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Off the Phone with Catherine

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Why not have a sort of contest?


This is a follow-up to On the Phone with Catherine - Published: August 2, 2013.

In May of this year, I read the rough draft of my Solo Touch submission On the Phone with Catherine to her over the phone. Her reaction, best as I can recall, was surprise that she had no idea what I'd done, because I'd masturbated and come so quietly. I'm sure we discussed it more in depth, but the details now escape me. Of course, I asked if she'd ever gotten herself off secretly on the phone with someone, and she said she had, though the circumstances were not the same.

Now, as soon as I got off the phone with Catherine, I began writing a long, journalistic "letter" to her, which would serve the dual purpose of recording my thoughts and actions over the next week as I attended a special--non-sexual--training program, and to provide her with my "commentary" on an audio recording she gave me of her having sex in a hotel room. What follows is an excerpt from that letter.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

All right. I got off the phone with you--not got off on the phone with you. No, I didn't get in a sneak jerk while telling you about my sneak jerk... No, really. I didn't. Promise. Hmm...

Just had an interesting idea. Don't know that it's a good idea... You indicated your surprise and/or impressiveness or something that I managed to do so without giving myself away. You said you've succeeded at doing the same. So...why not have a sort of contest?


All right. So, we get on the phone and masturbate silently at each other.


I don't know if we should do it at the same time or take turns, but we should start off with the basic: bare hand, and/or through rag/underwear. Maybe both. Make this a three-round event, to be held on separate days to aid...something or other. Anyway, the second or third round, depending on how you're counting, would be for me to use lubricant...

You know, we could make this as many rounds as we have ways of getting off... I could do it once with lube...and another time with lotion...and during these rounds you could use toys, etc.

Well, obviously, this is something that could become quite involved and ongoing, but it would certainly be a unique sort of mutual phone masturbation which probably no one has ever done before. Yes, we wouldn't be doing it secretly, but the whole point would be to see whether or not we could keep quiet throughout our turns. That is, not necessarily quiet, but not making any obviously sexual noises. I suppose we could say that whoever makes noise first...ends the game...whether as a win or loss, I don't know. But it would be interesting to see how the added stimulus from each form of stimulus effects our respective abilities to keep quiet...

All right. Now you know. And you can tell me what you think about this idea, whether or not we actually go through with it.

So...this was actually supposed to be a short entry...but you got me going... Yes, it's all your fault! You know...that the idea for us to have a silent masturbation contest was all yours. Don't try to deny it.

Now, go to your room...and start practising. However, since I won't be listening, there's no reason for you to be silent about it, so you can use all means at your disposal--fingers, toys, etc--and make as much noise as you like--and record the whole thing.


Uh, yeah, so this was supposed to be a short entry... See, I thought about cranking up the recording, and cranking myself up, and giving you as much of a blow-by-blow commentary as I could manage...but...you know...it's late...so I thought I'd just write all this down..and use it as a sort of introduction to the main event...which has been rescheduled until next week...or sometime after I get back, anyway.


...it occurred to me that if I refrain from--shall we say--exorcising the demons from my pants during the week while I'm at the hotel, then I ought to be raring to go by the time I get home...which could possibly enhance the commentary. Of course, there are probably plenty of Solo Touch contributors who'd probably think I wasted plenty of good opportunities there at the hotel...but...I think...I'll just have to play that by ear...

... It is an interesting fact that while I have few and far between wet dreams at home in my own bed, I have, more than once, had erotic and/or wet dreams while sleeping somewhere else. Hmm. Just a little something to ponder...


The only editing I did to this was to remove all the idiosyncratic nonsense which habitually characterizes my interactions with Catherine. So I apologize for this not being any more polished than what she got to read. Hopefully it makes some kind of sense within the context of masturbatory thinking.

Catherine is a true friend in many ways, not the least of which is her patient humoring of me in my brief moments of lustful insanity when my fetishistic interest in her gets the better of me. When she read the entire letter, pressed for time, her response came as a series of brief comments. To the above section, she simply wrote: "How are we supposed to masturbate silently at each other if we use toys, lubricants, and such?" Well, that's precisely what we need to find out! LOL



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