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My Wonderful Cousin

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This is a bit taboo but it's my favorite memory and never fails to make me hot.


We have a large extended family with many uncles and aunts and lots and lots of cousins. Holidays around our houses are noisy fun times. We usually congregate at one grandparent's house or another and fill the rooms to bursting with all of us cousins.

Although it's great fun to be with so many cousins, there is very little privacy to be had. Even taking a shower you learn to expect somebody else needing to come in to use the bathroom, put on makeup, find clothing, whatever. My grandparents had the good sense to assign different bathrooms to the boys and girls.

We were all gathered at my mom's parents' house for Christmas the winter I was 17. It was the usual mob scene with cousins coming in from all over the country for the occasion.

My mom's sister, Aunt Alice, and her husband, Uncle Charlie, were there with their 5 kids. Among them was my cousin, Linda. She was 16 at the time. Since they lived pretty far from us, I didn't know Linda very well. I hadn't seen her in some years, so the first time I saw her that Christmas, I was amazed at how beautiful she had become.

She came into the house wearing a beautiful red dress with white lace trim around the bodice and cuffs. She had on black hose and black shoes. Her clothes showed off her trim figure to perfection.

As it happened, grandmother assigned her to sleep with me in a room that wasn't much bigger than a closet. We had a double sized bed and just enough room to put our bags on the floor. There wasn't a closet, so grandmother brought us an old coat tree to hang our clothes on.

The first evening, when we went to bed, we stayed up for a while, catching up, talking about school, boys, and other things. She had developed a wicked sense of humor, the impressions of various family members and some of her teachers at her school left me in stitches.

Her hair, like mine, was long and black, extending below her waist. We immediately got in the habit of brushing out each other's hair at night. I just loved handling her beautiful mane. It was so sensual just to stroke it and run my fingers through it. We tried different styles, wearing our hair up and down and just having fun.

I came to realize that grooming my lovely cousin was making me tingle down below. By that time, I had already been with other girls and knew that I was definitely bi. I kept thinking to myself, 'This is my cousin. I don't want her to make a big fuss and get the whole family mad at me.' So, I didn't do anything overtly sexual. I just enjoyed her company, the feel of her wonderful hair, and the smell of her perfume which seemed to suit her perfectly. I was quite taken with Linda!

Well, since we shared the same bed, after we turned the lights out and got under the covers, we snuggled a little bit with each other. It was definitely distracting, though. I came to realize that I needed to cum and that my cousin was making me very horny.

I got up to go to the bathroom, but some of our other cousins were taking a bath and it was much too crowded for me to do any private jilling which I definitely needed! I went back to bed and turned on my side, my back to my cousin. My hands wandered over my tits and under my nightie to my panties which were very damp by then. I couldn't resist touching my pussy through my panties and I began a slow, gentle massage of my clit through my panties.

I became aware of Linda breathing a little more deeply. I held my breath and my hands for a minute to listen. She was definitely breathing a little faster. My cousin was jilling too! I slowed down just to listen to her. I could tell when she had her orgasm and I sped up to catch up with her. I needed to cum so bad!

As I got close to my finish, I felt her arm over me and hold my tit while she pushed herself against my back. I was surprised, but I was so far gone that I needed to finish. My orgasm was wonderful, made much better by my sexy cousin's hand pinching my nipple and her kissing the back of my neck.

When I recovered from my spasms, I turned on my back and she put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips very gently. 'I hope that felt as good as it sounded just now.'

I kissed her back and said, 'It was really nice. When you pinched me it pushed me over the edge.'

She giggled and said, 'I didn't know you were into girls. Have you done much with other girls so far?'

'I've done about everything two girls can do together. You?'

She giggled again and said, 'I've only just made out some and felt another girl's tits. It was really fun, though. Not at all like kissing a guy.'

'No, it's a lot better than kissing a guy, I think.'

She giggled again and said, 'Well, I think I need more information about that. I'm not sure yet.'

With that, I rolled over on my side and my beautiful cousin rolled onto her back. I hugged her close and started kissing her lips, her face, her eyes and ears. She began to moan a little and I began kissing her down her neck.

She didn't object when I pulled down the neckline of her sleep shirt and freed up one of her titties. I kissed it for a bit and kissed around her nipple but didn't touch it yet. She was moaning more and gasping a little, so I finally kissed her nipple so lightly at first I wasn't sure she could feel it. I licked it like a dainty ice cream cone and finally took it in my mouth and sucked on her nipple.

She had been holding me and feeling my ass under my nightie through my panties. She told me to wait a minute and sat up to pull off her sleep shirt and then her panties. I took off my nightie and my panties too and I just looked at her for a minute. She was still as gorgeous as ever and so evidently turned on I couldn't resist.

I pushed her onto her back again and continued to kiss her, alternating between her titties. At the same time, my hand worked down her tummy to her neat little bush and onto her mons. I gently rubbed her labia and found out just how wet this girl was!

She obviously liked what I was doing. She pushed her pelvis toward my hand and urged me to do more. I ran my finger up and down her slit, a little deeper each time until it was very nice and wet. I couldn't resist taking a taste and she tasted wonderful to me.

She gasped when she saw me lick her juices off my finger but she loved it when I put my finger into her slit again, finding her clit. When I began to gently stroke her clitty, she began to move around the bed. I was able to keep my hand down there and my mouth on her nipple.

She was getting a little wilder and breathing in short gasps and I knew she was really close. I pushed 2 fingers into her pussy as I thumbed her clit and bit her nipple. That was all she needed to push her into a wild orgasm. I held on as long as I could until she pulled my hand out of her pussy.

After that, I just held her and stroked her hair and kissed her. When she finally opened her eyes, she just said, 'girls are definitely better.'

We cuddled and kissed and did a lot more that night. To this day, Linda and I are true 'kissing cousins' and we get together whenever we possibly can. If anything, she is even more beautiful than ever. She has a husband and two beautiful little girls, but sometimes we just do a girls' night out together and relive that night at Grandma's house. She's never told her husband. I don't think that he even knows that she's bi and I'm not going to spill the beans.

When I need some inspiration for a little jilling, I just think about that night with Linda. She told me she uses that memory too.



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