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Nina's Technique

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I've been reading Solo Touch for years, and would love to contribute a story of my own to this great collection.


My Junior year of high school, I met a girl named Nina. Nina was a fourteen-year-old Freshman-smart and funny, and had an amazingly developed, curved, body for her young age. Like most young girls who are smarter than their peers and some of their teachers, Nina was timid and socially awkward. Nonetheless, behind her intelligence lied a beautiful body.. At the time, she had beautifully shaped 34C breasts, which she rarely wore a bra to support. She seemed entirely unaware of their prominence on her body - she often wore a t-shirt one size too small, exposing their perfect roundness, and the outline of her small nipples.

Throughout my junior and senior year in high school, I drove Nina home from school. Our conversations occasionally turned to gossip about our friends, and sometimes, their (or our own) sex lives. On many of these occasions, by the time we would get to Nina's house, I would notice her breathing getting shallow, her concentration strained, and her nipples would be straining against her t-shirt. One look and I would have a raging erection to hide as we sat with the car idling in her driveway, talking.

I know that on at least one occasion, she caught me, her eyes lingering on the obvious tent in my jeans for several moments too long. After the first time she noticed how hard her own arousal made me, I would sometimes catch her sneaking a peek at my pants as she got out of the car.

Nothing became of this relationship sexually throughout high school. I had a few casual sexual relationships, a few serious girlfriends, and besides, Nina was so young that I was uncomfortable pursuing anything other than a friendship with her.

But I was still haunted by the occasional dream featuring Nina; masturbating after one of our conversations or even sometimes reaching across the front seat to massage my cock. Sometimes, Nina would call me later in the evening, and would catch me masturbating to a fantasy about her. Once, I jerked myself off to a quiet orgasm while we talked. I wouldn't get to act on these reoccurring fantasies until my first summer home from college.

On one of my first nights home, we went out to dinner and a movie. During the drive home, we were reminiscing about times past when Nina asked me if I had had sex in high school. I honestly told her that I had, and asked her about herself. She laughed, and said that though she had dated two guys in the last year, she had still yet to even see a penis.

'Except,' she added with a teasing tone, 'for you all of those times you got a boner driving me home.'

I pointed out that I wasn't the only one excited about our sex-talk, either then, or now, as I had noticed that her nipples were in their usual aroused state. She blushed, but after a pause, explained to me that our discussions about sex were the basis for most of what she had learned about her own sexuality throughout high school.

I confessed that I had sometimes gone straight home and jacked off thinking about those talks, and her reply shocked me.

'I used to masturbate while we were talking!' she said, with a mischievous grin.

'You mean, on the phone?' I asked, incredulous.

'No, I mean, in the car.'

I asked her how she did it, and she responded with the most beautiful three words I have ever heard.

'Want to see?'

She crossed her right leg over her left, so that her right knee was resting on her left thigh. Her skirt was riding pretty up to just above her mid-thigh at this point, and as she shifted her weight forward in the seat, I could see a good portion of her small round ass.

'I learned how to do this in middle school,' she told me. 'It kept me interested in class.' We both laughed, and then I noticed that she had started. She began slightly rocking her weight back and forth, her right ankle bobbing in time with her movements. She was getting off by grinding her clit in between her thighs.

There were a few moments of silence, during which I pulled into her driveway, and Nina continued to silently masturbate while she stared into my eyes. I parked and turned the car off, and turned to watch her. Nina's eyes darted down to look at the tent in my pants, and she let out a little moan.

'Can you have an orgasm like this?' I asked her.

'Uh huh,' she told me, and looked back down at my crotch.

The only sound in the car was of Nina's body rocking against the leather car seat, and her ragged breathing. She began to increase her rythm, her foot bobbing almost twice as fast.

All of this was too much to watch, so I decided to take a small risk... I reached out and caressed her gorgeous tits in my hands. They hadn't grown much since she was a young freshman. Nina rotated her body to face me at a better angle, and I gave her nipples a light pinch through her t-shirt.

'Unnnngh,' she moaned, as her back arched in the seat.

She started rapidly pumping her right thigh up and down with small movements, as she arched her back even further.

After another minute of this, combined with me playing with her nipples, Nina gasped and locked her thighs together, straining her back and neck upwards, as her eyes fluttered shut and she held her breath in. She stayed still in this position, her leg muscles flexing and her hands digging into the sides of the seat.

Finally, she slowly let her breath out and began to relax her posture. I told her how beautiful I thought she was, and thanked her for sharing this experience with me. She seemed embarrassed, but less so when I offered to jack off for her!



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