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Naked Golf

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I have always wondered what would happen if I played a hole or two of golf naked. I no longer have to wonder. And, yes I would do it again.


This just happened today. I played a round of golf this morning at a new club I had never heard about but is close by. I figured it was warm enough to sideline some golfers but I did expect to be placed in the company of another group. When I paid my dues I was informed I could start now or wait for others to show up. I offered to play by myself as there were some things I wanted to work on and did not want to drag anyone else down with me. I played the first five holes with no one in front of me and no one trailing behind me. It was going to be a nice day on the links.

On the sixth hole I ended up bumping into the two guys playing in front of me, so I backed off and let them play at their pace. The seventh hole was tucked back alongside a lake, or large pond, with lots of greenery surrounding it. It looked like a quiet and secluded spot. I came up with an awesome idea. First, I looked around the best I could while listening for any sounds of someone nearby. The guys in front of me went up over the hill and were out of sight. I then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down the zipper. My shorts hit the ground. I stepped out of them. Then without even thinking about it I removed my underwear. I put my underwear into a zippered pouch on my golf bag. I grabbed a ball, a tee and my club and headed for the tee box. I bent over and placed my tee in the ground, centered my ball and swung my club. I still had my shirt on and it did cover a bit of my waist area, but still here I am playing naked golf. I put my club away and drove up the course to my ball without any pants on.

I thought for sure I would get caught and chickened out. I put my shorts back on sans underwear. I played the next two holes like that. The sweat and the type of fabric were not mixing well and I felt uncomfortable. I knew I would have to, at some time in the near future, have to put my underwear back on. The next two holes were being worked on by grounds crew and it was a good thing I did put my shorts back on.

It was another hole or two later that was off in it's own corner of the course that got me itching to try teeing off naked again. I quickly dropped my shorts and went up to the tee box. Damn it! the ball went for a scenic tour of another fairway. I went back to the cart to grab another ball and take another swing. That is when, again without thinking about it but just doing it I removed my shirt. This time I was naked, except maybe my shoes, sunglasses, and golfer glove on. I shot one straight down the fairway, boy did it fly this time. I am amazing when I play naked, maybe I should try it some more? Anyway it was on the way back to the cart that I heard the noise of a cart coming down the side cart path. Oh no! It is the ranger guy checking on things. I forgot about him. Quick get your shorts back on.

It turned out to not be a ranger dude, but the drink cart girl. She looked like she worked out and kept herself fit and proper and she looked to be about 18 or 19 years old. She saw me duck behind the cart and asked me if everything was okay. I tried to ignore her and say that I was all set when she asked me if I was naked behind my golf cart. She said it with a giggle in her voice. It made me look in her direction. I noticed she was head bobbing back and forth looking for a better view. I decided to stop fidgeting around and stand up straight and cover myself. She again asked if I was naked and I said yes I am. Before I could finish saying those words she asked me to step out from behind the cart so she could see. I did but kept a hand over my manhood. She giggled loudly and then asked me to drop my hand so she could get a better look.

I moved my hands away and went to grab my shorts that were dropped on the ground. She asked me to stop so she could get a better look. I told her no, I am getting dressed before someone catches me and tosses me off the course. She informed me I was already caught and she had no authority to toss me off the course. She asked if I hit my ball yet and I said yes. She asks for me to do it again but I told her no. I wanted to know if she was going to rat me out and get me kicked off the course. She said she would not tell anyone. I asked her to prove it. She then asked how.

I told her I had shown her mine, now she would have to show me hers to keep things even. She thought for about 10 seconds then slid over to the passenger side of her cart and stood up for a second and dropped her shorts down to mid thigh level. She saves her bush to a landing strip and her tan lines are amazing to see. I asked her to drop them further and spread her legs a little bit. I also noticed she was not wearing underwear either! I asked her what the deal was with that. She informed me it was her normal day off, she usually sat around and was lazy at home doing laundry on a day like today. They had called her in to work some overtime and she needed the money. She rushed into work and did not put underwear on today. Plus she said the shorts had an inner liner likes a man's bathing suit and she did not think she would need underwear today. I again asked her to spread her legs and show me hers. She bites her lower lip with a smile in her eyes and slowly opens her legs.

She then without me asking reaches down and spreads her lips apart showing me the soft pink insides of her sex. She gently strokes up and down about three times before she looks up at me to see me standing there with my jaw on the ground. She stops and says sorry about that, she got carried away. I tell her not to stop but to continue if she must. She says it is only fair if she strokes hers then I will have to stroke mine to keep things fair. I reach down and grab my quickly hardening dick and slowly rub back and forth. She keeps her eyes looking down at herself as she pinches her lips together at the top with her thumb and middle finger. Then with her index finger she starts to play the drums on her clit. She does this for about 15 seconds and then stops and says she hears someone coming from behind me. I tell her that no one is playing behind me for about two or three holes and to relax. She says she cannot continue. She takes a step away from her cart and turns around, bends over and raises her shorts. She smiles as she turns back around and asks me to buy something from her today. I say I could use a sports drink. I ask her how much. She replies two bucks. I hand her a ten from my shorts and tell her to keep the change and the secret is ours. She thanks me and says to hurry and put my shorts back on before someone catches me again.

I reached into my golf bag and put my underwear back on as she high tails it out of there. I put on my shorts and sit back in my cart. As I am driving up to my ball a man in a golf cart, with no clubs, flies across the fairway and heads in the direction of the grounds crew. I never did see her again. I did however skip the 19th hole for a drink and came directly home to continue rubbing one out with her fresh image still in my head.

Yes my game did suck from that point on out, and yes I will be going back there again, mid week to see if I can relive this experience with her again. Maybe this time we can finish, or finish each other off?



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