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Naughty in the Car (her perspective)

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After reading my boyfriend's stories on here and him telling me how much it would turn him on if I wrote some, I decided I was going to write my own. This is the story of our first time, only from my perspective. Enjoy D


I was living with my parents in an apartment when I met boyfriend. He was LDS and I had never dated an actual Mormon boy before. We were texting every day. I had sexted before with other non-church boys, but never dreamed this boy would turn out to be as corrupt as I was. Before we started dating, I would ask him generic guy questions and he always seemed to answer honestly. One conversation I brought up was about sex after giving birth. I said, "I hope the guy I marry still wants to touch me after I give birth." His response was honest and gave me hope. His response was that he would if he was that guy.

Sometime after we started dating, several months if I recall, I was home alone and texting him, as usual. I don't quite recall the conversation but somehow what he had just said to me sounded as if he was flirting with me sexually and I responded with something similar back and from there we started sexting. I tried to tread carefully with what I said, not wanting to scare him (letting him become aware that I had done this before and I wasn't a molly Mormon.) As the conversation continued, he would tell me what he wanted to do with me with every touch. I was becoming aroused and also stunned that this Mormon boy was describing how he wanted me sexually. I was proud of him inside.

Sometime after my boyfriend and I attempted to go farther with each other, it wasn't very successful and I wasn't very prepared. However, the next time would turn out differently....

It was the end of the night and we were in my car after a date. I had just parked in the parking lot and it was way after dark with hardly anyone around. We start kissing and as usual I love it. He sticks his tongue down my throat which makes me want to do it to him. I grab his hand and with my other hand touch his face, his head, and his hair. Whatever I can touch.
As this goes on and we're getting more heated, I'm not thinking about anything other than I want him to touch me. I'm so horny and I'm getting wetter and wetter, I want to know what it feels like to have my pussy touched by someone other than myself. (By the way, his hands are perfect. Perfect sized and perfectly shaped. So you know where this is going...)

I first take his hand and put it on my chest and slide it down to my breast. It felt really good. Having his big (larger than mine at least) hand and the touch on my body was incredible. I love it when my breasts are touched and with his hands... whew just think what else he can use those hands for. He moves his hand over my nipple and cups my breast. Oh my goodness, what a good feeling. He then takes two of his fingers and pinches my nipple. It felt good too. He then glides his hand over to my other breast and does the same. I can tell he likes touching my breasts because he rotates himself so he's facing me more and takes both of his hands, lifts my shirt down enough so both hands can touch both of them.

While he's touching me, we kiss and kiss and kiss. I loved him touching my boobs, now I'm curious to know what his dick feels like. What it'll feel like when he touches my pussy. I take one of his hands and put in between my legs over my pants. He starts moving his hand up and down to make it feel like he's touching my clit (which I had told him will make me cum) while we're kissing. We stop kissing momentarily because he starts getting curious and unbuttons my pants and unzips them as well. I'm so excited for him to finally touch me. I had shaved that morning in anticipation that tonight might be the night when a boy finally gets in my pants.
He puts his hand over my panties and moves it up and down, feeling what it is that a vagina is supposed to feel like. I can tell he's getting more curious and enjoying himself because he says, "you're so wet." Like he was surprised. At this point I kiss him ...hard. I can't take this touching over the panties anymore; I push my pants down and my panties. He must have been surprised that I did that because his face looked curious at what I was doing.

After I had adjusted, I took his hand again and I put in on top of my pussy. He slid his fingers down my pussy and felt all around. Oh my gosh I was in heaven. It felt incredible. Being touched by him while being excruciatingly wet was incredible. He moved his fingers all around and then moved them upwards, towards my clit. Oh...it felt so good. What he did next was surprising and it felt really good. Before tonight, I had never ever put any sort of object or pleasuring toy inside of my vagina.
My boyfriend got curious, which is wonderful for me, and stuck his finger inside of me. Wow!

At first it was whoa, what is this feeling? Then it felt even better, because he had started moving his finger in and out faster and faster. It was such a great feeling. His fingers are long and like I said, perfectly shaped. He obviously enjoyed doing this and he started pounding me faster and harder, faster and harder and before I knew it I had cum. All down my pussy and onto his finger. He put his finger in his mouth and for the first time, tasted what cum out of a pussy tasted like. He's been hooked ever since.

We've done much more than this, as you know from his previous stories. Please tell us what you think of this one.



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