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Naked in a Pool

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First time with opposite sex


This is actually a sort of a love story, but it was an awesome experience for me and my girlfriend. The beginning part for me was the best part.

I thought it would be better if I started with an introduction.

For the longest time there was this girl I knew down the street, I knew her from a sports club that I went to every week. At the club there were a whole lot of people and I had two good friends. But when it came to the female side I was pretty broke, but when it came to Shawn (the girl) I don't know if she was too nervous to talk to me or if I was, but when we did it was never anything big or important. I didn't know how she felt towards me I kinda assumed that she thought I was a dumb show-off but whenever I saw her I would always ignore her and she would always do the same. This went on from about the age of 15 to 17 and I was just too shy, I was afraid that if I said something wrong she might think it was dumb or silly and make fun of me and tell all her friends... I thought she was really cool and my type of person, but I was scared of saying anything that might give a hint of that. I knew her really well, and had been to her house a bunch of times but that was usually because my mom and dad knew them so well.

Finally I realized that it didn't matter what other people thought, I wasn't going to get anywhere by pretending to be not like her and then walk away regretting that I did.

So one day I said; 'Hey Shawn, I'm having a sort of end of the school year party and me and a couple other people are going to Matcey's Falls and hike up, hang out, and go swimming,'

I also told her that a couple of people from the group were going as well. After checking with her mom she said yes, and said it would be fun.

The trip turned out to be so much fun, having Shawn there made it sooo much better, during the short hike back I walked behind her and asked questions; 'what are you planning on doing next year', 'how do you like your job as a camp instructor', it was awesome.

The next week I was taking a walk and I saw her at her house and said hi, talked about the hike and I even went inside and had something to drink. Over the next month or two I really got to know her and I liked it and I know she liked it, she would always smile when she saw me.

One night we were at my house late and I asked her if we could see the night blooming cereus's she said sure, and so we went outside. We never saw them bloom so instead we took a walk even though it was well after curfew. About half way through she said, 'you know it's way more fun to do things when you know your not supposed to be doing them.' and I said, 'yeah I know what you mean, have you ever tried sneaking to someones house and swimming in their pool?' She said 'no, but it might be fun to do some time', and so I said 'do you want to do it now? Mr. Larry's pool is at least 60 feet away from his house, and he would never see us' Shawn just kinda stood their and looked at me... 'uhh well, I've never done that before, what if someone sees us?',

I said, 'what if someone sees us now?' than 'Hey, it will be fun'

We snuck into his yard and went through the ladder and sat down next to the pool, we were both so scared that we were both shaking. I said I would wear my boxers in, but she told me that once I was in the water it wouldn't matter anyway if they were on or off, she said she wouldn't look when I took them off. I was really excited/embarrassed, so I took all my clothes off and then slowly stepped into the water, it felt so good, if you've never swum naked in the water than you don't know what your missing. I also said I wouldn't look at her in her underwear she said she was way too embarrassed to go in naked, I just said 'ok' and reminded her how good it felt naked, after she said she was in I slowly turned around, at this time I was hard as a rock and didn't want to show it, when I turned around to my surprise Shawn was totally naked about two feet from me with just her head showing. At that point I had never felt that way before me, totally naked with my girlfriend about two feet away, it was a crazy feeling, I was shaking and I could tell that she was too. Shawn looked at me and said, 'wow, this feels so good, I just can't believe that we're actually doing this.' I said,

'not to make you uncomfortable but this is really turning me on.'

'yeah, same here'

After that there was a uncomfortable pause and then I said, 'have you ever masturbated before?'

Another pause, 'yeah I do, sometimes.'

So I said, 'do you want to do it now?'

She said maybe, and got a little more out of the water and moved her arms so I could see some of her nice young breasts. I moved closer and put an arm around her and on top of her arms, she then slowly moved her arms to reveal her whole breasts, she grasped my seven inch dick and began to tease it around. I started rubbing her pussy, we moved out of the pool and then I stuck two fingers inside of her and slowly moved them in and out. She began to pump my penis and stopped when I was just about to cum, I massaged her breasts and started pumping her pussy and she just started breathing hard and at the last moment grabbed my hand and moved it in and out. After she came I laid on the ground and she did all the work, when I came my load shot all over my body. We just laid their for a while and then had one more short swim and got our clothes on and went home.

I don't think anyone found out that we swam in the neighbors pool in fact we might do it again next week sometime.



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