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Never Make Assumptions about People

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I never thought I was that shallow until this happened. Keep an open mind and people can really surprise you! PS I love this site and should have posted a long time ago. Come on ladies!


The story I have isn't too short, but I'll try to make it shorter. But before I get to the good stuff I have to give you some background. When I was in high school I was sort of in the popular group. There were about 12 kids who were the 'in' group and pretty exclusive. I wasn't super popular, but I was one of the few people who was friends with all the kids who were. Sometimes I got invited to parties they had at one of their rich parents houses on the lake.  There was always alcohol and the parents weren't really around so you can imagine what would happen. What that means is by the time I graduated I had done plenty and seen even more. I wasn't super wild but I liked to let my hair down. When I look back what those experiences really did was make me aware of my sexuality. I learned what turns me on and what to do about it when I was horny. I guess I'm a pretty sexual person because I figured out how to masturbate pretty early on and did it pretty often even if I was doing other stuff. I still do.

Anyway I was in gymnastics and I guess I was pretty good. I got accepted in this program on the west coast for training and college, kind of like a scholarship program. I wasn't super academic and I couldn't wait to get out of my boring hometown so this was my only chance to get away. I had been living with my mom because my dad bailed on us when I was young so my mom worked a lot and I didn't want to spend summers just hanging out back home alone so I stayed in Cali with my aunt and uncle to keep training. This went on all the way through college. I only went home for holidays and stuff. As a result I lost touch with all my high school friends. It's important to know that when I was in college I hooked up with a few girls and realized I was bi. I also got in trouble for partying a few times and almost got kicked out of the program. This story isn't about that, but some of those stories are pretty wild. Maybe I'll tell those later. Anyway when I graduated I didn't know what to do. I couldn't keep doing gymnastics and my aunt and uncle were moving overseas. Then my mom got sick so I decided I needed to go back home.

Being stuck back home sucked. I just stayed home and took care of my mom all the time. My friends had all moved away or got married and had kids or just had kids. Two of them were even in jail so I didn't have much in common with them anymore. The only time I left the house was to teach gymnastics to little kids at the YMCA. My mom could tell I was lonely so she told one of her friends who invited me to this social event in town. Not the kind of thing I would normally go for but I was desperate. 

When we got there I realized I was the youngest person there by about 20 years. There was a buffet and a polka band! I'm not kidding. Thank god they were serving alcohol. When I went up to the buffet I thought I recognized one of the workers. It kind of looked like this girl in my class named Andrea (name changed), but she looked way different.  In high school she had been a late bloomer and pretty plain. She wasn't ugly or anything just straight brown hair with glasses and kind of small and skinny and quiet. She mostly hung out with the smart geeky kids so I hadn't really known her. She had really grown up. She still had straight brown hair and glasses but she had grown a few inches and just looked more mature and confident. It also looked like she had a really nice body. It was hard to tell in her work clothes but she wasn't little and skinny anymore that's for sure.  

I said her name and she looked up so I knew it was her. She recognized me and we started talking. She told me she was almost done working. Her parents owned the catering company at the event so when she finished she came out and sat with me. I was so glad to have someone my own age to hang out with. She was really smart and funny and when she made me laugh I felt like I was getting a crush on her.  Then she asked if I wanted to hang out after the event. I don't think it was even 8 o'clock yet so I said sure. I told my moms friend and we left. I suggested we go to the lake so we went by the liquor store to get some drinks then she parked out at this secret dirt path leading down to this sort of private little bay that I thought only the wild kids knew about. It surprised me that a girl like Andrea knew about that place. I knew lots of crazy stuff went on down there. 

When we got down to the bay we opened our drinks and talked. It turns out Andrea had never left the state so she was really interested in the stories I had about California. Then we talked about the good old days and that's what blew me away. I always assumed that the smart geeky kids were all goody goody. Boy was I wrong. She told me some wild stories about the crazy stuff that group did. They always got away with everything because they were so smart everyone assumed they just studied. She even told me that this one guy who all the popular kids made fun of all the time had a super huge dick! 

Anyway we kept talking and it was a really hot humid night and so I asked her if she minded if I took my shirt off. She said not if I didn't mind if she did so off they came. No big deal because we still had our bras on. Then without even saying anything I took my pants off too. I wasn't shy because I was used to being in just my leotard or other little training outfits all the time so I was just more comfortable wearing less clothing especially since it was so hot.  But when I sat back down she was taking her pants off too. I was really fit because of gymnastics but my small gymnasts tits looked even smaller next to hers. I had been right. She did have a really great body! Her boobs weren't super huge or anything just nice and big and perky. The kind of boobs most of us probably wish we had. She was nice and slim but with really sexy curves in all the right places. Nice long legs a great butt and everything. 

She caught me checking her out and I got a little embarrassed. I told her she had sure changed since high school and she said all the women in her family were late bloomers. Then for some reason we started talking about sex. I don't know if it was sitting there in our underwear but that's just the way our conversation went. I kept looking at her to check her out but also because I was so surprised about all the stuff she had done. I had been wilder than her but I never imagined she could have been so naughty. Just imagining her doing those things with that hot body was more than enough to get me hot and bothered. I was pretty sure she was too. I hadn't told her I was bi yet but I was considering trying to make a move on her. I really didn't want to freak her out though so I didn't. 

I said something about being so hot meaning the weather but realized the double meaning and started laughing. She started laughing too and said she knew what I meant. At that point I knew she was horny too and felt better until I looked down and could see a really obvious wet spot on my crotch. It was almost dark by then but I still didn't want her to notice so I said we should jump in the lake and cool off. I jumped up and ran into the water. When I turned around she was coming in after me. As she ran into the water I suddenly realized that getting her bra and underwear wet would make them pretty much see through. Man was I right about that. She got out quick and sat on a big flat rock facing me while I was still in up to my chest. Her underwear hid nothing and it really turned me on. I couldn't resist and slipped my hand down to play with my clit a little. Once I touched myself it felt so good I couldn't resist a little rubbing. I didn't even care if she could tell. 

I looked at her and she was smiling at me and asked what I was doing. I said 'nothing' in a guilty way and smiled back at her. She was like 'Yeah right. I know what you're up to.' Then she spread her legs and rubbed the outside of her panties a little bit and did these fake sexy moans. We both started cracking up. I got out of the water and sat down next to her on the rock. We were quiet for a minute except for some giggling. Finally I just came out and told her I was still super horny and wanted to get off. She said she was too. We looked at each other and I just slid my hand into my panties and started rubbing. She looked down at my hand and smiled then bit her lip and closed her eyes and did the same thing. I will always remember that look on her face. We weren't exactly watching each other but sitting outside at night that close together and being able to hear and see everything we were doing was so hot I didn't last very long at all. 

After just a few minutes she gave this low sexy moan that sent me over the edge and I came super hard. As I was coming down from it I could tell that she was coming too. I am usually done after one orgasm so I stopped but she kept going. I watched her for a little bit and she pulled her bra cup down to play with her nipple. That turned me on so much I started going again too. It was like I could feel her sexual energy. After we both came a second time we just laid there on the rock to catch our breath. I considered rolling over and making out with her but again I didn't want to freak her out. I wonder if she already knew that I was bi at that point. 

We turned our heads and looked at each other and smiled and I really felt a connection with her. Even though we barely knew each other I knew from that moment that we were going to be great friends. Finally we got up and got dressed and walked back to her car. When we got there we agreed that this was totally a secret but that we should hang out again. She gave me a ride home and when we got there she got out of the car and gave me a hug. It felt so good I couldn't resist giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. I was suddenly nervous that I'd crossed the line so I stepped back but she had this cute little shy sexy smile on her face. Then she leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I was so shocked I just stood there as she jumped back into her car and drove off.  

Long story short we did hang out a lot more that summer. It turned out that most of her friends had moved away too so we had both been pretty lonely. We soon became very very good friends if you know what I mean. I have lots more stories of that summer with Andrea and many other stories about the two of us since then. Of course not all of them are appropriate for this site. We are still very very good friends even though we are both married. I got her permission to tell this story and if you like it I'll see if I can talk her into letting me tell a few more. Maybe even the one about her cousins wedding. That was insane!

Anyway the point of my very long story is that you should never make assumptions about people. If you do you might miss out on some amazing experiences and even more amazing friendships.



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