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Neighborhood Kids

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Here's a lil bit of background on me. I have 2 brothers both younger, that I have no interest in doing anything with at all, but they have some really hot friends. One of them is actually at an age between me and my middle brother. He lives down the road from us and usually would spend most every day in the summer up at our house playing ball or just whatever. We'll call him Eric


Anyway, one day Eric came up and we were all outside playing hide and seek. It was already starting to get dark, but as long as we were all inside by around 12, no one really bothered us much. A couple of my youngest brothers friends were there too, so we broke up into teams. I was with Eric. And the others were with whoever. Eric decided we should hide in one of the old vans down below our house. My dad used them for parts, but they were always unlocked. Now before we go much further, I must add that during the summer Eric would not wear a shirt, and most of the time he had on shorts with no underwear. He said it let everything hang free and the shorts would dry faster after playing in the pool. Tonight was no different.

We checked to make sure the coast was clear and then made a break for the van. When we got down there, we decided to get into the one that was hardest to see into. The only problem was there were a ton of blackberry briars around it. Eric was in pretty bad shape by the time we got into the van. He was scratched up everywhere and I got a nice view of his ass when he climbed in, because his shorts hung on a briar and nearly ripped them off. Now I'm not usually a guy who'd want to do anything with another guy, but when I saw his lil butt I was almost instantly hard. Well we've been in the van for almost 15 mins and haven't heard from the others at all yet. Because of the way we were laying in the floor under the window, there was a lot of skin touching. Eric had on next to nothing, and I had on jean shorts and a tank. He moved around a bit, and something very hard brushed against my leg. I looked down, but in the dark I couldn't really see anything, but there was no mistaking what part of his body was hard. It was the only part covered in cloth. He squirmed around a lil bit more and then he just asked me right out of the blue ' Do you know how to jack off?' This really caught me by surprise because Eric was really outgoing and I couldn't believe that he didn't know how to. I told him yes and sat up a bit to look out the window to check for seekers. Then he sat up and moved back into the back seat. He asked me really quietly, if I would show him how. I first told him no, because he was younger than me, but after a lil bit of pleading and me remembering that cute ass I said ok, but only if he would do me too after I showed him how and that it had to be kept a secret. He agreed, so I moved over in front of him on my knees. Just as I was about to pull his pants down, the door was yanked open by my middle brother and his friend Charles. Charles jumped in and tagged us and then they ran back up to the base area. This meant we were now it and would have to look for them instead of hiding out. We got out and I saw that eric had a huge tent in his pants. It was unmistakable even in the dark. He kept trying to readjust, but where was it going to go? He had no underwear on. We decided then that we had to make find someone quick, so that we could take care of the problems that were coming up.

We ran back up to the house and carefully made our way around the entire yard, then down by the garage where back in the back, behind an old stove we found my youngest brother and his buddy Gavin. They were now it and we needed a much better hiding spot.

We ran up into edge of the woods until we found the path that ran way up to the top of the hill where our treehouse was. We knew that my youngest brother was too afraid to go up into the woods in the dark, so we would be safe. All the way up the path to the treehouse, we kept hearing noises behind us like someone was following us, but we figured a squirrel or deer was moving around cause we couldn't see anything. When we got to the top we climbed up into the treehouse and shut the door. Eric was out of his pants before the door had shut. I reached into a little box in the corner and got out a small flashlight. I had to see this monster he was hiding in his pants. Just as I got the light on, the door opened up and there was Charles's head poking up into the treehouse with this big shit-eating grin on his face. He climbed on up, and said that my middle brother had to run inside to the bathroom and he that he'd follow us up here because he saw us in the van and saw me pulling off Eric's pants. He wanted me to do whatever it was that I was going to do to Eric to him. Now Charles was a really good looking guy. He had dirty blonde hair to his shoulders, a really great stomach that he loved to show off and as I would later find out was completely uncut and shaved. Eric was almost ready to wuss out, but we convinced him that it would be ok. I reached over and pulled Charles' shirt off and rubbed around on his belly and chest for a min, then reached down and unbuckled the belt on his jean shorts. When I unzipped them and started to pull them down out flopped this huge uncut dick that was oozing precum. I had never seen precum, and thought he'd already shot off. He quickly explained, and I showed Eric what to do to Charles to make it feel great. Eric started jacking off charles and I started playing with Eric's balls. Charles got up and got in the only chair in the treehouse and started stretching back and letting Eric have his way with his dick. Eric got on his knees and just kept right on jacking up and down. I came up behind Eric and started rubbing him all over, then brought my hand down on his dick. I rubbed maybe 2x and Eric started shaking all over and fell back onto me and came about 4 thick ropes all over his chest. That was enough for charles, he didn't even let eric get back up, he just grabbed his own dick and started pumping for all he was worth and shot his load right onto Eric's chest and right into the globs of cum that was already there.

When they had both calmed down a bit, they turned to me and by now my dick was begging for attention, but Eric was ontop of me and I couldn't get into my pants. That was remedied quickly because they both turned around and in seconds had my clothes off and were taking turns on my dick and balls. Eric scooped some of the cum off his chest and started jacking my dick with it. In no time I was very close and Eric laid back down and Charles took over so I could spray my 5-6 shots onto Eric's chest too. When we got done, we each had to scoop a lil bit of cum onto our fingers and suck it off, and that sealed our secret. For a couple of weeks, things were kind of weird between the 3 of us. I was a junior in hs and Eric and charles were both 9th graders. I felt pretty bad that I had done something like that to younger kids, and they weren't sure what to think. After about 3 weeks, I called Eric and had him come up and talk to me in the treehouse after school. We both decided that we really enjoyed what we did and that it was bad for 2 guys to do that for each other once in a while. Then he called Charles on his cell phone and told him where we were. In about 5 mins, he was up there with us and we formed out own little circle jerk club. I think Charles done some things with my brother, but if he did I never saw and our secret stayed intact. Eric and I still get together from time to time, he's 22 and I'm 24 now and we've decided we must be at least a little bit bi, because we are really attracted to each other, but we have girlfriends that we really love. But sometimes we get together and some of the things we do can't be mentioned here, but there is still a lot of jerking off on the weekends. There are other adventures to come, hopefully. Happy jackin and jillin



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