 'when we were in the water, I was watching you and I got a boner. But I turned away and wasn't sure I wanted you to see that. I was glad we stayed in the water until it went down again. I hope you're not mad at me for telling you that.' 'I'm not,' I said, 'in a way it's sort of flattering. And ...' I stopped. 'Go on,' he said. But I hesitated. 'Come on,' he said, 'no secrets between us.' 'Okay,' I went on, 'I've gotten hardons thinking about you too - not tonight - but at other times. Times when I've ...' 'Jacked off?' he asked. 'Yes,' I said. 'Me too,' was his response.

We just kept looking at each other and smiling. Then after a minute he said, 'Okay, here goes,' and he turned over to lie on his back. I looked at him and saw that he had a big hardon. His cock was quite long when hard, and it was pulsing at an angle to his body. I turned toward him and mine started to get really hard then too. I moved my hand to his chest and started making light stroking motions with my finger tips - as lightly as I could possibly touch him. I moved them around his chest and then down to his abdomen. Finally I moved them down to his hip and them over to his middle, and back up across is balls and cock. I continued to touch him lightly over his whole body and his face. His eyes were closed. 'That feels so wonderful!' he said. After a few minutes he said, 'Let me do this to you.' So I laid on my back and got the same treatment from him for the next several minutes.

I'd never had anyone else ever touch me sexually, and I was feeling so good. After a few minutes he put his fingers around my cock and began jackoff strokes. 'I would love to make you cum,' he said. 'Please do!' I said, 'and then it's my turn to do you.' He continued to stroke me for the next few minutes and, I gotta say, his technique was better than what I do to myself. He just moved in long purposeful strokes until I knew I couldn't hold back. 'I'm getting close' I said. He stroked me a little faster, but still with the same gentle touch he'd been using. Finally I released several spirts of cum. The first went past my ear! Then rest landed on my chin, chest and stomach. 'That was wonderful, the best!' I said.

He laid on his back and I took my turn. Using the same light touch he had used on me I stroked his hard cock. His eyes were closed and his lips were tight. He was definitely enjoying this. I didn't ask him about it until later, but a tiny tear was streaming down the side of his face from his eye. I wasn't sure what that meant, but it wasn't the time to ask. After a few minutes he said, 'I'm gonna shoot,' and he'd no sooner gotten out the words when his cock spewed a whole lot of cum in several long spirts. His body was jerking from an incredible orgasm. After I stopped, he continued to lay there with his eyes closed and caught his breath. Finally he opened his eyes, looked at me with a soft smile and said, 'You are fantastic.'

He got up from the blanket and I got up from mine. And with the same gentle gesture as before, he took my hand in his and walked me toward the water. He said, 'Let me clean you off first.' His soft hands brought the water up to my body and he rubbed my chin and chest and abdomen clear of all the cum that had landed there. As he rubbed my cock clean I could feel it getting a little hard again. Jason just smiled at me. When he was finished, I did the same gentle wash to him. As I cleaned his cock, he was slightly hard too. We smiled at each other again, but we didn't say a word. There was no need.

We walked back onshore, put our clothes back on and sat down again by the fire. We still hadn't said anything. But after awhile I said, 'When I was jacking you off, a tear came from your eye. Were you crying?' He answered, 'Just a little.' 'Why,' I asked. He replied, 'I've wanted to do this with you for awhile. And when it was finally happening, I just got a little overwhelmed. That was a joyful tear not a sad one.' I got on my knees, moved my face closer to his, and we shared a light gentle kiss.

Since the summer, we've gotten together a few times and had some more jackoff sessions. But we don't live very close to each other like we used to when we were younger and can't see each other as often. None of those times since then, however, have the magic and gentleness that first time did.



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