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Oh My God Did I Cum!!

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Unbelievable orgasmic experience


I'm a 36-year-old man, so I've had an orgasm or two, but nothing can compare to the orgasm I had yesterday. In fact, I'm still recovering!

After reading the story about the prostate massage device in one of the previous submissions, I figured, what the hell? My wife has a dildo, let me give it a try. I teach anatomy at the local community college, so I'm no stranger to the anatomic positions of the various sexual organs.

I started out with just normal masturbation. I looked at some porn, lightly put pressure on my hole and just building up the excitement. I find that if I use a creamy make-up remover, it is greaseless and it lets things glide, without drying up so easily. I started to get really turned on and reached a point where I was putting my finger in my hole and my cock was rock hard. I figured the time was right for the dildo. (I can't speak for other people, but I find that if I'm not really turned on, inserting anything into my ass can be painful) SO..I took some lube to the cock-shaped vibrating dildo and inserted it. I looked for the pleasure center with the vibrating dildo.

I was on my back with my legs spread eagled and I pushing the dildo toward my abdomen (which should be about where my prostate would be) It felt good, but nothing spectacular...UNTIL ...

I turned on my side, for whatever reason, and the dildo hit just right and it sort of squeezed my prostate. Kind of like the way you would squeeze toothpaste out. I immediately felt waves of pleasure and a gush of precum oozed out of my cock. I rolled back on my back in ecstasy and then onto my side again, the same thing happened. I was in heaven! This went on for about a half-hour, I swear to God, sounds came out of my mouth that I never, uttered before. I was moaning and groaning out of control and so loud! It wasn't your average, oh I'll moan cause this feels so good, It was a moan that was unconscious and almost primal.

I can only imagine what I looked like: My legs scissoring back and forth, my butt thrusting in the air, me working the dildo. This was the trick, I wasn't thrusting it in and out. I was pressing it very firmly, sort of rocking it back and forth, like I was trying to pry the lid off a can of paint. I wasn't thrusting it in and out, but toward my abdomen and then away from it. It was this combination of pressing and releasing that was so unbelievably euphoric. I wasn't even touching my cock! The feelings were unimaginable and I can't tell you how it felt to have the precum squirt out like cum. This HAS TO BE the male multiple orgasm.

I had so many orgasms that I didn't even count them. Sometimes it felt like I was having a continuous orgasm. When I finally shot my load, even this was different. The orgasm just lasted and lasted and lasted. It wasn't just like usual (a burst of pleasure followed by the contractions of cumming) This was OMG yelling full body cumming!

I had to share it with you all, and I wanted to thank the author of the story about prostate massage (I can't think of the name off hand) This technique has opened a whole new world of masturbation for me, I wonder if this is what tantric is about. I hope you are able to experience this too.



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