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Neighborhood Fun with 'The Guys' & a

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I can remember as a child, exploring the body's of the other neighborhood children. We would gather in the woods down below my house, and spend every day making the little neighborhood girls strip naked, and show us their little hairless pussies. We all were like members of an underage sex club,each boy had his favorite little stripper, And sometimes, we would pay them to let us touch them or suck our dicks. At age eight,I remember giving a twelve year old little babe, $3.00 for letting me cum in her mouth. Our secret outdoor strip club was just a part of living near the "ravine" as we called it. You could practically disappear for hours in the thick brush where we had secret clearings that no one else knew about. We had to be careful, cause if we got gaught, we were sure we would go to jail. Our parents knew that we were only a loud yell from home, and would allow us to stay in the woods from morning til night on weekends, and in the summer we would camp all the time.
Myself, and several other boys, Mike,Greg,Gary,and Scott, (all between 8-11 years old) from the neighborhood got bored with the girls after awhile. We were all little sexual deviant's and sex was a mutual obsession with all of us. Sex was sex, and we soon learned that it could be equally as gratifying between us, as it was between us and the girls. I remember when I was about eight, we all decided to camp out over night down at the ravine. Five horny little fuckers with a bag of playboys and Hustler magazines stolen from the secret stash of one of our dad's. Even stolen cigarettes from moms carton in the drawer. Needless to say, we were in heaven, no more bald pussies, and titless little girls. This was the "bigtime," hairy pussies, and big suckable tits! Page after page of it! Of course, this got us all curiously horny. And despite being a little embarrassed, all five of us decided to start undoing our pants, and show each other our little dicks. Mike , the eldest of the bunch, told us that looking at each other naked, would make us all even hornier He and I,learned how to masturbate from his 16 year old sister. Who let us take advantage of her naked once, and allowed us both to feel her pussy and tits, in exchange for the chance to jack us off, down at the ravine.
So after about 30 minutes of looking at these magazines, under the glow of two cheap flashlights, it was time to move on, Mike and I had become very intimate with each other since that time with his sister. We had actually become lovers. And wanted to show the other boys that they too, could find a great deal of pleasure from another male. So Mike asked the other three if they wanted to take off their clothes and watch me and him, have sex? Each one nervously said yes! and you could see their dicks all get hard in anticipation of what we were going to do. So we all climbed in the tent and stripped off all our clothes. Holding the flashlights on us, they gathered around us to watch the show. I was scared we were going to get caught, but we were in the most remote part of the woods where no one ever went. In one of our secret locations, covered entirely by thick vines and brush. Mike and I started kissing, part of our foreplay, and I reached down and took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it. The guys had that "Deer in the headlights look"! They watched as I knelt down and took his dick in my mouth.
One of them just said, I bet that feels good! I kept looking over at them, grinning as I sucked Mikes bigger than average dick. I was watching the other three guys in the tent, when I noticed one named Gary reach over and take Scotts dick in his hand. Scott returned the favor! They both had rock hard dicks. And they were enjoying sqeezing and slowly rubbing each other. I kept sucking and licking Mikes balls and dick, and had learned that he loved a finger in his ass when I sucked him. I could'nt believe it when Greg asked if he could try it? I was a little hesitant, this was mine, but agreed, and I showed him how to do it without hurting Mike. He went right at it! He swallowed it into his mouth, and began pumping it. I figured since he was willing to suck Mike, he would'nt mind me sucking him! So I bent down and took his dick in my hand. He acted a little startled, but let me lick and suck him. He was really enjoying this. The three of us were getting into this very much. Gary told Scott that he was going to suck me, and to move so he could get under me. Gary crawled under me, and took my aching little pecker in his mouth, and held my hips so I wouldnt go to deep in his mouth. Man, this was great! We had our own little orgy, Gary soon had my whole dick in his mouth, and was stroking my dick really fast. Mike asked Scott if he wanted his cock sucked? but Scott was really embarrassed with all this. He just sat there, looking confused, Mike suggested we all take turns sucking Scotts dick. We really didnt take turns, we all literally attacked him, Mike stradled his chest and told him to just try it! Scott was scared I think, but took Mikes dick in his mouth. I bent down and started sucking Scotts dick. He really started getting into it! He relaxed, and we all started licking and kissing him all over his body. I had eaten Mikes ass before, and liked it alot. I pushed Scotts legs up against Mikes back and started licking his asshole. He objected at first, by trying to push me away, but Gary took over sucking his dick, and that relaxed him again. Soon, I was burrowing deep in his ass with my tongue. Greg was watching all this unfold, and was rubbing his dick against anybody who got close enough. I asked him if he wanted to screw me? He was sort of shocked by the thought. But asked how does a boy screw a boy? I told him, In my butt! DUH? He hesitated a second, and asked if it would hurt? I replied you? or me? he said both? I assured him that it would'nt hurt him! and It would hurt me a little but I liked it!. Everybody else heard what we were talking about and stopped their own sucking and slurping. Mike told them to watch this! they might like it! Gary said he would do it too! I told Greg he would have to get my butthole wet and slippery, and to lick it and get it good and wet. He was unsure about that, but slowly lowered his head down to my upturned ass and spit on my butthole! Everybody laughed, Mike told him to go ahead! He did, he started licking my butthole, and before I knew it, he was pushing his tongue in my ass. Mike said to use his finger to loosen it up, and he did that too! It felt so good! The thought of all these guys watching me get my ass fucked was such a turn on! Mike asked me if I was ready, Hell yes! I was! Greg took his hard little pecker in his hand and pushed it into my asshole. It hurt, but I liked the feeling. Mike and I, had fucked each other alot over the last couple of months and were used to the initial pain of butt fucking. Greg pushed his dick into me and before we knew it, he had mastered the art of fucking. He acted very natural, pumping my ass like it was his first virgin pussy. He was groaning and sweating, holding onto my hips and getting into fucking me hard. It felt so good! Gary crawled under me and took my dick in his mouth and began to suck it . Scott and Mike started messing around with each other,and playing with each others asses. They were talking about doing it Too! Mike told Scott to get on all fours, and lower his head and chest down to the floor of the tent, Mike started licking Scotts ass, and sucking on his butt like he had done to me so many times I was so turned on when he finally mounted Scotts ass. He pushed into him hard and Scott yelled out in pain. Scott of course had never had anal sex, and it took him by suprise. He was almost crying, but Mike never let up. He fucked him hard. Mike starting quivering and shaking, and came in Scotts ass. Greg was pounding my ass with all his energy, and finally said his dick was tingling and felt really good, I told him to keep moving, and that he was going to have an orgasm. He started humping faster, and finally shot a very watery load into my butt. He was laughing, and kept talking about how good that felt! He had never even had an orgasm until that night. He was a little younger than me, and we couldnt believe that he even had any sperm. He did'nt even know what it was? Gary, Scott, and I were all three anxious to have orgasms too! Gary wanted to screw Mike to get back at him for hurting Scott, So he asked Mike if he could screw him? Mikes reply was sure! if you think you can hurt me, give it a try! Mike laid on his back, cause that was how he liked to fuck. He raised his legs and spread them apart to give Gary access to his ass. He told Gary to rub his dick against his, (Mikes) asshole, and to lick it good! Gary did'nt hesitate, he went to work on Mikes ass tongue fucking him hard, causing Mikes dick to restiffen after fucking Scott. Without warning, Gary stuck his cock into Mikes ass, causing Mike to yell out in pain. Gary held Mikes legs up and proceeded to fuck him very hard and fast. It didnt take long for Gary to shoot his wad, in Mikes ass. He looked like he had a minor seizure when he came. Mike's ass was streched open afterwords, and I stuck two fingers in his aching butthole. Gary did hurt him! The rest of us just sat there watching, and rubbing each others dicks. Greg and I, sort of french kissed each other like we were in love with each other. I started sucking his limp little dick, and soon got it hard again. Scott was ready to try fucking, I told him he could fuck me if he wanted to? He did'nt waste any time, But Greg wanted to lick my ass to get it ready for Scotts dick. I rolled over and spread my legs, sperm was coming out of my butt from his previous assault on my shithole. It did'nt really need much lubrication. But he did lick some of his own sperm from my butthole. Scott was anxious, and was ready to do it, I got into my favorite position, ass up in the air, and he slid his cock into my ass. He was very gentle, and seemed to know how to do this, I was curious about him. He later admitted that he had sex with his older brother once. And knew how to do it! I found that to be a very big turn on! The smell of sex, from our freshly fucked buttholes filled the air in the tent. No one seemed to care! Scott humped me hard and told me that he wanted to cum in my mouth if I would let him? I loved the thought, and right before he came, he pulled out of my ass, and I caught most of his cum in my mouth. Mike liked me to swallow it, and I thought what is the point of cumming in your mouth, if you won't swallow it? I love the taste to this day! I figured at this point I wanted to cum, so who was going to get my dick in their ass? Gary had never been fucked, and we all agreed that he should be the one to get fucked by me! I was eager to taste his ass. His pecker was really big and thick for his age and I wanted to hold it while I screwed his ass. Two of us starting playing with his asshole. I had cum all over my butt and decided to use it to lube his ass. I wiped what I could from from my messy butt, and smeared it on his butt. We didnt even remember whose it was? I slid into him very easy, and he took it all with very little pain. His ass was so gooey from the sperm we wiped on him. I really starting pumping his butt, and he started backing into me, panting and acting like a girl getting fucked, he was squeeling, and moaning, and asked, somebody play with my dick! I couldnt fuck him, and do that too! so mike grabbed Gary's dick and started jerking his meat really fast, Greg,and Scott were rubbing it too, we were all doing what we could to see what would happen, The whole tent was shaking, and the guys were working on Gary's cock, I was ready to explode, I came so hard that I could feel my sperm spray in to his ass like a fire hose. It even came out before I pulled my dick from his ass. He too, came again, and shot all over the other guys who worked really hard to make him come again. He said that his whole lower body went numb when he had his orgasm. It must have been from my dick in his ass, I can have anal orgasms if I stick something deep in my asshole, while mastubating. We ended up repeating the nights events once more, And Mike and I put on a fantastic sex show for them by fucking and sucking each other several times through the night. We all fell asleep naked, and covered in each others bodily fluids. And awoke the next morning still reeking like anal sex! A quick dip in the fresh water spring helped alleviate most of it.
We never got the chance to repeat that night . It was never talked about after that. The sexclub as we had called ourselves, was never really the same after that! The other's stopped hanging out in the ravine, and got away from messing around with the girls. I think we scared each other that night. We all admitted that we enjoyed what had happened but did'nt want to become to comfortable doing these things as group. It would lead to trouble. The other guys were a little guilty about what had happened, and wanted to forget about it. Mike and I continued to have sex together until our late teenage years. And later even shared his girlfriend, who loved to watch he and I, together. We had been sexually active together since he was 10, and I was 7. We had oral and anal sex together since I was 7 years old, almost everyday for twelve years. It got to the point that asking for sex was'nt even required, we took it if we wanted it from each other. We drank gallons of each others sperm. And had each others cum fill our anus' thousands of times. He was my sexual soul mate. We always stood by our Bi-sexuality, not our Homosexuality. We both would jump at the chance to bang some pretty little thing in a heart beat! There is nothing like fucking and eating pussy! We did plenty of that together too! His sister will attest to that! She was also a very active participant in many, many, three way's between us! - THIS IS ALL A TRUE STORY!
In a perverted sort of way-This remindes me of that movie about the boys who set out to find the dead body by the railroad tracks. And wind up almost getting killed by the train. And have to defend themselves against the teenagers? I cant remember the name of it! but many of you will.



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