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New York Aunt Masturbates / Milks Me

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Aunt in New York Masturbates / Milks me


We were visiting my Aunt and Uncle in upstate New York..again this time it was to be a summer unlike every year since I was a kid. Now at 19 I was helping with the chores and errands.

My parents and Uncle had left for the day to go shopping in the city and I was alone with my Aunt Mary.

She is 41, very tall at 5' 11' and a bit chubby with smallish breasts however always well tanned. It was a beautiful hot summers day and I asked if I could use the pool for a swim!

I was laying on my stomach on a towel when Mary joined me and she asked if I was okay with her little secret to her all over tan..she said her and my uncle Sam were nudists!!

I told her I had been to a nude beach with college friends and loved it...Mary asked if I was comfortable with her topless or nude and I said yes for sure...thinking of it caused a stir and my penis started to get hard and tent my boxer swim shorts.

She lay on her tummy and asked me to rub lotion on her back...I was rock hard and trying to hide it...

My cock is just over 7 1/2 inches long, circumcised and very thick, 6 1/2 inches around in the middle...my girlfriend endlessly plays with it when we are in bed, taking video of me masturbating and ejaculating and like to measure it as well...

Mary then asked me to un-clasp her bikini top, which I did ..eagerly (I am rock hard and masturbating and have ejaculated now just recalling this event!)

She tossed it aside and I rubbed lotion on her shoulders and back...She said 'Slide my bottoms down' and hunched her bum in the air...I was shocked!!

I obeyed and was on my knees next to her as I slid the bikini bottom down I saw her little asshole clearly and her shaved pussy lips...it made me so excited!!

Then she said, 'go ahead ..the rest of my back and bum, spread the lotion!!!' And remove your swim trunks ...

I said I couldn't, I was too embarrassed!!! She turned around, said 'Stand Up' which I did and she pulled my trunks down and my hard penis sprang up!! She laughed saying it was big and long, 'that will keep the girls happy...it will 'soon go away don't be shy', 'be proud you are really really well hung'

As she said that she grasped my cock and squeezed it so hard it almost ejaculated and would not let go..then she said...'You have to agree to keep this secret!!' I said yes and she let go and went back on her tummy...

Then Mary said 'hurry, lotion me up some more however straddle me as you do it'...I climbed over her, I am quite tall so while on my knees above her thighs my cock was sticking straight up and balls were flopping back and forth as I moved, she said 'Lotion my lower bum and bum crack, right down between my legs, make sure the whole area is lotioned'

Which I did and she arched her bum again as my hand, palm outstretched and fingers forward slid down between her legs, I rubbed her hairless pussy lips and my fingers spread the lips as I rubbed a few strokes and she was soaked in lotion.

Then she said 'Do my shoulders again' and as I leaned forward my balls touched her legs and my hard penis slipped to the crack of her bum...then she moaned...liking it...she said I could rub my body against her and masturbate that way and ejaculate on her back...

I rubbed my penis back and forth pressing it against her bum crack and and it was making me so excited I pressed hard against her bum crack again and slid back and forth in pleasure!!

Then I laid down my chest against her back, as I did, my penis slipped between her legs, clearly pressing against the outer lips of her wet vagina and she said..stop...!!!

I got off her and apologized..she said it had felt great however that was going too far and was the first time in years she had felt a wonderful hard penis against her since my uncle is diabetic and has erection issues.

She then had me stand up in front of her and she said 'Let's take care of your sexual tension' knelt on the towel, cupping my balls with one hand and rubbing lotion all over my cock...

Then she started with long slow strokes ...and told me to tell her when I was ready to cum....when I meekly said 'now' she stopped stroking and placed my cock close to her breasts, just holding it firmly as the base and a couple of squirts of semen splashed onto her chest .....

Then she started stroking my penis again and we repeated this three times and each time more semen ejaculated out...she was soaked in cum...it was dripping down to her belly button and shaved pubic area...she rubbed it all over and went to the house to shower and clean up....

My Aunt then said what she had done was called 'Milking a man's balls' and was something she had learned with her husband.....

It was fantastic and she still masturbates me when I visit although she is usually fully dressed and has me ejaculate on a bath towel...or standing in the tub...my favorite Aunt and wonderful woman!!



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