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Nudist Games

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Nudist Games
I can remember back to when I was 6 or 7 and our family belonged to a nudist resort,so it was just natural for us to be naked on the weekends and during our vacations.Back then it was just normal kids games except all us kids were nude.As we got older some of the girls in the group would occassionally wear swimming suits but us boys wouldn't.
When I got to be 10 or so I would get erections but didn't know what they meant and they would come at different times.All of guys got them but we'd just keep on playing and after awhile they'd go away.The girls would just look at them and sometimes giggle but they didn't make a big deal about them either.Sometimes one of the adults would look like they got bigger too, but they'd cover their laps with a towel or roll over onto their stomachs.I can remember a few times early in the morning seeing my dad going into the bathroom with his dick standing straight out from his body.
None you have to remember that everyone at the camp was naked and as you went about normal activities everything was on view.I knew that all pussies didn't look the same,some had inner lips that were exposed while others werte just a slit,some were covered thickly with hair while others just had sparse covering.Of course the young girls had no hair at all and there were even a few women that shaved.Tits ranged from just large nipples to almost watermelon sized.Everyone was different, the mens cocks ranged in size and shape too,but nobody seemed to pay any attention, at least out on the grounds.
There was a group of us that had always hung around together because we were the same age.Jerry was my best friend and we even hung around together back in town during the week.He didn't live that far away and we could usually get our moms to take us to each others houses.Kim, Mary Joan and Michele were like sisters at the camp and were always together.If you saw one of them the other three were not far away.All six of us spent most of our time together because we were the same age,except Mary who was a year younger.We had grown up together and naturally had compared and joked about each others bodies all these years.
The year I was 13 we went out to the camp for the first time and I was sitting in front of the main clubhouse when Kim walked up.I didn't reconize her at first because over the winter she had completely changed.The last time I had seen her, her tits were just large nipples, but now they must have been at least 34's,she had gotten her hair cut and the small patch of pubic hair she had had was shaved off.I got an imediate erection and was trying to hide it as best I could.For some reason I was embarrassed about it and didn't want Kim to see it.She sat down in front of me and crossed her ankles leaving me a clear view of her body.Now Kim had one of those pussies that the inner lips were slighly visable all the time but the way she was now sitting, they opened up even more and I could see her clit.As we talked about the months that had gone by my cock stayed hard and I knew she was watching me as I was watching her.I could see her lips pulsating and at first I thought it was the way she was breasthing but then I noticed that her thighs were also contracting.I guess I was kind of dumb because I didn't know anything about masturbating at the time and didn't realize that that was what she was doing.We talked some more and than she said she had to go but that we should meet down by the lake after lunch.After she left I sat there for another ten minutes or so before my dick got back to normal and I went back to my family.
After lunch I went down by the lake and Kim and Joan were already there.Joan had also done some growing up over the winter but not as much as Kim.I sat down quickly because I could feel my cock growing again.We talked some more and as we talked Kim kept looking around like she was waiting for someone else to come.I was sitting with my legs out in front of me with my cock between them hoping that would keep me from embarrassing myself again.Kim and Joan were on either side of me but were sitting with there legs closed so I wasn't able to see their pussies,but after awhile Kim got up and went to the waters edge and started looking for something.Everytime she bent down she made sure her legs were slightly spread and her back was towards me and I'd get a good look at her opening pussy.After a few minutes of that she came back and stood right in from of me with her crotch no more that a foot and a half away.I couldn't help but stare.
I was getting pretty uncomfortable by now and tried to shift my possition slightly, but when I did my cock came out from between my legs.It was standing straight up and both girls were looking at it.Joan joked that it looked like I'd done quite a bit of growing over the winter too.I tried to apolagize but Kim said not to worry about it they liked looking too.We were the only ones down by the lake because it was still to cold to swim in and after she took a quick look around Joan asked if she could touch it.Before I could say anything she had her hand wrapped around my dick and was squessing it.She let go and Kim asked if I ever did it.When I just looked at her she said "you know jack off".I still didn't know what she was talking about and then she asked if I sometimes did't make myself cum.When I told her I didn't know what she was talking about she said that they'd show me.
Kim sat down in front of me and spread her legs out to the sides.She took her left hand and using two fingers spread her pussy lips open and then made the fingers of her right hand wet with spit.She started pressing against her clit with those fingers and then moved them in circles around her pussy.After a minute or so she let one of her fingers slide into her pussy and then pushed it in and out.By now my cock was bigger than it had ever been and was bouncing up and down against my leg.I heard a moan and looked over at Joan and she had two fingers stuffed in her pussy and was playing with her tits with her other hand.Kim was now moaning too and she was pulling on one of her nipples,strtching it out from her tit.Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face and then she just stopped.She looked at me and said that that was it.Joan was still going at it,but after a minute or so she stopped too.
Kim said that that was masturbating and that I should try it.When I kind of hesitated she said she'd help me get started and took my dick in her hand.She told me to lay back and then moved her hand up and down my cock slowly for a few seconds and then let go.She told me to just do what she had been doing and I would enjoy it and they would keep watch so noone would see.I wrapped my hand around my dick and started pulling on it and immediately loved the feeling.Joan said doesn't it feel great and I had to admit she was right.I had my eyes closed but Kim told me to open them and look at her.She was still sitting with her legs spread and she was holding her pussy wide open for me to look at.That was all I needed and I started cumming.This was my first time and it caught me completely off guard and I came all over my chest and stomach.I didn't know what the big globs of come all over me were but I did know it felt good.
Joan took the towel she had been laying on and wiped off my chest and stomach saying it wouldn't be a good idea for me to be laying there all full of cum if some-one came looking for us.She said I came alot more than her younger brother Tyler did.Tyler was 11 and she said that she had jacked him off one day when she was watching him when their parents weren't home.She said he was walking around the house with a hard-on and she just got tired of looking at it, so she pulled on his cock until he came and it made him so tired that he fell asleep.She said he spends an awful lot of time in his room now but at least he doesn't walk around with a boner anymore.As we laid there talking both girls said they had been masturbating for a couple of years and couldn't believe that this had been the first time for me.I told them that I knew it wouldn't be the last time either.
As the summer went on I found a secluded spot on the property and we would get together there for beat off sessions.By the end of July sometimes all 6 of us would meet there and spend an hour or so masturbating together.We would never do each other but would usually have one person lay in the middle and start and the rest of us would gather around and watch that person before we started on ourselves.Everyone had their own favorite techniques.I liked to stand.Jerry always held his balls while he did it.Kim liked one finger in her pussy and Joan liked two,Mary could cum by just playing with her tits and Michele liked being on her knees with her ass in the air while she ruubed herselve.Michele also liked to catch me and Jerry's cum in her hands every once and awhile.She said she liked the way it felt,all hot and slimey.
It was a standing joke around the camp that our group acked like we were all glued together at the hip because we were inseperatable.We stayed together for the next couple of years and than it seemed like we all went in different directions.We never had sex with each other,the farthest we went were our jack-off sessions.The only one I ever see now is Michele and we still get together a couple times a year and she still likes to catch my cum in her hand



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