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Nice & Nasty

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Nice, at first quickly felt nasty. It took em a while to realise that nasty can also be nice.


From the age of 13 I could make myself feel good between my legs just by squeezing gently, but then it always resulted in wet panties.. very wet panties and that felt yucky. Especially if I was dumb enough to have had a squeeze at school early in the morning. I would be yucky all day. As I progressed to 14 and 15, I realised that I actually liked the feeling of wet panties. And the look of them, AND the feel of them, and the scent of them. I became really hooked on my own scent.

One afternoon, I had been squeezing my thighs a lot at school that day and had walked home with my freind Emily. I told her what I had been doing and that I felt really wet. She said 'Well, its kinda obvious you know. I can smell you.' I blushed up BRIGHT red! 'Its ok.. I like getting myself wet too..and not just because I'm horny.'

Emily told me that she wets herself.

I thought it was totally gross.

When we got to her house she said 'Wanna see?' I SOOO did not, but, well, she obviously wanted me to see it so I said 'Uh. OK. If you want.'

Emily took me into her garden and lifted her skirt. She leaned back against the wall and asked me to sit on the lawn in front of her. I could see that she was already more than a little moist there and as I sat I said 'Well, fairs fair. I can smell YOU now.'

Then we were both silent. Emily sighed and closed her eyes. I saw her panties bulge out a little and then the dark stain of wetness spread followed by her pee trickling out. OH MY GOD, it was sooo horny. WAY the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Emily peed so slowly, but it was obvoius she was getting aroused too. As she finished she pushed her hand into her panties and after only a few little rubs, she cummed into her already soaked panties.

Of course, I was dripping by now, but I wasn't about to pee in front of her... well... not yet anyway. Instead I pulled my panties to one side and sat cross legged in front of her and jilled off. The first time anyone had seen me masturbate.

We experimented with lots of stuff together over the rest of that summer. We masturbated together and masturbated each other. We smelled each others panties, and yes, we peed together.

The most erotic thing was for one of us to lie on the lawn with our skirt up. The other one would sit atride so that one crotch was over the others mound. Then the girl on top would pee. WE could actually make each other cum just by doing that. Isn't that neat?

Then, well, I guess we discovered boys and it kinda fizzled out.. well the peeing did. We still masturbated each other from time to time though. It felt really horny to finger Emily when she had her boyfriends sperm in her.

Honestly, I think I am bi. I haven't had sex with another girl for about four years, but I really want to do it again. I hope I find someone as erotic as Emily.



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