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Naturist Camping

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A really erotic experience


A long time ago I wrote a contribution in which I promised to tell you about another experience of mine. Well here it is.

In the mid-eighties my then new girlfriend and I went on holiday naturist camping in the south of France. For her it was the first time spending the day naked in public. I had been there a couple of times before.

The camp was very large with a river through it and thick bushes all over the place. I always enjoyed being naked there and would spend my day getting a tan and flyfishing in the river (which has certain risks when your naked).

That first night my girlfriend told me that seeing all those naked bodies had made her so horny that when I was out fishing she did go back to our tent to masturbate herself. The rest of the time there we had terrific sex.

At that time I used to masturbate about three times a day (and I still do now) which is a bit difficult camping. The showers are open so that is no option, at that time we did not do it in each others presence like we do now, so I did it when I went fishing. I would walk along and through the water and would go into the bushes when I reached a quiet spot. The bushes were so thick that ten meters from the river nobody could see you. I would grab my soft dick and start jerking. In a couple of minutes it would become hard and another minute more and my cum would be flying over the forest floor. It always felt great standing in the middle of nature with my hard dick in my right hand and not worrying about the mess. Then it would take a short time for my dick to get soft again and I would come out of the bushes as if I had just taken a leak.

On the spot next to us (some 20 meters away from our tent) was another couple. They were in their forties about ten years older than we were at that time. They were both good looking and very nice. One evening they were having a drink at our tent and they told us that the next day was their last day and they wanted to climb to a viewpoint called 'The three arches' at the other side of the river. The beginning of that path was hard to find and as we had done that walk already I offered to show them the way.

The next day at 11:00am we went. My girlfriend did not come because she wanted to stay and finish her book. So the three of us started off only clothed in sandals, sunhats and a small backpack with water and something to eat.

First, let me tell you something about this couple. I'll call them Ann and Bert. I told you they were good looking. By that I mean that they were in good physical condition and that showed. They did a lot of walking and swimming. Not a pound too much. She had firm breasts with big dark nipples and a dark bush which she did not trim. He had a muscular figure and a medium sized dick (uncircumsized, like most people in Europe). They had a good sexlife. We could hear them every night making love for more than half an hour at least. She was especially very vocal. The first time we heard them my girlfriend was shocked. Not because of hearing them but she realized that she could be heard all over the camp as well. But it was very stimulating for us both.

Half an hour later we reached an open place with a nice view over the camp. We stood there next to each other, Bert in the middle, enjoying the view, when he said that he had to piss. I expected them to walk away and do it, but to my surprise he grabbed his dick, pulled back the foreskin and started to urinate a sparkling yellow stream into the valley. When I looked at Ann I noticed a big grin on her face. Bert said to me 'That's what I like on these camps, you can take a leak when and where you want.' When he was finished I saw that his dick had become semi-erect so he really enjoyed it.

After that we continued. The path was very narrow. I was the last one now. Ann walked in front of me and looking at her nice ass made it hard for me not to get an erection. Twice on our way to the top Ann stopped to do something with her shoes. She bent over with straight legs so that I had a great look at her anus and pussylips. They looked big and wet to me. All this made me get a semi-hard dick. Then Ann would look at me, obviously checking out the effect she had on me and then walk on again with that grin on her face. Then we would walk on with me thinking of boring things to get my dick down.

We reached the Three Arches and played tourist. Walking around, taking photos and admiring the greatness of this huge shallow cave. Then we climbed up to the edge of the plateau from where you could see all over the valley and the camp.

We sat down there to eat and drink something before going back. Bert and I sat next to each other with our backs to a big rock. Ann was still standing. Then she said that she had to piss. Again I expected her to walk away and do her thing behind a bush (boy, was I naive at that time!).

But no, she squatted down with her back to a rock in front of us. Her legs were wide spread and so were her pussy lips. She let one hand slide down over her belly and opened her lips even more. Again with that same devilish grin on her face, then she let go. It was so hot there that her piss almost evapourated before it hit the rocks. I heard Bert say next to me: 'Why do you do that, you know how horny that makes me.'

When I looked at him I saw that he had his hand around his rock hard dick and was wanking slowly. My dick was hard by now as well. Ann looked at me and at my dick. She was done now and had started to finger her clit. She said: 'Why don't you join us?'

I thought: Well why not, and started to masturbate as well. The next ten minutes we three sat there masturbating and looking at each other. I was wanking with slow long strokes because I wanted this to last. Ann was giving such an erotic show that I could have cum in seconds. She was playing with her nipples now and every now and then putting two fingers deep into her cunt and using the fluids to finger her clit.

Bert was speeding up and had his other hand below his balls in a ring to make his dick even harder (a technique I learnt to use when I got older.) All you could hear now was our panting and the sloshing sound of Ann's fingers in her cunt.

Bert was the first to cum. He shot several strings of cum straight up in the air. It landed on his belly and groin area. Ann was next. I could see now what I had heard all those evenings. She let out a low groan and hissed: Yes, yes, yesssss... She pushed her hips forward against her hand in a fucking motion and came, I think, three times in a row.

Then it was my turn. I sped up and pushed my dick down. I shot a big load straight forward. A couple of droplets even landed on Ann's foot. I can't remember I ever came that hard.

After that we sat a while in silence enjoying the view of three post orgasmic people and the nature around us.

Then we kind of evaluated (well it was the mid-eighties):This was not planned and we all enjoyed it. They were a bit exibitionistic, and so was I, and by the way, we had to get down.

We climbed down, washed ourselves in the river and went to our tents. Only the next day when Bert and Ann had left for home I told my girlfriend what had happened. Before I was halfway through the story she had almost dragged me in the tent.

We still use this memory to get off.



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