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Nick and I in the Changing Room

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I've put some other stories on Solo so this isn't my first gay experience and it certainly isn't my last, in fact Nick is actually my boyfriend at the moment.


This happened when I was 15; Nick was a year ahead of me and 16. Nick is about the same height as with brown eyes and a slightly upturned nose. He and I were both on the school Swimming Team. One day the most of the boys on the Swimming Team were going to a lunch-time practice. I was just about to go out with the rest of the team when Nick rushed through the door at the other end of the change room. "Sorry I'm late," Nick yelled out as he rushed to pull all his gear out of his sports-bag. "You go ahead," I whispered to my friend Matt with a wink. Matt winked back. Most people at school knew I was gay but I'd actually had sex with Matt and he knew I had a thing for Nick.

I stood watching Nick get undressed for about 30 seconds before he realised that I was still there. "Perve," Nick smiled jokingly as he pulled of his pants. He was now wearing nothing but his briefs. I grinned back at him. Nick wrapped a towel around his waist (our school change room was just that; a single, open room, hard to get too much privacy) "No need for that towel," I told Nick. He smiled up at me but I gave him a hard look and his smile faded. "Look, I've got nothing against you, but I'm... not gay," Nick said awkwardly. "Oh, I must have read the signs wrong," I said my smile coming back. "Ahh... yeah..." Nick looked down. "Well. I still love dicks and I'm sure you'd love a blowjob though, wouldn't you?" "Umm... well I... ahh..." Nick was unable to string a sentence together. "Of course you would," I smiled as I grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the cubicles. The right side of the area was cubicles with doors and the left was just a long wall of exposed shower heads. I thought we'd be safest in the farthest cubicle.

I pushed Nick through the door and ripped off his towel, his slightly bent cock was at least seven inches or more, about the same size as mine except that it was cut. It was covered by an even patch of dark blonde pubes and his balls were massive. I had to rip my eyes away so that I could turn around and lock the door. When I turned back he was sitting on the toilet lid. I already had a huge boner, I just wanted to jump on his flat, white abs.

I looked at Nick's face to find him staring at my crotch. He had a semi and was getting harder. I knelt and ran my hand up the inside of his soft thighs. I slowly wrapped my right hand around his now hard cock and began to stroke. I was getting more excited and I could tell he was to, he began grunting lightly. I put my mouth over his dick and immediately started to pump my head up and down then started to rub his balls with my hand. Pretty soon I could taste the pre-cum, making the sensation in my mouth even better. Nick's muscular legs started quivering and his breathing got heavier, I knew that soon my mouth would be full of cum.

Within a few minutes a pulse went through his cock and I sucked several globs of cum out. Nick moaned as I made sure I'd got every drop of semen. Nick stood, grabbed me by the shoulders and dragged me to my feet. He put his hands behind my head and pushed our lips together. In between heavy breaths I managed to murmur "What happened to not gay?" "I lied..." he whispered back. I smiled as he began to run his hands up and down my back. He then pushed me up against the cubical door and kneeled down. He pulled down my tight swimmers and immediately began to suck my hard cock. I ran my hands through his blonde hair, keeping his mouth over my raging hard-on. He grabbed onto the back of my thighs and began to stroke them. I knew I was about to cum.

Nick continued to pump his head, making my balls jiggle. When I came it was amazing! However, unlike me, Nick pulled away and let my cum shoot all over his face. Nick stood and we looked each other's naked body up and down, we laughed quietly, his face was dripping with thick, white cum. We pulled our swimmers back on and tongued again. We went over to the showers and Nick washed the cum off his face. We got changed, Nick dried off, and we left the changing rooms, agreeing that we had to do more. When our friends on the swim team asked where we'd been, we told them that we had decided to work out in the weights instead. (I gave Matt a wink) We've had plenty more sex since then, soon after he came out of the closet so that we could date more freely, and we are still going out now!



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