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Naughty Slutty Cousin

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True story (but the names have been changed)


I'm 24, and an attractive asian/white mixed girl who lives at home with her divorced dad. My cousin moved in last summer to help with the mortgage. He too just got a divorce. He's a very good looking man in his late 30's. Apparently I do something to him too. I always catch my cousin staring at me when I wear tiny outfits or tight clothes. I've been told I'm a cock teaser. Even as a little girl I would get a thrill of being naughty. Recently he has not tried to hide the fact he's checking me out. I'm a very horny girl who masturbates at least once a day. And I thought about having a little fun teasing my cousin. It really turned me on and I have masturbated thinking of what he would do to me.

I started giving him a good close up look at my shaved pussy by wearing my white leggings with no panties and a sheer top that I would sleep in with no bra. These leggings are very sheer and almost see through. I made sure I masturbated first thinking about what I was about to do. I have many vibes and toys which I use. I picked one that I thought could be the same size as my cousins cock. I slid it in my already soaked throbbing pussy. The thought of my cousin inside of me drove me wild. I even called out his name as I began pushing my vibe in and out harder and harder. I even tried many different positions and then started riding it (him). It didn't take long before my bald pussy squirted hard all over. I barely cleaned up and hurried to get dressed.

Now I was ready to give him a little show. I squeezed into my tights that were a size too small and pulled them up into my ass and pussy. I could visually see the outline of my lips spread perfectly apart. It looked so hot. So my dad was at work and it was just us two alone. I went downstairs and stood as close as I could to my cousin as he was watching tv. I asked if I could get his opinion on something? I started small talk about my guy troubles and asked if he could help me understand guys and why they do stupid stuff. He couldn't resist looking at my swollen pussy. I made sure I would let him look as long as he wanted and looked away as I talked to him to give him a good long stare. When I did look at him I looked at his crotch. He was wearing grey sweat pants and it didn't take long before I noticed his bulge getting bigger and soon rock hard.

We were always very open about stuff so I asked him 'If he thought I was attractive? Because my boyfriend doesn't seem that interested in being with me'. I told him my boyfriend didn't like sex as much as I do and it doesn't last as long as I liked. Does he think I'm not attractive? I asked. He said 'I was very attractive and sexy too' he said I had a smoking body and couldn't help but notice it. He encouraged me to wear small outfits and tight clothes. And that guys can't stand it. I smiled and asked if he liked my outfit? He said yes very much and said it really showed off my great body. I thanked him and asked if it was tight enough? (I remember being so nervous) I moved even closer to him (he was inches from my hot pussy) and pulled my pants up and wiggled into them a little more.

As I did that I could feel my pussy juices dripping out of me a little. I even turned around giving him a long view of my ass. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but I felt so hot. He said they fit perfect and said guys really like it when girls don't wear panties or bras too. I said 'I could see that' as I looked at his crotch. He was not trying to hide his erection anymore. He apologized and said that it was out of his control. I told him it was ok and that I was flattered. He asked if he could get a closer look? I said sure how close? and smiled. I put my crotch right up to his face. I actually bumped into his nose. I said oops and laughed. I said he should better take care of 'that' and that it was 'cool'. I told him it was a huge compliment, besides I masturbate all the time. He said he did too.

The front of my pants were now wet. I couldn't take it any longer and just asked if we could help each other out and masturbate together. He already was. As he sat on the chair I turned around and bent over as I took off my leggings, as I did his pants were already on the floor. When I was bent over his cock was inches from my holes. His cock that close to being inside of me! It was amazing. I kept it inches from penetration. We were both jacking off hard. He slapped his cock on my butt cheek. He never went inside of me but was really close to it. I turned round and saw his cock was so hard.

He reached out and slipped two fingers in my eager pussy. I told him I was going to cum. I straddled the chair he was sitting in and squirted all over his cock and stomach. I screamed it felt so good. He used my juices as lube and said he was going to cum. I asked him to 'please cum on my body'. I wanted to feel the warmth of his cum as it landed on me. So I got to my knees and he was stroking it all the way up and down. I replaced his hand with my own hand pounding it up and down and then his head tilted back and made a loud groan. I put it inches from my mouth. There was something about being so close without actually giving him head or penetration that was a huge turn on and seemed to tease each other so good. He couldn't take it any more and shot ropes of hot cum all over my face and tits. There was so much cum it ran down my stomach. I too moaned with pleasure then rubbed the cum all over me onto my bald pussy and I was cumming all over again. This was the hottest time ever. I felt no regrets for seducing my cousin, besides it's just mutual masturbation. We all need it.

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