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Ohhhhhhh My Room Mate Part 2

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I'm back with part 2 as promised!

So where were we? Oh that's right, where she was forcing me to stop so she could return the favor. Mmmmmm.

I slipped my fingers out of her warm, wet and still contracting little pussy. My fingers were soaked and I slipped them in my mouth. She tasted soooooo freaking good. I nearly came just from that. She asked me to lay on my back so I complied. Straddling me again, she took my tits in her hands and started squeezing them hard. Then she slipped my nipples in between her thumb and index finger and started rolling them...enlongating them...hardening them. Once they were hard as rocks, she stuck one of my tits in her mouth and swirled her tongue around my nipple, sucking on it, hard. It felt out of this world. Better than anything any man had ever done to me! She slowly started running one of her hands down my body, and when she reached that apex in between my thighs, she pushed them apart and rammed two fingers into my extremely wet pussy. She slammed them in and out of me, relentlessly, until I came so hard that I felt like I could hardly breathe. As soon as the wave of orgasm was over, she started again, repeating the same motion. Yes, I came again and just as hard.

I was dying to get inside of her again, so once the second wave vanished, I pushed her off me and onto the bed. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the mirror, so I climbed off the bed and sat on the floor right in front of it. She was still on the bed, so I turned around and faced my back to the mirror. She looked at me rather confused until I spread my legs as wide as they would go. I took two of my fingers and brought them to the edge of my slit. Never taking my eyes off of her, I shoved them in and out a few times before dragging the wetness from my slit up to my clit. I started moving my fingers round and round, pleasuring myself for her. Her eyes opened wide and she started playing with those biggg titties. Slowly she brought one hand to that juicy little pussy and starred pleasuring herself as well. It was amazing, we were masturbating in front of each other...her titties were bouncing all over the place from how hard she was thrashing her fingers into her slit, we were moaning in unison, louder and louder. I told her not to come but she was begging me. I took my fingers out of my pussy and got up from my place on the floor. I bent down on the floor in front of the bed and performed some activities I can't describe because of the site rules. Needless to say she came hard as hell. It was amazing.

When she recovered we made it to the floor in front of her mirror. We spread our legs and she placed hers over mine before we started fingering each other. I got to see her double time...right in front of me and in the mirror. At one point, I layed down and pulled her on top of me just so that those big titties would smashing around on my face again.

We spent about 3hrs in her room, screwing around and pleasing each other until we were utterly spent. For the next 6 months, we screwed around almost everyday for hours. It was a real, on going fantasy. We even brought in one of our guy friends a few times. That didn't last very long because he said he was getting no action because her and I were all over each other the whole time....he was right, we were. It was like we couldn't get enough of each other.

Once our lease was up and we moved out, we still continued to see each other. Even if we made plans to do something in public, we always ended up at each others houses, naked and on top of each other for hours. It lasted for 2 years in total, until we both began new relationships. She was my one and only female encounter and I'm glad it was that way, because I don't think any other woman would've compared to her.

I hope you all enjoyed the full story and I hope you'll leave comments again. If you've ever thought about trying FF, do it...it is AMAZING!



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