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My Younger Cousin and I

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Thinking about this is making me so horny


My cousin and I were quite close and had prior experience of jacking off together (which is another story which I can share).

My cousin was a short kid, around 13 or 14 at the time, while I was an average size kid and 17 at the time.

One day we had planned for him to come over and play some computer games (secretly I knew why he wanted to come over which got me excited). After we had planned this I had shaved off all of my pubes as I loved the smooth feeling and also lathered my cock in as many moisturisers to make my cock so soft and smooth.

When he arrived we begun to play some games until it started to get late, it was about midnight and we both got a bit bored of playing so I asked if he wanted to go and watch some porn in bed and then we will come back and play some more games, and he excitedly said yes.

I got out my tablet and put on some straight porn as we both loved seeing women get pumped, I was shaking in excitement. I remember him asking me why I was shaking, I just replied by saying it was cold.

After watching porn for around 30 mins we both knew what we wanted to do, so I took the first step and whipped out my cock first, only the light from the tablet lit up the room so you could just see an outline of my 6 1/2 inch cock in the air.

As my cousin got comfortable he pulled out his cock, which was around 5 1/2 inches which I thought was pretty big for a kid his size and age.

We began to wank, I barely needed the porn to jack off any more, I was so fixated on looking at him jerking his uncut cock, he too was also looking at me jerk my cock which made me so horny.

We both took notice of different ways of how we jerked it, my cousin slowly gripping the tip of his cock and running the foreskin over it.

His cock was unusual in that his foreskin was so far over his cock, even on a full erection, but it looked so good for some reason (remembering we are both straight).

After about 5 minutes my cock couldn't take anymore, it was like a lightning bolt had struck the tip of my cock, I tried to hold the cum in as I didn't want to explode everywhere but this didn't work and I let out the biggest load I have ever seen all over my chest and stomach.

I just laid there in exhaustion watching my cousin finish off as he blew a few drops onto his stomach.

We got cleaned up and went back to play some games, I was hoping we would do it again after when we got back into bed but my cousin fell asleep.

We have had some other experiences if any one would like me to share, just thinking about it makes me so horny.

I will be trying to persuade him to do it again very soon as the last few times it has seemed that he hasn't been down to do it or I haven't mustered up enough courage to tempt him into do it.



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