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Nancy in Nylon

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Shani Wallis, in her portrayal of 'Nancy' in the 1968 movie musical 'Oliver!', has forever captured my heart and my hormones...


I first saw her when I was 7 years old, and my parents purchased Sir Carol Reed's 1968 movie rendition of the musical "Oliver!"

Nancy ... as portrayed by the British actress Shani Wallis, in what remains, to this day, her most famous role.

Here I was, a young boy close to the title character's age, watching with bated breath and an unprecedented stirring in the pit of my stomach and loins, the radiant Shani stealing the show as the voluptuous Nancy . Within two minutes of her first appearance on the screen, I was hooked. From that fateful night so many years ago to today, I have remain mesmerized by this vintage beauty: by her long blonde hair, her playfully twinkling eyes, the low decoltage of her famous red dress that ends just below her calves, that shows just a bit of ankle; throughout the film, in her several dance numbers, she graces me with a number of views of her shapely legs clad in violet tights. I imagine, by now, several of my readers will know of the movie and beauty of whom I speak.

I won't bore you with the details of how I soon fell in love and lust with this belle from the Golden Age of Musicals. I will, however, try to ignore my stiffening cock as I share my favorite method for pleasuring myself in homage to Nancy .

I have an old nylon sleeping bag that is a faded canary-yellow in color. My ritual, for over 20 years, has been the same. I roll up the sleeping bag, smooth yellow side up, until I have it in the shape of a body pillow. (Over the years, the sleeping bag has flattened out due to my ubiquitous use, requiring me to add layers of sheets within the roll to keep it a perfect blend of fluffy and firm.)

Then, I will pop my DVD of "Oliver!" into my portable DVD player, which sits on my nightstand ever-ready for the occassion, and select one of several scenes that includes my love, Nancy .

As I begin watching, I put on a pair of opaque tights, in homage to Nancy 's wardrobe. It should be no surprise I have gone through several pairs; my current pair is a fuschia-violet, close in color to Nancy 's . By the time I've slipped into my tights, and Nancy has been singing and dancing through one of my favorite number for a couple of minutes, my cock is hard as a rock inside the smooth nylon...

Finally, clad in my tights, I mount my rolled-up sleeping bag and, as I continue to watch Nancy ... I just hump away! Sometimes I cum very quickly this way, only a few measures of her singing and a few thrusts against my sleeping bag, and I am overcome by the almost legendary sight, and sound, and feel, and smell, of this childhood crush.

Sometimes I take longer; and when I do take longer, thank god for the scene-repeat function that allows me to view any segment as many times as I want! Either way, the experience is similar, pleasure transcendent:

In my mind, in pure abstraction, that old, rolled-up, nylon sleeping bag becomes Nancy herself. I imagine the top part, where I rest my head, where I bury my face, to be her chest, her perfect vintage boobs pushing against the musky fabric of her corset. My tights-clad legs hug the lower half, where her own legs would fill her red skirt as she dances across the screen. I dance with her, my hips thrusting into the perfectly firm sleeping bag in time with her moves, my arms embracing her. I breathe in the musky smell of her imaginary corset, of so many countless prior orgasms, of all the sweat and all the pleasure I poured into my sleeping bag over so many years... the fragrance is intoxicating!

I am at once the little boy who fell in love with her so many years ago and the adult man who steadfastly adores her today...

Nancy reaches the climax of her song, of her brilliant red-and-violet dance, as my head spins in euphoria, my breath takes in the smell of my own pleasure, my loins feel the smoothness of my nylon tights as they rub feverishly against the nylon roll beneath me... as they rub against Nancy, making love to her with all the desire of over 20 years of adoration. I let out every sound that involuntarily escapes my lungs as my cock fires rope after rope of cum right into my tights!!!

I then lie there in the glow of my orgasm... my stomach and my thighs and my cock glued to Nancy beneath me... my head resting on those imaginary breasts... my mind still making love to the pauper princess on the screen and in my arms.

I am now wearing my favorite fuschia tights and can scarcely continue to ignore the strain of my throbbing cock against the smooth nylon, let alone the abundance of images of my Victorian Muse, of blonde and red and violet, that have fueled my composition of this story. It goes without saying what I will be doing immediately upon concluding here!

Please feel free to comment to this story, especially if you have similar experiences to share. And now, my Nancy awaits...



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