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Older Man in Gym Sauna

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I work out at the local YMCA in the city, five to six days a week. I'm 6'0' and weigh around 75kgs. One Monday evening I noticed a new guy had started working out in the weights area where I was working out. He would have been in his early fifties, greying hair, handsome face, and well toned for his age; he definitely caught my eye.

I continued on with my workout, focusing on each exercise, but also kept checking him out and remained very aware of his presence. Every now and then our eyes would lock for more than a few seconds, but I couldn't be absolutely sure he was cruising me. As it happened we finished our workouts at slightly different times, and I was already putting my clothes on after my shower by the time he was about to take his. I did notice that he went into the sauna, which is just next to the changing rooms, and thought to myself if he was there the next night I would try to finish my workout at the same time.

On Tuesday night he was working out again at the same time, and throughout my workout it was pretty clear he was checking me out. I headed straight to the changing room when he did, and after a quick shower went into the sauna, where I had seen him go. Unfortunately we weren't alone in the sauna, another older man in his seventies called Brian was in there and conversation had started between them both, and I realised nothing was going to happen as long Brian was there. Exasperated I got up and went out of the sauna, had a shower and was ready to give up. After a few minutes in the shower I decided to go back into the sauna again and wait it out.

This time when I returned to the sauna another person had entered! Except that Brian had changed his position in the sauna, sitting on the second level with his back against the wall facing out and chatting to the new man, an older man in his sixties, on the first level. The man I had been cruising was now lying down on the third level and the natural place for me to sit, or in this case lie down, was on the second level directly below him but facing, at the other end, Brian.

When I first lay back on the bench my left knee brushed the man's elbow which was jutting out from the bench above, I moved at first, thinking perhaps I was too close, but at this point he sat up and said 'No, you're ok, stay there', during which time he proceeded to stare down at me. I was lying on my back with my knees bent, and as he watched I adjusted my cock which was already starting to grow, and which he could definitely see, and then fondled my shaved balls. Then he lay down again but this time there was no mistake, his elbow was definitely against my knee. I deliberately kept my knee against his elbow, even pressing it against his arm. I wanted to make sure he knew this was deliberate on my part.

This contact continued all the while the other two men were chatting to each other at the other end of the sauna, only two to three metres away, but shrouded to a degree in the shadows created by the dim lighting in the sauna. This only heightened the erotic atmosphere, and my heart was beginning to pound away. At this point I had difficulty believing this was actually happening, in the seven years I've been going to the gym this sort of thing has almost never happened, and never in such an amazingly erotic way.

I wasn't about to make a move and was just enjoying the feel of this incredibly sexy older man's arm against my knee. Slowly he moved his arm down, and brushed my leg. Then he jumped up and said 'I'm coming back', and walked out of the sauna, but without his towel, and I guessed he was having a quick shower to cool off. Two minutes later he was back and at first he sat down and glanced down at me, I was rock hard at this point, and briefly tugged and pulled my thick, six inch uncut cock as he looked down at me transfixed. Fortunately my knees were blocking the other two men from seeing this, and then he decided to lie back down and amazingly I felt his arm swing down and despite the possibility that the other two men may have noticed, had they glanced back (luckily they were engaged deep in conversation), his hand reached between my legs and grabbed my cock, stroking it up and down for about twenty seconds before he pulled away and sat up again. This time my foot was right up against his foot as he sat there and I moved my big toe against his, and he wiggled his foot against mine.

This continued for a few minutes, until both the other men got up and left, and as soon as the sauna door swung shut I sat bolt upright and reached for his cock, and he locked his hand around mine, as well as starting to play with my balls. He was about average length, uncut, nice cock and a sexy hairy chest, and it felt great to stroke his cock and run my hands over his body. After about five minutes, it was simply getting too hot and I said 'I'm going to take another shower', and left the sauna and headed to the showers, he followed me out, and after a cold blast I couldn't resist following him back in when he walked back into the sauna.

This time it was just us, and he sat on the bottom bench near the door while I stood. He admired my butt and then took my cock, which was semi-erect at this point, and slowly stroked it back to full erection, it's throbbing head very close to his mouth. It felt great to have this strong, handsome, older man stroke my cock and I couldn't resist briefly bending over and pulling back his foreskin and slowly pumping his cock.

After a minute or two we exited the sauna, had a quick shower, and chatted, though he was quite nervous when talking should anyone overhear us. He mentioned where he lived and that he couldn't have visitors, though he didn't explain further. An influx of people into the changing room meant he made a hasty exit, and was gone before I could get his number.

As it happens a week later I ran into him again, and while he was finishing his workout, and I was just starting mine, I decided to make sure I didn't let an opportunity get away. I followed him into the changing rooms, and asked if he was available to meet up during the daytime on a week day, since I live right in the city and he had mentioned he was working in town. He said he would be keen and I gave him my number.



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