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Nosey Neighbors Part Two

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As I left off (nosey neighbor) my neighbor had confronted me about him and his friend seeing me through my bedroom window fucking my blow up doll. He then expressed interest in 'trying it' with a blow up doll. We ended up agreeing that he come over and try the doll (I disinfect after each use) when his wife isn't home, on Thurs. So, here's what happened.

He shows up at the door, looking embarrassed. I invited him in, he asked how things were going, we chit chatted for a couple minutes as I was looking at porn on the computer. He watched the video clips with me, and kept commenting on this Asian girls pussy. I figured he was getting aroused. I asked if he'd ever jerked off in front of another guy before? He told me that he had, when he was in high school. I explained that I am straight and have never had sex with a guy, but like watching guys jerk off, while I jerk off. He was like, oh, that's cool.

I then asked if he wanted to see this new movie I bought 'Asian Gang Bang', he said yeah, that he loves little Asian chicks. I explained that he'd have to see it in the other room where the DVD player was, he was like 'cool'.

We went into the other room where my doll lay on the bed ready to go, with my pump and lube sitting next to it. He sat on a bench in front of the bed as I put the movie on. As the movie played, I noticed his erection through his sweats and noticed he kept looking at the doll and the penis pump. I told him it was cool, he could look at them if he wants and that they were clean. He asked what exactly the pump did and if it worked, then said that the ass and pussy on the doll look real. I explained how the pump worked and told him I'd leave the room so he could try what he wanted and reminded him to use a lot of lube. I then left the room closing the door before he could say anything. I walked into the other room sat down to the computer, looked at some more porn while getting a hard on. I waited about 5 mins then went quietly to the door and stood. I could hear the moaning from the movie and a slight squeek on the bed. At this point my dick was swollen and dripping, I thought I would love to see what he was doing.I asked through the door if he minded if I watched, at first he did not answer. Then a few seconds later said 'um, ok' I opened the door, and there he was doggy style with my doll watching Asian Gang Bang.

I didn't say anything, just sat and watched until I couldn't help taking out my dick and stroking it. I stood up with my dick sticking out and got some lube, then picked up my pump and started jacking with that. I was already on the verge when he asked if he could try the pump. I handed over the pump, he began moaning as soon as his cock was in, he said he was about to come. I told him I had something else to show him and told him to stop and not come. He pulled the pump off his now huge dick (about 71/2' and really fat!)I told him to relax a second and watched as his dick dripped pre cum all over the bed. With my semi hard dripping cock I got out my prostate massaging probe. He looked nervous but interested. I asked him get into a squatting position and assured him that it doesn't hurt. To my surprise he did everything I suggested. I lined the lubed probe up to his asshole, put some lube on my finger and rubbed his hole. I then told him to slowly sit down on the probe and stroke himself at the same time.

He balanced himself and allowed the probe in, then started riding it slowly while he jacked with the other hand. I have to admit I was so aroused by listening to him moan knowing how much pleasure he was experiencing, my cock was dripping all over. He then put his hand on the probe and laid back on the bed. I watched as he slid the probe about a good 7 inches in and out really fast and jerked with his other hand. I sat there beating off trying to wait for him to come, after about a minute I just reached over and started jerking him off with my other hand, he immediately took two deep breaths, let out a huge moan, and shot at least five big spurts of come all over himself. I went ahead and finished him, then stood up on the bed over him and let one of the biggest loads ever shoot out all over the bed, the wall and him. He had his sweats on and out the door without saying a word.

Today I seen him outside, said hi, and his response was 'you know I'm not gay right' I said, yeah, all we did was jerk off, then I walked away.



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