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Old Neighborhood Memories

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I recently found myself back in my old neighborhood. I am in my late forties, and was in the area on business for a couple of months. I was happy to be able to stay at my parents house and be able to visit with them and have dinner together several nights a week. I like to stay in shape and try to walk 3 to 4 miles a day as part of my workout routine. I usually walk around the neighborhood twice each morning, and as I have been walking lately I find myself reflecting back on all the adolescent sexual experimentation and the many girls in the neighborhood that were willing and interested in the same learning process. As I walk by there old houses now 35 years later it seems like only yesterday.
We were all on the swim team, and played baseball and had the run of the neighborhood back then. I remember one girl, i'll just call her L A. I was 15 and she was 13. She was very tall for her age and mature. She was very athletic and played under water tag or marco polo to win and was strong in the water. We had been fooling around in the pool and tickling and touching. While wrestling in the water I had my hand on one of her well developed breasts which led her to elbow me and swim away with a splash. A little later we were playing under water tag in the deep end and she was it. I dove deep to the bottom and tried to push off to escaper her but she dove down and was reaching for me and her tag came in the form of a grab at my penis, and balls. When I surfaced on the other side and looked back she was laughing. This kind of touch play continued for a week or two and we agreed to meet one morning after swim practice on a long path through the woods that ran between the ball fields to take out play to a new level. We met up in a very isolated area far enough off the path that no one walking by could see us. It was very awkward at first and we kissed, and held each other for a minute then I took my shirt off and asked if I could help her take hers off. She softly said yes. I folded it and laid it on mine then we hugged or semi naked bodies together. I could feel both of our hearts beating quickly in our chests. We kissed again, then I tried to unhook her bra. I was a bumbling klutz. She laughed and reached in back to unhook it and then let me take it off. We all wore speedo type suits that do not leave much to the imagination or so I thought, but her breasts were so beautiful. I was not prepared for how good her bare chest felt against mine. We just stood there for a minute or two enjoying this new feeling. I was hard as a rock, and had to stand at an angle to keep from poking her with it. I asked her if we could get all the way naked and she just nodded her head then said yes. I took of my cut offs and my under wear at the same time while I watched her unsnap her green shorts and then watched her pull them down. She was standing there in just her panties and moved to hug me again. I had never been so excited in my life. We touched each other all over. I touched her breasts, then bent to kiss and gently suck on them. She reached and held on to my penis gently and just squeezed it a little. She seemed to like feeling my balls and scrotum. I was oozing pre cum and she was amazed at how slippery it was. She said it was a lot like her inside juices. I asked her to take off her panties. When she did I thought I would just come all over the place. We hugged again, and were both fondling each other. She was all wet down there and it was super slick when I eased my finger up and into her harry pussy. She had a little more hair than I did and it felt so soft. We were both just trembling with excitement when she started to squeeze a little too hard. I showed her how to move her hand back and forth, and use her fingers like milking a cow, and in no time at all I told her I was going to cum, and to please keep doing it just like that. She did and I let out an OHHH and squirted come all over her hand and thigh and her hip. She kept up that motion, and I never lost my erection. In a few minutes I was coming again. She was so interested in my orgasm and how it felt, and could I feel it shoot out of me. I told her how wonderful it felt and that yes I could feel it squirt and even the little drop of pre cum felt tingly leaving the opening in the head of my penis. I had been fingering her the whole time, but not knowing any better I was just going up and down, and was not making much if any real contact with her most sensitive clitoris. I asked her if what I was doing felt good and she said it was nice but if I would make little circles around this little bump or gently go back and forth over it, it would feel even better. My first lesson in pleasing a woman. I felt it now and once I got the pressure right it was obvious she was really enjoying it. My hand was soaked in her pussy juice and she kept just moaning and shaking and holding on to me to keep from falling down. She seemed to be stuck in orgasm and I was so excited to be a part of it that I was stroking myself left handed just to be touching myself. She finally came down from what ever cloud she was on and we just hugged again. I asked her if I could put it in her and she said not this time. We were both afraid of pregnancy, and as excited as we were, we decided to wait until another time, and there were many over the years. She did say she would like to taste me, and kneeled down to kiss and suck on my dick. It felt amazing until her braces made contact with my sensitive penis. She kind of got the hang of it but I did not come. I asked her if I could do the same to her, and she agreed. I kissed her cleft and tasted all of the liquid still in her pussy hair, and it was very nice. She spread her legs a little which allowed me to lick her clitoris. She was loving this and held her pussy open with both hands so I had full access to lick her. She was breathing hard and said keep doing it just like that and my mouth was getting wetter and wetter from the juices that were flowing out of her pussy as she began trembling and moaning again. I kept licking and kissing and drinking from her pussy until she pushed my head away and asked, are you trying to kill me??? She laughed and said she nothing had ever made her feel that good. We just hugged and kissed and got dressed, and walked out of the woods together. On the walk home we agreed that we would get together and do this again, and go all the way with a condom. This was the beginning of 7 or 8 years of occasional and amazing hook ups. I would call her and we would meet at whoever's-parents-were-gone's house. Years later when we were driving she would call me to see what I was doing which was the invite I was always happy to get. I would call her and see what she was doing, and often we would get together for amazing sex together. To this day I remember it as if it were yesterday. I found myself sporting a full erection as I was walking by her old house the other day. Thank goodness for long tee shirts. L A thanks for the memories. I hope you reflect as fondly on those days as I do. You are always in my memory.



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