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On the AT

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Very quietly, he asked: 'You care if I jerk off?'

I'd been thinking the same thing for the past few minutes, my erection tenting my boxers, though I hadn't had the nerve to either say anything or touch myself. We'd spent the last two nights in my two-man backpacking tent on a short section of the AT over a four-day weekend. I hadn't masturbated for several days myself, having been with my friend Scott the whole time. We had just gotten ready to go to sleep, and the couple in the tent right next to us had started making out and then, making love, and we'd been listening, at first surprised and amused, then with increasing excitement. We'd stopped whispering about them and were both just listening to the woman as her excitement was obviously mounting. There really wasn't much of a choice. While they weren't making a scene or anything, they didn't seem to be making an effort to be quiet. There was only one other camper there, an older single guy in his own tent a little way off. No kids around or anything, so really, I thought, who cared? Why shouldn't they be doing it? I would have.

But I was just here with a friend, and I'd been listening to them, and getting worked up, and was just thinking about trying to masturbate without tipping him off.

'Go for it, have fun.' I said. Scott didn't say anything else, but I heard a little rustling of his sleeping bag, and then a sigh. I was laying on my back and tried to be cool about it. I'd just do my thing, and he his. I took a quick look over at him, on top of his bag. It was far too hot for us to be in them. There was a little moonlight coming in through the open screens on each end of the tent and his pale butt was obvious against his sleeping bag. He was on his side with his back to me, his shorts pulled down, and I could see his upper arm slightly moving as she played with himself, though I couldn't actually see his penis. Thank God, I thought. I pushed my own shorts down as subtley as I could, just far enough to free my erection. I'd done this in my own apartment before, alone, but so what if Scott saw me; he was going to do the same thing, and, I hoped, wouldn't freak out about me doing it.

I turned away, staring up at the top of the tent. As I looked down my body, my own penis was silhouetted in the light from the tent doorway as I began to stroke myself. I closed my eyes, listening to the woman moan, slowly masturbating. I was already excited from just listening to her, and was basically waiting to have my own orgasm along with hers, a practice I'd found really fun when listening to my neighbors. I took a couple of looks down at my own penis, but didn't look over at Scott again for many minutes, until the woman was obviously on the verge of orgasm and then told her partner she was going to cum. I heard her orgasming and thought it was funny that she'd felt it necessary to tell her lover what seemed pretty obvious to me. I grabbed the base of my penis with my left hand, tightened my grip with my right and quickly brought on my own, really nice, orgasm. After I came I looked over at Scott and he was also on his back, gently pumping himself, left hand, like mine, clamped around the base of his penis, and looking at me. Apparently, he'd cum before me, or at about the same time. Waited for her too. That was cool, I thought. We didn't say anything. I watched him for a few seconds then turned back to watch myself in the moonlight until I started to go soft. I rolled over and got a roll of tissue and pulled some off to clean up, tossing the roll to Scott, then pulled up my boxers and rolled over on my side. I watched Scott clean himself up, then pull up his shorts and roll away from me. The couple in the next tent were talking, but Scott and I didn't say anything, and I fell asleep.



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