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Neighborly Help

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When I was 15, I fell off our roof when cleaning gutters. I ended up breaking my ankle my right wrist and a serious compound fracture of my left arm. I was in the hospital for two days, and when I got home, I was bedridden since my left arm was in traction. My mother was going to be my caretaker. My parents are divorced, and its just her me and my little sister. Needless to say, as a 15 year old, the thought of my Mom giving me sponge baths and having to shove my dick into a pee container for me was horrifying. I told her it wasn't gonna happen, and she told me she didnt have any money to pay for a male nurse, so I better just get used to it. I threw a major fit, and begged her. A while later she came back in my room, and said she had gotten our neighbor Bobby who was a senior in HS to agree to help. He had grand plans of majoring in Premed, and of someday being a Doctor, and said he would be glad to help; might even help him to use as an experience when he applied to Med School.

The deal was that Bob would give me a daily sponge bath and help me to pee. It was over summer break, so Bob would hang out most of the day at our house. While having your neighbor wash your junk is embarrassing, having him fish into your shorts while you rollover so he can shove the head into the pee can also be humiliating, it sure beat having my Mom do it. Obviously, I couldn't beat off, and at the age of 15, I think I was spending more time jerking off back then, than going to school. By day three, I was extremely horned up, and frustrated by the fact that my dick refused to go soft, and there was nothing I could do to fix the problem.

When Bob came over for my daily bath I told him that he may not want to go there that day, as I had a problem. At first he was puzzled, and I kinda sighed and said... Dude I dont know how to tell ya this, but its been days, and I'm afraid I could cut glass with my boner. The look on his face was priceless, and indescribable. He just let out a little 'oh'. He sort of stammered around, and said shit he hadn't thought about that, but now realized that would be a problem. Then he said... you know, I don't think this problem is going to go away by itself. I guess if you want, I could fix your problem, if you promise to never tell anyone. I gotta tell ya, I wasn't thrilled at the thought of having some guy beat me off, but I also knew that I had five more weeks of this, and something was going to have to give.

So I agreed. He pulled down my sweats, and my boner flopped up on my stomach, and Bob gave out another 'oh my'. He stopped a second and looked at me and said... so I don't know... how do you usually do it... with oil or dry or what? I told him there was some baby oil in the medicine cabinet, and he grabbed that and a towel then poured some into his palm and rubbed them together. Then he grabbed my dick and slowly started to stroke me. Now I had never been with a girl... or a guy .. before, so this was the first time anyone touched my hard dick before. It felt so good, I just closed my eyes, felt the great sensations, and listened to the faint sounds of his hand going up and down my shaft. I think I busted my nut in 15 seconds. I looked down and my dick, pubes, and Bobs hand were covered in the most cum I have ever made.

Bob looked at me again kinda shocked and said... Man I've never seen so much cum in my life. Then he cleaned me up with the towel. I felt so relaxed and relieved, and Bob was really nice about not making me feel ashamed. I went soft fast, and he gave me my sponge bath. When he started washing my nuts, I got hard again. He chuckled and said I can't believe it, I've created a monster, and proceeded to get me off again. Twice in five minutes. From that day until five weeks later, Bob jerked me off at least three times a day. Every time I had to piss, as soon as he touched me, I got hard. Everytime he washed me same thing. After I got my casts off, needless to say, I took care of problems myself. Funny thing is that Bob did end up getting into Med School, but became a Gynaecologist. When he told me, I laughed and said, Can't keep your hands off other peoples junk can ya?



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