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Nudist Beach

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About a year ago my boyfriend went away on a fishing trip and I spent the week alone. While he was away I indulged myself reading erotic stories on the internet. I was looking for stories about nude beach experiences of which in real life I have had many. My searching for stories took me to Solo Touch which has since become one of my favorite sites. I read a story written by a young guy. His story, about how he ended up with his family on a nudist beach was remarkably similar to mine. He is also Australian, although living in a different part of the country to me. After a year of going back to that story and reading others, I finally decided to post the story of my first nude beach encounter.


This story begins in the summer of 2003 when I was on vacation with my family. At the time I was fourteen years old. I was with my parents and older brother Alex who was seventeen.

Alex was reluctant to join the rest of us on that vacation. He was about to start university at the conclusion of the summer break and considered himself too grown up to be away with his family. Although he ultimately allowed himself to be persuaded to come, he had no intention of getting into the holiday spirit.

We drove four hours south to a popular coastal town and rented a three bedroom bungalow situated a block away from the beach.

On the first morning we walked to the shore. It was crowded and overrun with children and annoyingly touristy, so we left and just hung around the town for the rest of the day.

That evening we ate at a local restaurant and after the meal we had a conversation with the restauranteur who recommended we check out some beaches twenty kilometers south of the town. He assured us it would be less crowded and worth the drive. He handed us a tourist map with directions and on the following morning we took his advice.

The map was hard to decipher, it wasn't true to scale and was more of an advertising brochure for local business than a true guide of the area.

Alex, who was studying the map as we were driving, was as amused that one of the beaches was named 'Free Beach'. Mum said it's probably a nudist beach. She said nudist beaches are often given that title.

Alex's eyes lit up. For the first time since we left home he seemed engaged. He asked if we could check it out. My parents laughed then dad said there is no way we are going to a nudist beach but Alex insisted and asked if we could just drive past and take a look.

The tourist map made it appear as if there was a road running along the coast linking all the beaches, but when we arrived we realised the coast road was actually situated four kilometres inland. To get to each beach required turning off down a dirt track.

We stopped at the turn off that was sign posted 'Free Beach' and Alex pleaded that we head down and take a look and surprisingly dad agreed; I think because Alex finally seemed excited about being on vacation.

After driving four kilometres from the turn off we came to a car park with three cars parked in it.

We got out of the car and walked to the start of a trail that led to the beach and read a sign that said, 'Stay on the track, keep off the dunes and dogs must be kept on a leash at all times'. Mum told Alex that if it was a nudist beach the sign would have warned about that also, which left me wondering how she knew so much about nude beaches.

We walked down the path until the ocean came into view. The water was a beautiful turquoise.

You couldn't turn right onto the beach because it was boarded by boulders jutting out into the ocean. On the left the beach curled around the coast for about five hundred meters until it too became boarded by boulders. We saw a couple at the far end but it was too far away to tell if they were nude.

There were no indications to confirm mums suggestion that Free Beach was a nudist beach, so we decided to stay. We went back to the car, gathered our gear, and walked down the track all the way to the sand.

There was one person lying face down fairly close to the end of the trail and another mid way along in the water. Apart from them and the two at the end, the beach was empty.

As we walked along the shore we were greeted with a surprise. We hadn't noticed at first glance that that the person lying face down was actually naked. Just meters short of where she was lying, and midway between the shore and the dunes, was another sign. We walked up to it, 'This beach is clothing optional, you may encounter nudity beyond this point'.

Mum was right, it was a nudist beach, and Alex was delighted.

There was some debate on whether we should leave or make our way further down the beach where it was isolated. We ultimately decided to stay.

Shortly after we settled down, the man that was in the ocean walked out. He was close enough for us to make out every detail. It was the first time I had seen a penis on a grown man apart from on the Internet.

About fifteen minutes later Alex asked if he could move down to the other end of the beach. Mum protested at first but eventually gave into his wining. He picked up his towel and pack and headed off and stopped about one hundred meters short of the couple at the end.

A few minutes later I saw him walk to the water. It was difficult to make out much detail because of the distance, but I was fairly certain he was nude. The black outline of his board shorts wasn't visible. I told mum and dad but he was already in the water when they looked.

We were still watching Alex as he came out of the water and we all started to laugh. He was unmistakeably nude.

A little while after mum asked dad and me if it would freak us out if she went topless. Dad told to her go for it and I laughed and said I wouldn't be freaked, but I was hardly being truthful. My mum was going to do something out of character and it made me feel uncomfortable. I had only vague memories of seeing my mother naked when I was young and I wasn't mentally prepared to experience it again right at that moment. But she did it; assured by our approval she removed her top.

During the time we were on the beach another four people arrived. The first two were an elderly couple who walked to the end of the beach and joined the other two that were down there. There were also two girls who looked in their early twenties. They stopped not far from us and immediately stripped off. I felt strangely envious of them.

Eventually Alex made his way back to us, dutifully obeying the return time mum had set for him. She had put her top back on by that stage.

That night we teased Alex about going nude. He tried to convince us that it gave him a feeling of being one with nature which only made us tease him more.

When I told Alex that mum had taken her top off he seemed shocked, almost mortified, which was strange considering what he did.

Before going to bed Alex asked mum if we could go to Free Beach again the following day. She told him to consider how others in the family felt about it and at the same time she was looking in my direction. I told her I didn't mind if we go back. She said we would talk about it in the morning.

Being at the nude beach had made me really horny and I was grateful I didn't have to share a bedroom with Alex, which was often the case when we were on holidays. I had plans. As soon as I was in bed my hand went down pyjama pants and it stayed there most of the night.

The next morning Alex didn't say anything about Free Beach until after breakfast. When he finally asked, mum responded by questioning me again about my keenness to go. I told her I liked Free Beach and wanted to go. Satisfied with my answer, she told us to be ready in ten minutes.

If someone had told me a couple of days earlier that I would be going to a nude beach with my family, I would have told them they were mad.

There were only two cars in the car park when we arrived at Free Beach. One of them was there on the previous day.

Alex was obviously eager to get onto the beach, once we stepped onto the sandy path he took long strides and I struggled to keep up. We were metres ahead of our parents.

As we pounded down the track I called over to Alex and asked him if it was okay if I joined him at the end of the beach. I surprised myself for asking because my question was not premeditated. It made Alex stop. He stared at me for a moment then questioned what I had said, so I asked again. He remained in thought for a few seconds, then without saying anything continued walking.

He stopped again when we reached the sand and turned to me and said I could go with him, but only under the condition I went nude also. I told him that was why I wanted to go down the other end. He remained staring at me for a moment more, then shrugged and said okay, and continued walking.

We could see two people at the end of the beach and presumed they were the same couple from the day before. There was also another couple who were close enough to us see they were nude. We kept walking past them, eventually stopping at the same area as the day before.

Alex asked mum and dad if it was okay if he went to the other end of the beach again and they said it was fine and reminded him of when he needed to return. Alex then looked back at me with raised eyebrows as if to say, 'Are you coming'?

I turned to our parents and asked if I could go also, which was greeted with surprise. They looked over to Alex for his reaction and he told them he didn't mind. Unexpectedly they didn't protest, they just suggested that we don't go so far up the beach this time. Alex nodded and started walking. I picked my gear up, said bye to mum and dad and ran to catch up.

I got the jitters half way along the beach and considered turning back, but I didn't.

When we arrived, which despite our parents instructions was at the same section of beach that Alex was at the day before, I could see that the two people at the end of the beach were aged in their 60's. Their all-over dark tan suggested they were seasoned nude beach goers.

I spread my towel on the sand next to where Alex had put his and sat down. Alex was standing a couple meters in front with his hands on his hips surveying the beach. He eventually took his t shirt off and threw it back onto his towel and I removed my beach dress. He looked back at me and again made me promise that I would remove my bikinis. Even though I was now terrified with the thought, I said yes. He turned back around, ripped his board shorts to the ground, stepped out of them and jogged to the water.

I watched him for some time trying unsuccessfully to body surf some feeble waves and then I decided it was time I acted on my promise. I reached behind my back, undid my bikini top and took it off. It didn't feel as unusual as I thought it might. It actually felt nice. It was harder taking my bottoms off though and as soon as I did I rolled over onto my stomach.

Because I was facing away from the ocean I didn't realize Alex was back until he snatched up his towel. I turned to look at him. He seemed a little self conscious but didn't try to hide himself. As hard as I tried not to, I couldn't stop staring though. He eventually laid down on his stomach too and didn't say anything about me being nude.

After a few minutes Alex rolled over onto his back and I thought if he was brave enough to roll over I should do the same so I did. Although he was trying not to be obvious, I could tell he was checking me out.

About ten minutes later Alex raced down to the water again to cool off and when he returned he told me to look over at our parents. He said he was fairly certain they were nude.

I squinted down the beach and saw mum but I couldn't see dad. Alex said he saw dad walk into the water and he was sure he didn't have his board shorts on. Mum was sitting on the beach and it looked like she didn't have her top on but that was not a surprise. Then she stood up and walked to the water. Alex was right; she was nude.

Alex said he hoped they planned to get dressed before we got back to them, which thank God they did.

That night during dinner we talked about our experience on Free Beach. We concluded there was nothing wrong with going to a nude beach but thought it was best to keep it a family secret when we got home.

Mum and dad suggested we visit regular beaches for the rest of the holiday which brought some protest from Alex and me. Dad compromised by saying we should take at least a one day break and check out some of the other touristy things in the area.

That night in bed my hand again remained down my pyjama bottoms.

As decreed by dad the night before, we took a day off from Free Beach on the following day and did a heap of boring touristy things.

The day after, Alex and I were ready for the beach early. Mum packed some lunch and drinks and we were in the car by 9:00AM.

Two cars turned off on to the Free Beach road ahead of us that morning and dad surmised the beach was probably busier because it was the weekend. He wasn't wrong, there were cars lined up either side of the road as we neared the car park.

We followed the two cars ahead of us into the car park and followed them out again when we realized it was full. We had to park on the side of the road with the other cars.

While we were collecting our beach gear from the boot, a man climbed out of a car that had pulled up behind us and commented about how busy it gets at Free Beach on Carnival Day. When Dad asked him what Carnival Day was he seemed surprised we didn't know. He said it was a day when two nudist clubs converge on Free Beach. It happens every second Saturday in January. He said the event also attracts tourists and locals. He and his wife were locals and had been coming to carnival day for the past fifteen years.

By the time we headed for the path to the beach, several more cars had arrived.

Once we were on the beach we noticed it was quite populated around the area mum and dad had located themselves on the previous days. It was like our beach had been invaded.

Interestingly, there were lots of people still wearing bathers.

The end of the beach was also packed. There was a marquee erected at the very end and a flurry of activity was taking place near it.

We kept walking until we were about midway along where the crowd had thinned substantially.

Mum looked worried. She suggested we could leave and go to the next beach. Even Alex looked concerned. Dad suggested we should give it a go and see how we all feel after a few minutes. I was glad of his suggestion. I was excited by size of the crowd.

Mum insisted we all stay together because it was too packed at the end of the beach. She presumed the nudist club people probably didn't want intruders.

We put our towels down; everyone stripped off to their bathers, sat down, and remained silent.

After a few minutes Alex suddenly stood up. He walked a couple paces towards the ocean and started surveying the shore in the same manner he had the previous time we were at the beach. After another minute or so he turned around and announced he was going for a swim. Without saying anything more, he pulled he board shorts to the ground, stepped out, and jogged towards the water.

I looked at mum and dad to check their reaction. Mum looked gob smacked and dad was laughing. A couple minutes later dad said he was going to join Alex and with far less humility stood up, took off his board shorts and turned around and placed them at the end of his towel.

I couldn't believe I just had a full frontal of my dad. He walked down to the water, dived in and surfaced alongside Alex.

Second's later mum removed her top.

Mum asked me if I was still okay being at the beach. I told her I was. She asked me how I would feel if she removed her bikini bottoms and I said she might as well, everyone else in the family has and without any further conversation she removed them.

After applying sun protection, mum rolled over onto her stomach; I think she was feeling a little awkward being naked around me. I felt awkward too but more because I was the only one in the family that was still wearing bathers.

Following a fair bit of silent deliberation, I took a deep breath and removed both my top and bottoms. Mum was facing the other way and didn't notice I was nude until she eventually rolled over.

A few minutes later after dad and Alex emerged from the ocean. The look on Alex's face was priceless when he saw mum. I think everyone was feeling awkward for a while, but just like the other day with Alex and I, it all felt normal after a time.

The beach was now packed and to my delight I could see several people my own age.

While mum and dad remained, Alex and I walked to the end of the beach to check out the activities.

At the far end a lot of people had painted bodies and as we walked along a lady offered to paint my body also but I declined. We were even asked to participate in a tug-of-war game but also declined.

We watched a game of volleyball before heading back. Along the way we were again asked to join in a tug-of-war and this time we accepted. The side that Alex and I were on lost in about three seconds flat.

We went back to free beach two more times before the end of our vacation. On each of those occasions the beach was practically empty again.

Back at home things were normal. No one felt liberated enough to go nude around the house apart from on two occasions when I caught Alex walking naked from the bathroom to his bedroom.

It was another ten months until my family went away together again. It was to our cousins wedding in Adelaide. We flew in at night and checked into a really nice hotel near the ocean. It was the same hotel where the wedding reception was going to be held on the following evening. Alex and I were shared a room across the corridor from our parents.

I used the bathroom to get changed into my pyjamas that night before climbing into bed. Alex used the bathroom after me but didn't use it to get changed; instead he undressed in the room next to his bed. He immodestly stripped off completely before putting his pyjama bottoms on, in a ritual that suggested he wanted me to watch him, so I did.

On the following morning mum and I had planned to do some shopping. I was looking for a new pair of shoes to wear with a new dress I had bought for the wedding. When we couldn't find anything appropriate in the street, mum suggested we catch the tram to Adelaide City and look there. Dad and Alex decided to stay at the hotel and catch up with some of our relatives that were also there for the wedding.

After a successful shopping spree in the city, mum and I started heading back to the tram. I had an urgent urge to take a pee and saw a public toilet not far from the tram stop, but mum suggested because the tram was already at the stop, and because we were short on time, that I should hold on until we were back at the hotel. I took her advice, but ultimately wished I hadn't.

As it happened, the tram didn't leave for another five minutes and then the journey took another twenty five minutes. By the time we reached the end of the track, I was bursting.

Fortunately the tram stopped right outside the entry of the hotel. I hobbled off the tram with the top button of my jeans undone, raced into the hotel and straight to the elevators. It seemed to take forever for one to arrive. As soon as the door opened at my floor I darted out ahead of mum and fumbled to get the door card in the slot. Once inside I barged into the bathroom but the door came to an abrupt stop.

Alex yelled that he was in the bathroom. He had blocked the door from opening with his hand. I told him that I was about to piss myself and begged him to let me use the toilet. He opened the door slightly and poked his head out of the opening. His face was half covered with shaving cream. Again I begged to use the bathroom so he opened the door and gestured towards the toilet. I raced in expecting him to walk out and close the door behind him, but he just stood there looking back at me, and he was naked.

My urgency to pee suggested there was no time for discussion so I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet. Surprisingly, despite my desperation, the pee didn't come immediately, although once it did it felt like it was never going to finish.

While I was peeing I looked over at Alex and noticed he was getting an erection, but as soon as he became conscience of it, he grabbed his towel, covered himself, and left the room.

Watching my brother getting aroused was both weird and fascinating. I wanted to ask him about it but there was an hurry to get ready for the wedding ceremony which was soon to begin.

The wedding was great but the reception didn't finish until late and by that stage Alex was displaying embarrassing alcohol induced behaviour. Before going to bed I was hoping to pay out on him about his erection, but I wasn't sure if he would be capable of defending himself. I couldn't help myself though and as soon as we were in our beds with the lights out I asked him about it.

He denied his erection occurred because he saw me pee. He said it was one of those random hard ons which guys get all the time and it was only a coincidence that it happened right at that moment.

I questioned Alex about his random hard on phenomenon and he told me it happens to every guy several times a day. He said the most common times for him are during lectures and when he is travelling on public transport. He said he also wakes up with one every morning without fail.

Soon after, he started snoring.

In the morning I was awoken by a music video program that Alex had found on TV. He was sitting up in bed and looking in much better shape than the night before. I asked him how his head was and he said he was fine but he was worried what kind of trouble he was going to be in with our parents.

I asked Alex if he remembered the conversation we had before he fell asleep and he said he did. Then I asked him if he woke with his regularly occurring hard on and to my surprise he told me that he still had it. I asked him to show me, expecting that I was going to be told where to go, but instead he pulled the sheets aside revealing a very obvious bulge inside his pyjama pants.

I swung my legs around and sat on the edge of my bed. I leant towards him and had a close look. He asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was fascinated. Then he asked if I wanted to actually see it, but I wasn't sure what to answer. I said if he wanted to show me it would be okay. He laughed and said he didn't care if I saw it or not but if I was as interested as I seemed, he was happy to show me. I said okay, and he pulled his pyjamas down to his thighs.

I was surprised how much bigger it was in its erect state. I kept staring at it.

I told him that if I had a dick I would probably spend the entire day playing with it. He asked why I felt so disadvantaged because I had something of my own to play with. I said it seems like it would be much more fun to have something to hang on to. He assured me that I would probably eventually have a boyfriend that would be very happy if I spend the whole day hanging on to his dick.

I asked him whether he played with it much and he seemed embarrassed to answer. Instead he asked me if I played with myself. I told him it was one of my favourite pastimes which appeared shock him that his little sister did such a thing.

He then admitted that he does occasionally do it too. Although I reckon he did it far more often than occasionally.

He started to pull his pyjama pants up and I asked him to wait. I asked if he could show me how he plays with it. He said there was no way he was going to do that. He asked how I would feel if he wanted me the same thing. I told him I would show him if he wanted. He thought about it for a few seconds then dared me to do it.

I pulled my pants down and lay back across my bed. I put my fingers between my legs and began twirling them around my pubes. Alex was watched intently. Eventually parted my legs and slid my finger inside of myself. I was very wet. After seeing me do that Alex put his hand around his dick and started to stroke and I began rubbing my clit.

It didn't take long before I felt I was going to come, at the same time Alex quickened his stroke. As soon as I saw him shoot his load I erupted into one of the best orgasm I have ever had.

Although we never masturbated in front of each other again, dialogue between us took on a new level and we had many in depth conversations about sex and other life matters over the perusing years.

As far as I know my parents have not been back to a nude beach since our experience on Free Beach, unlike Alex who went to our local nude beach with his friends a week after we returned from our holiday. I know he continued to go many times over that summer and the next but I don't know if still does.

It was three years before I went to a nude beach again. I convinced one of my girlfriends to come with me. We went to the same local nude beach that Alex had been to with his friends.

Then two and a half years ago I introduced my boyfriend to nude beach bathing soon after we started dating. He took to it like a duck to water. We now regularly go every summer.



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