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Not a Routine Physical Exam

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Since this happened to me a few years ago I've been scouring the web to see other's experiences. At the time it didn't seem sexual but now that I look back on it, I think it was. Well, I'm sure it was.


Being a pilot I'm no stranger to doctors, nurses, physical exams and a whole battery of tests, especially cardiovascular. I'm an expert on the treadmill and I think I could stick on the little sensors and read my own ECG.

My experience with one doctor in particular has got me freaked out and I spend a lot of time thinking about it.

My yearly exam always takes place in the same place, same few doctors, men and women both.

I had the same appointment time as a female colleague of mine so we pooled it together. We both know the routine, drink plenty of water so when they ask for urine there isn't a problem and don't eat anything before hand to keep your blood sugar at regulated levels.

First off my colleague Patty was called in, then me a few minutes later. A male nurse comes in asks me questions, he's calling me Pat and I tell him you must have me mixed up with the gal I came with. He looks at his paperwork and sure he does. He leaves and comes back with my file.

Later Pat told me the same thing happened to her but they didn't catch it until the doctor was talking to her. The doctor was a young Chinese woman that neither of us had seen before. Very young looking at about 25, but I read her diploma, she had to be closer to 35.

Pat told me what was weird, this lady walks in and asks her to remove all her clothes as she's got her eyes on my chart. When she looks up she sees another woman and Pat said she could see the surprise in her eyes. They look at each other for a few seconds and the doc leaves. Then this woman comes into my room and says the same thing.

Pat said her doctor never asked her to completely get naked either and all other times I was never asked too.

She gives me five minutes and there is no gown so I just sit on the table with my feet upon a little stool. The doctor walks in and first thing she does is stare at my cock, she looking at it like that's where my eyes were. It's weird carrying on a conversation with her, I'm looking at her eyes and they are glued to my dick. Finally she looks at me in the face and I feel better for the time being. I've had other female doctors and never had they examined my genitals for more than a minute or a just a few seconds.

I'll skip the boring stuff and get to the genital exam only, that's where it all happened. She asks me to stand and being on the stool I'm dick to eye level with her sitting on her rolling chair. She has the clip board on the counter and one hand had a glove and the other didn't. Before this she had two gloves on, I only noticed after it was all done and I was telling my wife about it.

The doctor spoke with a heavy accent and she told me she had only been here a few months and this was her second internship. Whatever that meant.

She's back with her eyes glued to my dick, she lifts it with her bare hand and palpates my balls with the other. She's asking the usual questions and no I hadn't noticed any bumps in the shower.

I am not even thinking about getting an erection, these exams are just plain boring and I never had the slightest worry about that.

She's got my the head of my dick in her fingers, squeezing gently then pulling and with the other hand she gives it a squeeze every quarter inch or so. I am totally not thinking anything sexual is going on, it just seems she's being thorough.

Finally she gets to the frenulum and is pulling on it. She rolls back and now turns very serious, looks me in the eyes and asks if I've had any sexual problems. I tell her no. She says that being over forty I must have noticed a difference and have I ever noticed a problem with my 'tight' frenulum? I shake my head no.

She then asks me if I could produce an erection for her, she'd like to see my frenulum in that state. She tells me to sit back down and kind of gives my whole package a bit of a massage. She pulls her hands away and says maybe she'll come back in a minute or two.

I'm now thinking this is totally weird but the look of genuine concern on her face told me otherwise.

I try thinking of something sexual but the whole being in a doctors examination room and all the different smells, the isopropyl alcohol, even though I can't smell it now I think I do, is totally acting in the opposite way. I rub my dick a bit and get it half hard but that's it.

The doctor walks back in, no knock this time. She looks down and frowns and hands me a magazine. It's open to a page of an oriental girl squatting on a hard cock. She asks me if that picure is a turn on. I say yes and immediately I'm hard. She gives me a big smile and sits down and starts ogling my dick. She's touching it pulling on the frenulum and saying what a nice healthy erection I have for a man my age. All I can say is thank you. I'm trying not to experience any pleasure as I still feel she is being clinical and I don't want to offend her.

Now here is where my wife says I was stupid but I didn't feel that way at all.

She says that my blood pressure is a few points high and if she writes it on my chart they'll flag me for more tests but if she takes it in a few minutes she's sure I can lower it.

I'm thinking I'll just lay down and close my eyes. She says a sure fire way to lower my blood pressure is to have an ejaculation, everybody's BP goes down after sex. She takes my hand and puts it my cock. 'You know what to do.' She says.

She walks over to a drawer and rips open a small packet of lubricant, the same stuff she used when doing my DRE. She drips some out on my dick.

Then she gets some peppermint smelling stuff and gives me a scalp massage with it. She's rubbing my large head while I'm rubbing my small one.

All the while she's saying go ahead you can do it, stuff like that.

She then says 'You look ready. Are you ready?' I grunt yes and she grabs a paper towel and she puts it on my stomach. She's now pushing on my cock, getting it to point at my belly button instead of straight up. 'Go ahead.' She says, 'you can do it. Do it good.'

And I do, shoot out load on the paper. She then tells me 'You're healthy, your very healthy. Lovely, lovely, you did it!'

I think had it happened and she hadn't said all that about being a lovely man I wouldn't really have given it second thought. She was always so clinical and serious.

At the time I thought it was she was just naive about sex. Smart at being a doctor but naive about sex. Like an engineer that's always thinking about his job and not thinking about the offensive things he's saying, not meaning to offend at all.

Now that I think about it, nobody is that naive, she had to be thinking something sexual was going on. She had to be getting some kind of jollies from it. She never let on once though. She never said anything overtly sexual. But why would a female doctor, at work, in her office, have a magazine with pictures of oriental girls getting plowed by a big white cock?

I've been back to that same office a number of times now and have never seen her again.



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