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Night Sounds

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Well here's a bit of backround. When I was born my father pretty much rejected me and fled to leave me and my mom on our own, it was rough at first but now we have got a hang on things.

I am now twenty and in college. I am 5'9', 115lbs, brown hair green eyes and 24B size boobs. My mother is 36, around 5'6', 125lbs, brown hair brown eyes and very large 36d boobs.

My mom has nobody in her life romantically, I do, my boyfriend Scott he is great. Back to that in a minute, my mom undoubtedly get's lonely and needs to satisfy herself. I know she does but we are not open about it, it's basically the only thing we don't talk about. My mom is still very young and good looking and still goes out to bars and brings guys home sometimes, and I hear them fucking, this story is about that.

Scott and I have been dating all through high school and now we go to the same college and he has moved in with my mother and I, so of course we have done many things sexually. He has a rather big dick at around six and a half inches when he's totally hard (which is all the time lol) it is pretty thick too which is what I like best.

My mother doesn't know that he has me almost every night when she sleeps. I am his little slut or LS out little pet name he calls me LOL!

One night when my mom went out Scott and were pretty much perpetually horny so we started to make out and there was lots of rubbing on top of clothes and we both were very turned on I decided to tease him tonight before letting him get what we both wanted. So more fondling went on for hours it was 1:30 in the morning before I finally got hold of him and he was harder then ever and had lots of precum on his dick, I began to jack him and rub his head with my thumb which he enjoys. After maybe ten minutes of this Scott stopped me and stripped me and then soon after more making out he began to finger me hard and it was getting good and I was already very stimulated so I was close to cumming in minutes and on the edge of an orgasm when we heard voices in the hallway! It was my mom with a guy! I couldn't stop but Scott knew we better not make a lot of noise so he grabbed a pillow to help drown my sounds and stopped what he was doing still without cumming.

Once I settled I told him he would have to wait until the man left and soon after my mom would fall asleep we cuddled and I teased him some more with some light rubbing of his balls. Within minutes the noises started you could hear my mom remarking on this guys 'huge dick' and her 'slippery pussy' then it got more intense and you could hear them moaning. I know this turned Scott on but he didnt know it turned me on and I didn't want him to but as they came to climax I was dripping wet and nipples were firm and Scott couldn't have missed it. He being still hard and in erotic pain said something like 'You too huh? we shouldn't suffer in silence like this'

After some persuading I gave in, they (my mom and the guy) were almost done anyway I figured) so I let Scott finger me again and he was thrusting two fingers into me like no tomorrow and he was very anxious since he hadn't cum all night, so I started to jack him real hard as well, and it wasn't long till he was screaming I'm gonna cum. In a blink of an eye I felt warm cum spraying all over my legs and stomach.

Wow, the sights and sounds of sex really stimulated us to orgasm. Please tell us your stories of being stimulated by sound.



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