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Neighbor down the Street

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Never in a million years thought that would happen!


Well, I've lived on the same street for years, along with this kid Jaime who lives down the street. He's a year younger than I and just finished his first year in college.

I've always like girls, but am just a *little* curious about guys. This kid, well, we always kinda knew Jaime liked boys, but Jaime himself didn't ha-ha.

Just a few days ago, Jaime called me up. We both play the same instrument, and he wanted to know if I wanted to practice with him. I said sure, and since no one would be home for a while, he should come up to my house. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and I let him in.

We played music for a while, then we got bored and just started to talk. I asked if he had met any girls at school, and he kinda avoided the question. Then he finally said 'Well, Mike, I...I think I like guys.'

I reassured him that I was ok with that, then asked him if he had done anything with guys at school. He said no, and I told him I hadn't either.

There was an awkward pause in the conversation.

'I've always been curious though,' I said.

'About what?'

'Well, about guys. You know, girls are great an all, but they don't know how to tend to a dick. I just always thought maybe guys would be better at it.'

'Ya, I think so too.'

We looked at each other...

I leaned close to him and asked him if he had ever been kissed.

'Once, but, you know, no tongue or any...' but before he could finish, I kissed him. He instantly reciprocated, his lips grinding against mine. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, swirling it around as he put his arm around my neck. I moved down his neck and kissed his shoulder.

'Well, I have to head into work later today,' I said, 'so I had better shower. You look like you could use one too...'

We both got up and raced to the shower. Once there, we started making out again, his hand making its way up my shirt, caressing my nipples. I reached down and placed a hand on his throbbing erection which was now attempting to push its way out of his pants. After a few minutes, I turned around and started the shower.

'Have you ever jerked off?' I asked Jaime.

'No, actually...'

'Oh boy, are you in for a ride!'

I walked over to him and lifted his shirt off, he did the same. Then in one swift motion, I pulled his pants and cute little boxers off, his boner bouncing up and down.

He took my shirt off, then slowly unzipped my pants and taking them off, leaving me in my boxer briefs as I kissed him again. I squeezed his ass as he pulled my underwear off and we stepped into the shower.

I told him to turn around once we got into the shower, so my cock was up against his ass. As I ground my cock against his back, I reached around and grabbed his raging erection, he gasped.

'This is masturbation, Jaime, watch and learn.'

He moaned softly as I began moving my hand up and down his shaft.

'Wow, this feels sooo good,' he said from his dream-like state.

After a few minutes, I felt his ass tense up and his body freeze, 'I think I'm going to pee!'

His cock began to spurt cum onto my hands as he sank back into my arms. 'Wow, that was amazing, can I do it to you?'

'You didn't think you were gunna get that for free, did you?' I asked him with a smile. He turned around and got down on his knees, then put his hands around my cock. He began pumping slowly, my body writhing. I bent over and kissed the top of his head, then reached down and started caressing his butt.

I think this will be the start of a wonderful summer...



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