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Nude Lazy Sunday With Sis

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It was a normal Sunday like any other. Cloudy and grey outside with a brisk chill in the air from the impending fall season.

I was sitting on the couch watching football on TV, only half paying attention and half drifting in and out of sleep.

My sister was the only other person home and she was off doing something in her room. I slightly shifted in my seat to get comfortable and my penis flopped from one leg to the other. Which was easy to do since I was fully nude. My family are nudists. My sister and I have both been raised so without much problem or difficulty.

I have to admit that going thru puberty proved challenging but now my hormones are calming down a bit and I am not at constant erection. My family was always very good about dealing with my situation growing up. Erections were never meant to be hid (unless we were at a camp or retreat) or ashamed of. I've seen my dad sporting erections at various times growing up and while I'm still not as big as him, he's quite well endowed, mine is still plenty apparent at six and a half inches though.

Mom and Dad had a talk with me when my sister reached 13 that she might want to start having more privacy or even start wearing clothes as sometimes girls are a little more shy during their teenage years and I was to respect her decisions and not tease her or make her feel strange. And I always knew they afforded me the same right, but honestly once you're so used to being nude it's, well, just easier to stay nude.

My sister started showing signs early that she was developing but never did seem to get to the shy stage in her life. In fact the more her body transformed into a woman's body the more she seemed to like showing it off. She always stayed nude, would often be seen puffing her chest out to show off her new breasts and feeling and looking at them at random times to see how they are doing or even idly caressing and twirling the few silky hairs above her slit.

And if you are wondering, yes I noticed. I'm not ashamed to say that my sisters nubile body was becoming very appealing to me. Even my dad didn't seem to be immune. Often times she would watch TV with the family, laying on her stomach on the floor in front of us with her feet pointing our way, and her puffy pussy pointing our direction.

Once I saw that dad was clearly staring and sporting a full hard on with even some pre-cum glistening at the top. Just sitting there enjoying the perfect view he had. The sight of it was enough to stir my dick as well and soon we were both sporting full on erections. My sister never really did anything provocative. But her full unbridled exposure was enough.

I remember that day Mom walked in after getting home from work and undressed and came in kissed Dad on the lips before taking her seat next to me on the couch. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her big smile at his state of arousal and she even quickly slid her hand down and up and back around the head of his cock when she leaned in to kiss him. I've seen similar before, but that was the extent of any sexual contact I was ever exposed to.

There were times it was evident that they would head to bed early with dad's massive dick leading the way. And the grunting and moaning were noticeable to the discerning ear, but everyone always respected each other's privacy if the doors were closed.

Reflecting on all of this and the fact that my sister wasn't around I was half tempted to start stroking my own dick, but decided against it since I was in a common area of the house. Masturbation was never discouraged in our house. In fact during our 'sex talks', Dad encouraged me to enjoy myself and explained it all to me. No one ever said 'don't do it in the living room' or whatever, but the tone was set by Mom and Dad and they didn't, so we didn't.

I started zoning back into the football game when my sister came walking into the room. She looked extremely bored and sighed and stretched. Wow. Her body, almost everyday, seemed to get more curvy and sexy. She padded over and plopped down next to me on the couch and then laid down with her head on the opposite arm. I was on the other end of the couch so she didn't have much room and even with her legs bent a bit she had to rest her feet against the side of my leg.

In this position I only had to turn my head a bit and see her puffy smooth vagina poking out between her thighs. I wondered if she had started shaving her pussy as she only seemed to have the little tuft of hair in front and that didn't seem too dense. My eyes travelled down her well toned legs and to her feet touching my leg. She had cute feet and they felt so smooth on my leg. I love a nice pair of feet and my sister had some super cute ones. They were warm and smooth and she would wiggle her toes every once and awhile against my leg.

That was enough, the game slowly dissolved and I was fully erect and staring at the beautiful girl laying next to me. My sister gently drifted off to sleep and I slowly began stroking my dick.

It was so exciting because she could wake up at any time, or mom or dad could come home any time but I didn't care. That thought, her cute feet and toes and that sexy pussy was enough to push me further on. I tried to stroke very slowly as to not jostle the couch too much and wake her.

Then it happened, she adjusted her position a bit, still deep asleep, and stretched her one leg fully out and her foot collided with my hard cock and knocking my hand away. That was instantly too much and my cock just spontaneously erupted. My dick was now laying across her bare ankle and throbbing and jerking on it's own. I couldn't touch it without bumping her foot and possibly waking her. My toes curled and dug into the carpet as one of the best orgasms ever flooded my whole body. I could almost feel each shot of cum building pressure deep in my balls and forcing out of the end of my dick. I threw my head back and bit my lip to not make any noise and tried to hold as still as possible while wave after wave of pleasure racked my body.

When I was done coming I looked down and I was a total mess. My stomach had a few drops but my chest was covered, my neck and I even had some running off my chin. Thankfully none was on my sisters foot at all. But I worried how I was going to get up without moving her leg too much and waking her.

Thankfully she shifted again in her sleep and perfectly pulled her foot off me and away from all the cum covering me. As soon as I was free I bounded up and off to the bathroom to clean up. Seeing myself in the mirror I realized this was probably the most cum I had ever shot. I quickly cleaned up with a wash rag and threw it in the hamper. More composed now, but still semi-engorged, I went back to the living room to finish watching the game and secretly hoping to enjoy some more views of my sister's body.

Her foot and part of her ankle was now dangling off the couch a bit and I just stared and tugged on my spent cock a bit while trying to figure out how to sit back down without moving her around and waking her. Then I noticed it, her last three toes looked wet. 'Oh god,' I thought as I realized that she had dragged them thru my cum covered torso. I did the only thing I could think of and that was to drop down on all fours and gently lick off the cum. I have tasted my own before and found it nice. Not something that I always think of doing but it's not alien to me. However her toes were and the light smell of her soft foot and the taste of my cum off of them had me so hard again it almost hurt.

I very gently licked and suckled her toes, cleaning them and hoping to god she didn't wake up. But in my mind the cum would be much harder to explain than me licking her toes, even though that would be nearly impossible too. It was just a few licks and a couple of soft sucks and she was clean. I stood up and my cock ached and needed relief. I tugged it a couple of more times looking down at her as I swallowed the rest of the evidence. Then ran off to the bathroom to jerk off again.

I'm going to have to be more careful in the future I think ... or maybe not. The stories I see on here, maybe I should push the envelope a bit and see what happens.



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