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Niece's Strange Quirk

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True story.


I have had a sexual relationship with one of my wife's nieces for several years. She is a beautiful, horny woman. She did a lot of teasing when she was a teenager but nothing ever happened between us. She was quick to show off parts of her body such as sitting with her legs spread so I could look up her skirt. She also never passed up a chance to rub her body up against me, especially her little tits. But I never touched her, until just after her 18th birthday. I had however sniffed her panties many times and jacked off to the smell of her pussy. Just after she turned 18 she was the one who started things rolling. One day we were playing around and she placed her hand between my legs and felt my dick through my pants. That was when I stuck my hand under her skirt and played with her pussy through her panties. We did a little kissing and things developed from there.

In all the years of fooling around with her, she has never let me fuck her. She has this hang up about fucking her aunt's husband. She will let me do anything I want with her, but I just cannot put my dick in her pussy. For the life of me, I cannot understand the difference between some of the things we do and intercourse but in her mind, as long as I do not go inside of her it's not wrong. Anyway I go along with her. Don't get me wrong, we have lots of fun together.

She is a beautiful woman, five-ten with long black hair and great body. She turns heads everywhere she goes.

When we get together this is a typical session that we have. We spend some time kissing. This turns her on more than anything else. By the time we have kissed a few minutes her pussy is very wet. I will then start taking her clohtes off kissing as I go. Once she is totally naked I remove my clothes and get in bed with her. She had perfect little round tits that she thinks are too small but I love them. I am constantly telling her how beautiful they are because I know how she feels about her size. Her pussy is covered with a thick mass of black hair and I love it. I am the kind of man that does not like a shaved pussy and lucky for me she has more than her share of pussy hair.

Anyway I get in bed with her and start sucking her tits. I will kiss her all over her body before I am through. After a few minutes of this her pussy is dripping wet. I finger her pussy, rubbing the excess pussy juice on my dick. Once the foreplay is over she likes for me to take her trusty dildo and stick in in her vagina. And let me tell you, it is huge. It stretches her pussy to the max but she loves it. I will fuck her with the dildo for a while and then start rubbing her clit as I ram the fake dick in and out of her pussy. I am sitting between her legs as I do this. It doesn't take much massaging of her clit until her ass is coming up off the bed and she has her first orgasm. She is loud when she cums, moaning and groaning and yelling for me to fuck her hard and make her cum. She will say things like, 'Oh fuck yes, fuck my pussy hard with your big dick and make me cum. Fuck me, fuck me.' Of course I am using the dildo on her, not my dick. She is never satisfied with just one orgasm but will usually cum four or five times before she is satisfied. Once she is finished I pull the dildo out and her pussy gushes juice and it would run down over her asshole and get on the bed if I didn't catch it. I taste it and coat my hard dick with it, making it very slick.

Then it's my time to lay on my back and let her work on me. She plays with my dick and balls. She gets me to the point that I feel like I will explode if I don't cum. My dick will be leaking precum. She loves to wipe the precum off my dick and eat it. She will then start jacking my dick trying to make me cum. She loves to stick her finger in my asshole and massage my prostate as she is jacking me off. By the way, she is an RN and knows her way around a body. Now that would make for an intense cum but she does not want me to cum like that. Before I shoot my load she wants me to get between her legs on my knees. She puts a pillow under her ass, raising her so that her pussy is level with my dick. She reaches down and spreads her pussy lips as far apart as possibe. The head of my dick is only an inch or so from the opening of her vagina. She wants me to shoot my hot cum inside her vagina. So close but yet so far. She does not want me to go inside of her. I tried it once and boy did she get pissed off. She was cold to me for a month. It took me a while but I finally got her to come around.

Anyway, the first shot of cum will hit directly in the mouth of her vagina as does the second. By the third shot it drops off some and hits near the opening of her vagina. As I finish shooting she has her fingers down there trying to stick every drop of my cum inside her pussy. And I mean she forces it as far inside her as she can get it. By the time I stop cumming she has pushed just about all of my cum inside her.

I have told her I can get it all inside of her pussy if she will let me but she will have no part of that. There has been times when she had me shoot off into a glass. She then poured my cum into one of those little plastic disposable douche bottles and then stuck the nozzle in her vagina and squirted every drop up inside her pussy. Don't ask me why but she wants all of my cum inside of her pussy but yet she will not allow me to stick my dick in her. Strange!

I asked her why and she simply said, 'I love you and I want your cum in me. I want to feel it leaking out of my pussy.'

It's strange, but I am willing to go along with her because I want to stay on her good side. I know she can't get pregnant from my cum because she had her tubes tied after her son was born. She had a lot of problems and the doctor recommended that she not have any more children. Maybe that has something to do with it, I don't know because she will not talk about it. I am just happy to give it to her this way.



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