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Neighborly Visit

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My husband posted a story about some of our masturbation play back in 2001. At his insistence, here is one of my recent experiences.

Masturbation Slave


A couple of years ago I found a great way to relieve my sexual tension when my husband was not around was to go out to various chat rooms. Masturbating alone is great and I do it all the time but its very erotic to chat online with someone and bring them to an orgasm as you bring yourself to orgasm.
One night I struck up a chat with another woman who emailed me some erotic self pics. I pleasured myself several times looking at her pics and chatting with her. The next day I got my kids off to school and with the hubby being gone decided to go online to view some porn and eventually go to a chatroom for some erotic play. I was sitting at the PC in our kitchen with my robe draped on the chair viewing some very lovely lesbian pics. All the while teasing my hard nipples and my well lubricated pussy. I then opened up the self pics my chat partner from the night before had sent and began to get into some serious play with my pussy.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Out of instinct I through on my robe and went to the door. It was my neighbor, Marlene. Without a thought to what I had just been doing, I invited Marlene in for coffee. She led the way to the kitchen. As we walked to the kitchen, I became a little self conscious knowing that I had to look a bit flushed and had to be giving off a telltale sexual aroma. Those were the least of my worries because as we entered the kitchen there were the pics of the woman I had chatted with.
She took a look at the pics then at me. I started to apologize but she cut me off before a word came out. She put me at ease by saying that she's seen pictures like that and has done things like I had been doing. She reminded me that she is a divorced mom of 2 with no time for dating let alone sex. She said her only sexual outlet was online porn and chat rooms.
She asked me if it would be ok if I showed her something that I had been looking at. She sat down at the PC and I kind of stood off to right shoulder. First, I showed her the story my hubby had submitted to this web site. She said it was very, very arousing and said that she would have never guessed that we were such an erotic couple. I then found her a couple of female-female stories on this site. I found 2 involving female encounters with other female neighbors.
As we read the stories together, I could sense her arousal as she discreetly shifted in her seat and hear her shortening of breath. My breasts were pushed against her back as I looked over her shoulder so I could feel her heart racing.
We then went to a few sites and looked at some lesbian pics. She then asked me where I got the pics that were on the screen when she entered the kitchen. I explained how I received them the night before. She then asked me to reopen the email so that she could get another look.
I opened the files for her then as we both looked at the PC screen, I grabbed her right hand and slowly guided it down to her crotch. Without a word she knew what I was giving her permission to do. She unbuttoned her shorts and in one motion slid her shorts and panties to the floor. Her hand quickly returned to between her legs. She spread her legs a bit to give her fingers more room to work their magic. I could hear how wet she was and could pick up the faint smell of her pussy. My hand soon found its way to my own pussy.
It was not long before the 2 of us were moaning in ecstasy. She was the first to cum. Hearing her cum pushed me over the edge and I came a couple of seconds after her. All the while, both of us staring at the pics of my female chat partner.
I got us a couple of towels and we cleaned up a bit. We enjoyed our coffee. As she was leaving, I gave her a hug and a peck on the lips and whispered in her ear that I really enjoyed myself and would not mind doing it again sometime. She returned my hug and kiss and asked me if this afternoon would work on my schedule.
We had a wonderful afternoon but that is another story.



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