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Old Fashioned Hotel Sleep Aid

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This fall, about 10 of us guys went out mid-October and had a campout in a state park. It was a bachelor party for Ben, my work assistant manager, who was getting married Thanksgiving weekend. (brrrrr!) Got long underwear?

One of the groom's buddies ended up arriving later than everyone else; after we had been there a while and set everything up at the campsite, he joined us for dinner in the city. His name is Dave. I had an eight man tent and I was alone- so I told him that he could bunk in with me.

After dinner, we were all walking out to the cars to drive back to the camp site. I was straggling behind the other guys in the restaurant parking lot, and as I walked toward my jeep, this sporty little red car slowly crept up behind me like they were going to hit me. Turns out it was the new guy Dave, with one of the other groomsman from the group riding shotgun.

So I could be a smartass (literally!) I pulled my jeans way down on my hips, revealing about 3' of my butt crack and waistband to them- mooning the car as I kept walking. Their response? 'We'll get some of that later!' they said laughing as they drove past me.

Not too much happened that night- except for some drinking at the campfire. Everyone got to their tents and inside sleeping bags pretty fast- just to stay warm. I stayed by the tent till the end, since my bag was already rolled out, elevated off the cold ground about 30' on a raised air mattress.

When I got to my tent, Dave was in his bag- down on the ground level. To be nice, I said 'you can move up here, if you want- there's room,' to which he responded, 'naa- I'll wait until I know ya better before I cuddle with you.' Nice.

I would have gotten a nut that night, (I tried!) but it was too damn cold.

So later in the fall, I had to drive about 6 hours to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to attend the wedding. I told my assistant Ben that I'd be open to cutting my cost a bit and sharing my driving, gas, and hotel room with another guy if he knew anyone who was also gonna go and needed a place to stay. About 3 days later, I get a call from Dave, (the guy from my tent!) and he ended up riding up to the wedding with myself, and one female work associates who also attended the wedding.

Once we got to the hotel, Ann and I changed and got dressed up fancy for the service. Dave, on the other hand, rolled over on one of the beds and took a power nap. I asked him if he had a preference on which bed he wanted and he jokingly said, 'aren't we gonna cuddle up together?' or something like that, out of earshot of Ann.

He curled up in his undershirt and khakis until it was time to go- when he simply threw on a nice sweater to dress up his outfit! We're both looking snaaaaazy and he's clearly the odd man out.

The wedding was simple- the service came off without a hitch, and the food at the reception was great. Unfortunately it was hot in that hall and I had a headache from waiting way too long to eat, and I didn't want to stay and dance. They were OK with leaving early- so we bailed. Following the reception, we dropped Ann off to stay with some girlfriends at another hotel, and Dave and I headed back to my hotel room.

'Should we hit the hot tub?' I asked- unsure if I saw him carry any bag up to the room whatsoever.

'I didn't bring anything to wear.' This kid was dumb! I had told him we'd be staying at a nice place with a pool, hot tub and sauna. That's why I picked that hotel over cheaper alternatives. But I had planned for such need- I brought extra shorts along.

I had two choices for him- a pair of red board shorts with white trim, and a pair of black knit gym shorts that are cut pretty narrow and are quite stretchy. They're very 'balls forward,' if you've ever worn those.

He's about my exact size and build, so I held out both shorts and let him choose. He grabbed the black shorts, leaving me with my boardies. Right then and there in front of him I took off my dress pants, stripped off my white 2xist briefs and geared up for the pool. True to his generation, he sat down on the edge of the bed, modestly dropped his khakis, and pulled the shorts on over his blue cotton boxer briefs.

The whole time we were down by the pool, he was pulling on the leg seams and the pouch- which were clinging tightly to him. It was pretty funny! Especially since I was freeballing in my board shorts- intentionally letting them loosely ride on my hips so that the top of my butt was visible to anyone close by- that's how you are supposed to wear those things!

As we went back upstairs, I wasn't sure what was going to happen once we got back to the room- since he hadn't brought a change of clothes. It dawned on me- what would he do when he got naked? Would he just wrap a towel around himself?

We got to the room and he grabbed the ice bucket and went out to get some ice. I pulled off my shorts, toweled off- and then pulled on a brand new pair of Calvin briefs- bright white, fit like a glove. Nothing better to wear in a hot hotel room with a near stranger, right? I'm 5'10, 155, naturally lean- so I guess I am comfortable hanging in just my briefs. No complaints yet!

He came back and hadn't found any ice- the machine was broken. He went into the bathroom to hang his shorts up to dry on the rod, and returned wearing an old and slightly stretched out pair of pin striped, white cotton boxers. They seemed a bit thread worn from wear, and although they were 'modest,' Dave's chest hair line that ran from his pecs as a strong trail downward, met up with a dark pubic hair patch which could clearly be seen thru the material.

For the next couple hours, we hung out on our beds and watched television. I was moving back and forth between laying on my stomach watching tv (with my head at the foot of the bed- so my briefed butt was in his tv field of view the entire time,) going to the bathroom to piss (and handle it a bit,) and sitting upright against the headboard like he was. I'd let my hand drift to my crotch to scratch without thinking- why the hell not?

Finally it was time to turn off the lights and go to sleep. The hotel room was dry and hot (we had left the room radiator on!) and so both of us stripped all the blankets off, leaving just a white top sheet on each bed. My bed was beneath the window, meaning that my body, and all my movements were fairly illuminated in the moonlight. The mattresses were firm and springy like a trampoline, the pillows were formed and ungiving, and I couldn't get to sleep to save my life.

As I listened to my roommate go back and forth between a heavy breathing and a dozing snore, beneath my sheet, I pulled my briefs down to my thighs and gave myself a bit of a hand. I'd get hard, and then I'd roll over, reposition and relax and look over to see if he was awake or moving. A couple times I got up to go to the bathroom, splash some water on my face and chest, and try to sneak a peek at him. Occasionally he'd stir, or I'd hear a throat clear or the like, but I never could tell how deeply he was sleeping.

After a couple hours of laying there and not being able to fall asleep, he stirred enough to allow me to know he had woken up. 'It's hot in here- hard to sleep,' I muttered under my breath.

'Why- can't you sleep?' he said.

'We're two young guys, it's late, and we were just at a wedding- do I need to draw you a picture?' He laughed and we talked a little bit about his girlfriend, where they met, etc.

'Well if you want, turn the tv on and watch some television, or turn the light on and read, or whatever, do whatever you need to do to fall asleep, I'll sleep right thru it.'

With that, he kind of repositioned again, and signed off for the night, leaving me apparent permission which I thought it was damn generous, and either he was clueless, or he saw me scratching my balls under the sheet a bit in the moonlight and wanted me to know it was ok.

I thought about it some more. He's a buddy of Ben's, and if he was pissed about me taking some personal time with him in the room, it probably could get back to him and bite me in the ass later. However, we're both guys, and he just told me to 'do whatever I need to do.' Two red-blooded guys in a hot hotel room at about 3 in the morning- what would you do? What would you say?

I again resumed my slow jerking under cover, and this time replaying what he had said in my mind, I got really boned up. Maybe he was suggesting that it was time to play together? That was too far for me to offer it to him- he had to come part way on his own if that was his goal. As much as I wanted to suggest he join me, I said nothing.

After not too long, the tell-tale heavy breathing/snoring from his bed started up again, and I was to assume that, true to his word, he had fallen asleep again. I quietly rolled over and opened the nightstand drawer where earlier I had left a jar of lube, and put it on my bed.

Once I was fully ready, I got my nerve up and slowly pulled my top sheet off the middle of my body, still covering my legs and shoulders. I was sweaty and really aware of how thick my rod had gotten- running on the edge of unintentionally being caught 'wet-handed', and how I'd explain this if he was uptight about it....

I was also wondering the whole time if he was faking the snoring and was lying in his bed watching me jack off. I turned my head and looked his way, but it was just too dark to see him up by his pillows.

I lay there enjoying my body for about 15 minutes, wondering the whole time if I should be doing this, and getting harder by the minute. I listened to his snoring, seeing if there was any change; all I heard were these occasional noises that sounded like knuckles being cracked. It was very strange- and erotic- all at once. I moaned a little bit.

Finally I was past the point of debating my choice- because I rushed up and passed the point of no return and massively emptied about four days of cum all over my pecs. I could feel by body's sleep depravation revolt, and I was overcome with the desire to just fall asleep right like that- hard dick in hand- like I never have been in my life. However, I've always practiced good hygiene at bedtime, (I almost never jack in my own bed at home) and so I got up and lumbered my way thru the dark to the bathroom to wipe down my jizz-coated abs with a wet hotel towel.

The next morning, I woke up earlier than him, and wearing just my tight white calvins, I gathered up all my stuff, zipped my wedding suit in the garment bag, and got myself ready for a quick exit later. He barely stirred, so I jumped back in bed to snooze.

When he got up, he moved quickly to the end of the bed, retrieved his khakis, and without turning to acknowledge my morning greeting at all, quickly concealed his potentially loaded morning weapon. The modesty of this generation is sometimes pretty obnoxious.

'Did you get any sleep at all?' he said to me when I finally got up.

'Not a whole lot, maybe 4 hours.' I said.


And that was the end of it, until we were just about to leave the hotel room, and I stepped into the bathroom where his boxerbriefs were still hanging on the rod from the night before. I grabbed them, and tossed them at him as we walked out the door.

So I really don't have a clue if he slept thru it all, if he watched me, or waited for me to fall asleep and then got his own nut. I guess I will never know. What do you think?



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