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Naked Twister

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One of the horniest events in my life was a group masturbation experience about 15 years ago, then I was, I think 14. That was the year that my best friend Tony and I discovered, I mean REALLY discovered girls. Tony liked this hot girl in our grade named Jacqueline, and they were sort of an item, but not really (yet). Jacqueline had this awesome friend, Lisa, who I liked. After a certain amount of flirting, the four of us started hanging around together.

One day, we went to Jacqueline's house after school. It seemed like a good place to hang out because both her parents were at work, and nobody was there to supervise us. We hung around downstairs in their rec. room. Eventually, Jacqueline suggested we play a game. She opened the game cupboard and started naming possibilities: Monopoly, Pictionary, the usuals. Tony, being no slouch, looked into the cupboard and made his own suggestion: 'Let's play Twister.'

Of course, we all agreed that this was the best option. We started playing according to the standard rules, and soon got into some heavy positions. At one point, Lisa's butt was right in my face, and I could clearly feel Jacqueline's hard little nipples against my back. We were laughing and flirting, and it was clear everyone was getting turned on. Before long, Jacqueline got daring. She wrote on a sticky note, and then stuck it on the game wheel so that 'right hand yellow' became 'right hand butt.' 'If we spin this,' she said, 'everybody has to put their right hand on somebody else's butt.'

Everyone laughed, and Lisa turned red and clasped her hand to her mouth. But she did agree to play by the new rules. We started playing again, but 'right hand butt' did not come up for a long time. So we started adding more entries. Tony added 'left foot butt,' and then Lisa upped the ante with 'right foot boob.' Still, the wheel stubbornly refused to land on any of the new entries. Soon were added 'left hand boob,' 'left foot butt,' and the audacious 'right hand crotch.'

Finally, when we had reached a particularly contorted position, one of our specials came up. It was 'right hand crotch.' We all cracked up owing to the tension of the situation, and our elaborate twister pyramid collapsed. 'Ok, ok ...' Jacqueline fairly gasped, and started getting up again. Then I felt her briefly touch my crotch.

Upon this prompting, I quickly got up and resumed my previous position. I felt Jacqueline tentatively reach between my legs from behind and lay her palm flat across my crotch. I involuntarily gasped and squirmed at the thrill of it. Lisa assumed her position in front of me, and I gently reached over and cupped her vulva. She quivered, arched her back, and clenched down on my hand with her legs. It was my first experience of that wonderful sensation, my hand firmly clasped against her soft pussy through her pants. I looked around to see Lisa groping Tony, and Tony fondling Jacqueline in an incredible erotic circle.

The problem was, I already had a raging hard on. It must have been obvious to Jacqueline that my stiff penis shaft was filling her palm, and she gave a few sly squeezes as if to confirm it. I think Tony was in the same situation, and the girls were especially horny and squirmy themselves. We laughed uproariously until tears were streaming down our faces. But we held the position. I was so horny I thought I would burst. Finally Jacqueline gasped, 'I suppose we should keep spinning.'

Now the made-up spins were more frequent. A few turns later there were hands on breasts, butts, and crotches galore. Ever more daring entries got added to the wheel. 'Lips on lips,' 'shirts come off,' and the awesome 'pants come off' (surprisingly contributed by Lisa). Usually, opposite genders would participate in the special spins, but once Jacqueline and Lisa kissed, and I had to touch Tony's butt.

When 'pants come off' came up, we all stripped down to our underwear. Giggles resulted from Tony's and my clearly formed tents. But then 'pants come off' came up a second time a few turns later.

We all hesitated at this critical juncture. 'I guess this means we take our underwear off, too,' said Jacqueline. 'Yes!' I thought silently to myself. Jacqueline removed her panties revealing a beautiful fine wispy dark bush. It was the first time I'd ever seen a girl naked. It was just awesome. I stared, transfixed, until she gave me an annoyed look. I quickly pulled off my underpants just as Tony finished doing the same. We were both interminably stiff, with wisps of pubic hair signalling our recent development.

We all looked at Lisa, who was red with horror. 'Come on, you wrote it,' said Jacqueline. Lisa acquiesced and, still blushing, revealed a wonderful tiny crease topped with a fine patch of strawberry blond pubic hair. However, when we continued to play, Lisa did not hesitate to grab my hard naked penis upon the next 'right hand crotch.' I was completely out of my mind, aching for release. None of us had ever experienced anything like this before. I gambled, and wrote a sticky note with what I was sure everybody wanted to see for 'left hand yellow.' It said 'masturbate.'

'If this comes up, you have to grab somebody's cock or pussy with your left hand and make them come,' I explained. Tony, of course, knew all about this (we had jacked off together before, but we did not tell the girls that...) Jacqueline seemed to understand too. Lisa feigned ignorance at first, but when Jacqueline started explaining it to her, she admitted she knew what it was. Amazingly, the girls agreed to abide by the new rule.

I know it took a while for 'masturbate' to come up, but my memory is just a blur. At that point in my life, I would usually jack off quite quickly. It was an incredible turn on to be teased for such a long time. But finally, 'masturbate' did come. I was leaning over Lisa's butt, so I reached under and started to grope her. Although she had her face right in my crotch, it was apparently easier for her to do Tony with her left hand. Jacqueline grabbed onto me, so I didn't mind too much. However, as I settled in to enjoy the treatment, another hand grasped the base of my penis.

It was Tony. He could reach no other genitals from his awkward position. He squeezed while Jacqueline stroked, and I began to feel my control fading. But I quickly realized that Jacqueline wasn't getting any. I placed my full weight on Lisa, and reached over with my right hand to frig Jacqueline as well.

What an experience this was! I had a squirming young pussy in each hand while I got a TWO handed hand-job! From my bent over position I could not see myself getting wanked, but I knew everyone else could. I felt the most incredible, delicious sense of helplessness as two hands and six eyes had their way with me. For some reason, that fact that we still wore our tops turned me on too.

But amazingly enough, I did not come first. Amid the frantic stroking and moaning, it was Tony who lost control. I cast a sidelong glance and saw Lisa speed up her stroking while his semen oozed onto her hand. I redoubled my efforts on the girls, and Lisa gasped, inching even closer to my crotch. Jacqueline responded by increasing her tempo. Tony, in his post-orgasmic twilight, clutched me even tighter.

Just as Lisa arched her back and started squealing, I lost it. I must have unloaded the six largest cum volleys of my young life onto her face. I know I nailed her right in the mouth with the first squirt because she gagged. But her climax had already started, so she had to helplessly convulse while my sperm striped her face. Though I couldn't see, I could actually HEAR the impacts. Jacqueline's climax was triggered by this horny spectacle. I frigged extra hard to drive the girls through orgasm.

For the rest of the year, Lisa was my girlfriend and Jacqueline and Tony definitely were an item. We even had a few more 'hand orgies' with the four of us. I never did go all the way with Lisa, but, thanks to this experience, she developed quite a fetish for watching me ejaculate. This is a GOOD situation to be in.



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