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My Wonderful Teacher

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When I was 12 years old, because of some family problems I was packed off to stay with my great aunt, Elizabeth, for several months. Her daughter, Anne, was two years younger than me and we got along great so I wasn't too unhappy about spending time with them. In fact, I was at the age that I was becoming very interested in females and Anne was high on my list. It was in the Summer and we were out of school and things were pretty normal the first week. I had learned the pleasures of jacking off so I did so in my new surroundings every chance I had. I had been jacking off for about six months. When I first started doing it I would experience the wonderful feeling but no cum would come out. But one day that all changed and by the time I went to stay with my great aunt I was shooting cum like a pro. Along about the second week Anne and I were in the back yard playing one day. I told Anne I had to go inside to use the bathroom and to wait for me because I would be back shortly. You can imagine my shock and surprise when I walked into the bathroom and was confronted with the sight of my great aunt sitting in a chair, totally naked, clipping her toe nails. I started to back out of the bathroom but she told me to come on in and close and lock the door. I did as I was told. She asked me if I had come in to pee. I answered yes. I was staring her her beautiful naked body, the first I had ever seen. She reached and pulled me toward her and un-zipped my pants and pulled my little cock out. She asked me if I ever played with myself. Embarrassed to tell her, I dropped my head and nodded yes. She said, 'Like this', and began pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock. It didn't take long until my little 12 year old cock was rock hard and throbbing. She told me that I was to never, ever say anything to anyone about what she was doing and that if I didn't tell, she would not tell anyone about me jacking off. I assured her I would never say anything because I could not imagine the trouble I would be in if anyone found out about me jacking off. She scooted her ass down in the chair and as she spread her legs she pulled me up against her. As soon as my cock touched her I felt it slide into her warn wet pussy. I had no idea what I was suppose to do but she sure did. She grabbed me by my hips and started pulling me tight against her and then she would push me back. That motion made my cock go in and out of her pussy. You cannot imagine the thrill I was experiencing at that moment. It didn't take long until I felt that familiar feeling building in my balls. Shortly after that I experienced the most intense orgasm of my young life as I pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum inside her mature pussy. Aunt Beth didn't slow down she kept moving my body back and forth, keeping my cock working inside her pussy. It was still feeling good and I was getting hard again. I was so engrossed in my own pleasure that I almost failed to realize that my great aunt was also receiving a great deal of pleasure also. As I was building toward a second cum all of a sudden her head went back and she started moaning and groaning almost to the point of screaming. This lasted a few seconds and ended with her saying, 'Oh fuck.' After it was over she told me that she had cum just like I did. She wiped my cock, cleaning off my cum and her pussy juice. She then held her legs higher and spread them wider and asked if I wanted to look at her pussy. I was amazed at the amount of thick black hair she had around her pussy and how pink it was on the inside. I can still recall the excitement of seeing my cum dripping out of her pussy hole, as I called it back then. She caught me looking at her big tits and asked me if I would like to touch them. She didn't know how badly I wanted to feel those big titties. She let me play with them and even encouraged me to suck her nipples. She noticed that my cock was hard so she told me she wanted me to jack off for her. She pulled me between her legs so that my cock was just above her pubic hair almost touching her belly. I stood there with my cock in hand jacking like crazy as she watched. My right hand work up and down my cock as my left hand fondled her tits. I could feel her pussy hair against the back of my right hand as I masturbated. It wasn't long until I shot cum all over he belly. Finally she told me that we were going to have to stop for the moment but assured me that we would have lots of time together later. Over the next few months Aunt Beth taught me things I had never imagined. I had no idea what oral sex was the day I arrived at her house but within a month I was eating her pussy on a regular basis. She taught me how wonderful a woman's mouth felt on my cock. We not only masturbated in front of each other, but took turns masturbating each other. Aunt Beth taught me everything there was to know about sex. Aunt Beth never found out, but Anne and I started playing some sex games before the summer was over, but that's another story.



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