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Nice Girls Do!

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Don't you just HATE it? As soon as I started to develop I got THE TALK. 'Nice girls don't' Don't let people see up your skirt. Dress to hide your body, don't kiss boys-it leads to other things... yadda yadda yadda


And for a long time, (from 13 to 15) I didn't. I became acutely aware of my body. I knew the days when I would be horny and creamy as all hell and other days when I was less so. (Although not usually by much!) I didn't masturbate. Although washing and showering were 'interesting'. I would really like the feeling of soaping myself, and rinsing with the shower head, but I never allowed myself to become aroused because my mum had told me that 'interfering with yourself makes you want to do horrid things'. She never said what they were, but the look on her face scared me.

So for all that time, I guess I was building, building building. Then, one day, I blurted it all out to my best friend at school. Her parents have a hot tub, and we would often laze around in it. Karen listened to me and said 'Why do you think I spend so much time in here?' Frankly, I had no idea. Then, calm as you like, she added dreamily 'I just LOVE the feeling of the jets on my cunt.' Oh my GOD! The 'C' word! I felt my tummy tingle immediately. Karen stood up and well, just stripped. I had seen her naked before in school, of course, but right here in her own garden? She tossed her bikini aside and squatted down. From her knees above the water line I knew her legs were apart and she seemed to be searching for something under the water. Then she said 'Ohh yeah. THAT's the spot'. Then, I lost her to another world. Her eyes closed, her face coloured up and contorted until she suddenly started to gasp 'Oh yeah. shit yeah Ohhh fuck.'

Clearly she had had an orgasm. The big 'O'. She told me her mum was far more relaxed, she had told Karen all about masturbation, how she could make herself feel great, and even told her that it was better to do it yourself than rush into letting a boy do it.

I couldn't wait, and under her guidance found the jet. It seemed to do nothing at first (apart from fill me up with water) then it found the spot. I have NO idea what happened next because I was too busy having the cum of my life.

I opened my eyes and found I was looking at Karen, AND her older sister! Jess just smiled and said 'Another convert to the tub huh?' before shucking her clothes, climbing in and doing exactly the same.

By the time I got home, I was angry as all hell. How DARE my mum not tell me about this? How dare she not let me have this wonderful gift? One things for certain, I am 23 now, and about to get married. If I have a daughter, not only will I tell her about masturbation, I will make damn sure she has her own little battery operated friend as soon as she wants one!



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