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Naked Swimming

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Swimming naked nearly every day really changed my outlook.


This is all 100% true, I've wanted to tell someone about this since it happened so thank goodness for Solo Touch!

Three years ago I worked at a factory about 12 miles from my house. When my car broke in March I started riding my bike to work. The first week I just tried to make it there and some days I would call my wife to give me a ride home. After the second week I noticed I was losing weight, I needed to lose 40 lbs so I was excited about it. By May I was in great shape, 30 lbs down, and we sold my car.

I was the Environmental guy for the plant and on one of the area maps I saw that there was a small lake about a mile into the woods behind the plant. I always liked swimming so I started leaving around 5AM and stopping at the lake for a swim on my way in. There was a long dirt road up to the lake and since it was a reservoir there was hundreds of acres of protected land all around it, all woods. The lake had a finger of land sticking into the middle, to get to it was about a 30 min walk from the end of the access road but I would swim across to it. I knew that at 6AM on a work day nobody would hike all the way out there so after I got across I would go to the other side of the finger, take off my shorts and go for a naked swim, every day, rain or shine. I loved floating on my back looking up at the sky just getting light. The water felt so good on my skin and it was so free.

After my swim I would walk around in the woods on the peninsula and enjoy the feeling of being free and naked. I had a few spots where I liked to stop and pleasure myself. I would smooth my hands over my body, tickle the hair on my balls, run my finger tips over the parts of my cock as it grew, feeling the different sensations from the shaft to the head. One spot I liked was a tree by the shore where I could hold on to a branch and look out at the lake while I stroked myself. I liked to think that even if somebody could see me from across the lake there was nothing they could do about it! My favorite spot was a large rock I would lean against and look around into the woods. It was such a turn on to be all hard and horny and in the open woods. I would go easy on myself, just sliding the skin of the shaft up and down until my pre-cum started to flow, then I would add my own saliva and stroke full fisted all the way up and down my shaft until I shot my cum onto the forest floor.

The best time (and most interesting) was that August, I was leaning against my favorite rock just enjoying having a hard cock and being able to play alone in the woods. As I got more turned on I felt the pre-cum leaking and I slowly massaged the fluid over the head of my penis. The rush of sensation felt so good that I closed my eyes and just focused on the wonderful feelings. I was particularly turned on that day and so much juice was flowing that I didn't need to add any spit. I could feel the tell tale signs in my balls and I knew I was getting close to cumming. I was just about at the point-of-no-return when I heard a twig snap a little off to my left! I froze, my heart sank, and even before I opened my eyes I knew that I was totally bagged. I mean I was stark naked in the woods with my hard cock in my hand, there was no explaining it away!

So after that fraction of a second I opened my eyes and looked face to face with a deer. It was a young buck and he was only about 20 feet from me. I guess he figured a naked man was no threat. My erection was throbbing in my hand, and as we looked at each other I decided that if he wasn't embarrassed by the situation I wasn't either. Very slowly I started stroking myself again. It was an odd sensation but somehow I started feeling very primal, like I was a part of nature too. For about two minutes I slowly masturbated while the deer just watched me, then he flicked his tail, turned around and walked away. I stopped stroking all together and stood there with my heart racing, soaking in what had just happened. My hardness started demanding attention so I put a little spit in my palm and went back to work on my cock. I started up again with slow luxurious strokes wanting to draw out the pleasure but too soon my orgasm would not be denied and I bucked over involuntarily as the climax washed through me and I was shooting my cum into the great outdoors. As I came down my legs were shaking and I watched a line of semen drip off the leaf of a bush in front of me. Along with the sight of the deer for some reason that image of my cum on the leaf has stayed with me.

I figure that summer I swam naked and jacked off in the woods at the lake at least four times every week from the last week of May to the last week of August. Starting in September I had to go to Mexico almost every week to move the factory there, and the place was closed by December. I took a job in November working in Afghanistan as a contractor. Living in a tent with 50 other guys made masturbation a definite challenge. I solved the problem with some real ingenuity, but as they say, that's another story.



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