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Office Day Off

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I would like to know what woman think of my experiences.


I was at my office recently on a regular day off. I needed to do a little work on my office. Hang a few things up, move some stuff around, and do some organizing. Before I got there, I got a text from a fellow employee asking if I could let her in the office, she needed to do a few things too and I am one of only a few people that have a key. So I told her yes and what time I would be there. She was already waiting when I pulled in.

As soon as she got out of the car my eyes were drawn to her. She had on short shorts and a tight shirt revealing her cleavage. (Remember the office is closed so neither of us are in our usual professional clothing. We went inside and I went straight to my office and she went upstairs to do a few things.

She came down about 10 minutes later. She sat in one of the two chairs I have sitting in front of my desk. I was fixing the door handle to my office when she walked in and sat down. Once again I couldn't help but look at her. She brought both feet onto the seat and wrapped her arms around her legs, but only made her shorts come up really high, exposing her underwear. They were white, see through. I could tell that her pussy was shaved and smooth. I immediately felt myself getting hard. I finished the door handle and sat back behind my desk, hoping she didn't see my cock pushing against my pants.

She sat touching her legs softly as we made small talk. Too bad she has a boyfriend I thought to myself. After a while the conversation went from small talk to sex talk. She began telling me the things she likes and so forth. I wanted to bend her over my desk right there. But like I said, she had a boyfriend and I wasn't going to make her a cheater. I know what its like to be cheated on and I wouldn't make anyone become one. By the time she had to leave, my cock was throbbing. I needed to come. As she was finishing up and grabbing her purse she had under the chair, I slid myself as far into the desk as I could and slowly unzipped my pants, hoping she wouldn't hear the sound of the zipper. Once I got it all the way down, I pulled out my cock and began to rub slowly. I didn't want her to know I was masturbating while she was sitting right in front of me, going through her purse looking for her car keys. With just my luck, she couldn't find them. So as she looked down into her purse, I looked at her amazing body. Then she found them, at this point the cum is near the tip of my dick about to explode. But when she looked up I brought my hand up to my desk so she wouldn't get suspicious.

'I will see you later. Text me when your not busy.' she said with a seductive look as she walked off.

Her ass was hanging out of her shorts as she walked off. I didn't even wait for her to be out of my office before I started rubbing my cock again. It only took a few strokes before I could feel myself cumming hard. I grit my teeth so I wouldn't make a sound. I knew she was still in the hall way and I didn't want her to hear. As my last spurt of cum left me. I heard the office door close. She was gone. I looked under my desk and the cum was everywhere. Some squirted up and was now dripping from the bottom of my desk back onto my hand and cock while the rest laid on the floor.



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